5 Indulging Reasons to Buy Baked Edibles Online

Baked Edibles Cookies

Have you tried the wonderful delicious cannabis edibles that Baked Edibles offers? Well we have 5 indulging reasons for you to want to buy Baked Edibles online. We’ll break it down on why and how. From Baked Edibles brownies to their famous Sunshower Gummies, continue reading to discover why Baked Edibles Canada offers some of the best edibles in Canada.

1) It’s plain delicious

If you’ve had Baked Edibles before, this subtitle says it all: It’s plain delicious!!! Weed edibles should be tasty and provide you a treat of delicious flavour and a treat of the cannabis benefits. Imagine eating your favourite baked treats such as brownies and cookies, but infused with quality cannabis extracts.

2) Indulging Collection

Let’s talk about their incredible collection and variety of cannabis edibles. They have a nice range of bakery style foods such as brownies, cookies, chocolate bars – but they also have edible gummies, phoenix tears, and other concentrates. They EVEN have cannabis mints, cannabis milkshake mix as well!

Baked Edibles brownies, Baked Edibles cookies, Baked Edibles cannabars, and much more. We’ll take you through the guide to buy Baked Edibles online.

Baked Edibles cannabar

Baked Edibles Cannabars are one of the top selling products they carry. They are cannabis chocolate bars that come in Mile High Mint (210mg), Hazelnut Crunch (150mg), and Caramel Seduction (75mg). They all come in 15 squares each containing a portion of THC, which makes it very easy to dose.

Baked Edibles Peanut Butter Cups


Baked Edibles Peanut Butter Cops are a tasty version of a Reese Peanut Butter Cup. Two delicious treats at 20mg of THC each. The package comes as a total of 40mg of THC



Baked Edibles Cookies


Baked Edibles Cookies are extremely popular as well. These delicious weed cookies are well worth your try.

The Double Chocolate Cookie and the Ginger Chew Cookie both come with 30mg of THC each.


Baked Edibles Brownie

Here’s one of the tastiest treats you can from Baked Edibles Canada… Their FUDGE Brownie! These weed brownies come in 200mg and they have a 400mg variation of it which will get you flying!

People have told us very crazy stories about their experiences with the 400mg Baked Edibles brownie.


Baked Edibles Canada also has their well known gummy edibles – Sunshower Gummies. They come in 75mg, 150mg, and also in CBD form. The CBD Sunshower gummies are very popular for those looking to buy CBD edibles online. They have been voted as one of the Best Edibles in Canada!


Although, they have much more, those are some of the top sellers that you should definitely looking to buy Baked Edibles online.


3) Quality sourced products and cannabis oil

One of the best things when you buy Baked Edibles is not only their delicious taste, but their consistent proper dosage. This is one of the important things when searching for the best edibles in Canada. The reason why they their quality is high is that they mostly use pure THC oil extract with high quality extraction methods.

They dilute the high quality THC extract with MCT oil which is a special coconut oil derivative to achieve the potency they want. The MCT oil increases the bio-availibility during the digestive process!

4) Lab tested and safe

Baked Edibles upholds an incredible job of not only being produced in a FOOD SAFE facility and also inspected by their local health authorities, but they also have all their products lab tested. Being lab tested provides great credibility and confidence towards their own incredible weed edibles.

They use MB Laboratories which is a Health-Canada certified testing lab that is considered top tier gold-standard of cannabis testing. They are also double blind tested for accuracy as well.

5) Lasting reputation

Baked Edibles Sunshower Gummies

Here’s the final thing that may want you to buy Baked Edibles online is the fact that they are actually Canada’s Longest-Running Commercial Cannabis Bakery. They have been around for a long time and their reputation speaks for itself. Their experience and expertise shines through their edibles.

Their Sunshowers Gummies edibles have been voted one of the best edibles in Canada.
Everything they do is at a high standard when it comes to sourcing, extraction, production – even their lab facilities and processing is done at a high caliber.

Buy Baked Edibles online today

So whether you are looking to buy weed edibles and Cannabis in Alberta or a small town outside Hamilton, Ontario; you can buy baked edibles online at TogoWeed. Togo Weed is the top online dispensary in Canada and if you are looking to buy weed online or buy edibles online, you’ll find the best quality products and pricing that any cannabis company can offer.



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