Basic Guide to Vaping and Cartridges

Now that recreational cannabis is legal in Canada, vaping has become a newer form enjoying cannabis that is becoming widely popular.

People used to only smoke weed in joints and pipes, now vaping them in cartridge form is an easy and convenient way to “smoke” your cannabis.

How do vaporizers work?

To keep it simple, there are two kinds of vaporizers, also known as vape pens. There are dry herb vape pens and oil vape pens.

Dry herb vape pens typically work by having ground up weed into a chamber, which is heated up, which releases cannabinoids into the vapour transferring through the mouth piece where you would be inhaling.

Oil vape pens come with 3 main components:

  1. the battery – which is the vape pen
  2. the cartridge – holds oils
  3. the oil – could be a variety of different things

Inside the cartridge will be your oil of choice. Some people like to vape THC, CBD, THC/CBD, liquid shatter, High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts, and many other forms of cannabis. Cartridges typically come as a “510 thread”, but there are other forms such as pods as well.

This cartridge is then connected to the battery typically being screwed on and has a magnet technology to make it compatible. The battery then heats up the oils which passes through and allows you to vape through the battery.

510 thread battery
350mAH 510 Thread Battery


You can check out our simple 510 thread battery. It is an easy to use vape pen that is compatible with all 510 cartridges.

People typically pair this up with their choice of distillate or HTFSE.

Our favourite combination is this battery paired up with a High Voltage Extracts Cartridge or a CBD Cartridge by 1GramBCVapes.



Common Vape Cartridge Oils

Similar to cannabis flowers, vape cartridge oils can come offer many different effects and flavours. For example, THC distillate is very common and it gives you a one dimensional type of high, but Full Spectrum CBD cartridges provide little psychoactive effects with full effects of CBD flowers.

Here at TogoWeed, you can buy vape cartridges online such as:

  • THC distillate cartridges
  • CBD distillate cartridges
  • THC:CBD distillate cartridges
  • Honey Oil Cartridges
  • Cherry Oil Cartridges
  • High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts cartridges, also known as Sauce Carts

THC Distillate Cartridges

This is almost a pure from of THC extraction, creating a cannabis oil concentrate that is extremely high in THC %. Unfortunately most of the valuable terpenes are lost in distillate, but in many cartridges 2-10% of terpenes are reintroduces. This is very common to flavours and effects.

We carry many 1GramBCVape THC Distillate Cartridges that offer high quality cartridges with a variety of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid cannabis.


Our most popular strains include: Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Grand Daddy Purple, Gelato, Jack Herer, and Northern Lights.

Buy 1GramBCVape THC Distillate online here.




CBD Distillate Cartridges

Similar to THC Distillate, CBD Distillate is an extraction form done with hemp for CBD or from CBD flowers.

We have high CBD content cartridges such as Charlotte’s Web and AC:DC, or we offer it as pure CBD distillate with high quality food grade flavour.

Buy 1GramBCVape CBD Distillate online here.

There are 15:1, 10:1, 5:1, 4:1, 1:1 forms of cartridges as well. This means that there is a certain amount of thc to cbd. For example 15:1 means it’s about 15THC:1CBD.

This is great for someone who doesn’t want something strong in THC and want’s to balance the CBD content, or vice versa.

4:1, 2:1, and 1:1 are the most common for those looking for a well balanced effect.

Honey Oil Cartridges

Honey oil is extracted using methods to preserve the complete natural terpene profiles, flavonoids, CBD, CBN & THC. It hits you hard with THC results coming in around 70%-80% THC.

Buy 1GramBCVape Honey Oil online here.

Cherry Oil Cartridges

Similar to RSO (Rick Simpson Oil), Cherry Oil is praised for its medicinal properties. Our cherry oil is made with activated bone charcoal, which eats away the chlorophyll, fats and waxes, but leaves behind a ton of cannabinoids (THC, THCV, CBD, CBV, CBN & CBC).

Average THC is around 65-70%.

Buy 1GramBCVape Honey Oil online here.

HTFSE (High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts) Cartridges

This type of cartridge is probably one of the most popular ones we carry. This is because it is an extremely high quality method of extraction which retains the cannabis’ natural properties. For a nice variety of effects and flavours, this is the way to go.

You will have to try multiple cartridges to get an idea if which one you will like best.



Our top sellers are: Sour Amnesia, Romulan, Island Pink, Blue Cheese, and Animal Cookies.

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Growing Popularity

The vape and cartridge scene is growing like wildfire. With so many different varieties, you can try to find your favourite options.

Vaping is convenient and EASY. No need to roll up weed or carry a lighter around. It’s small and compact and easy to take puffs and put it away. Although it is not the same as burning and smoking a joint, it has so many other pros to it.


Buy Vape Cartridges at the #1 Online Dispensary in Canada

To buy weed online and buy vape cartridges online it has never been easier. We have a wide selection of High Voltage Extracts cartridges, 1GramBCVapes cartridges, Sweet Leaf Concentrates cartridges, and much more.



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