What Are Some Of The Best Sativa Marijuana Strains

Best Sativa Marijuana Strains

Sativa weed strains have become widely popular across Canada for so many great reasons. Cannabis sativa strains can provide a huge amount of benefits such as provide energy, focus, creativity, and much more. When it comes to fighting tiredness, depression, stress, and other symptoms – sativa weed strains may benefit you. In this post, we will go over all things sativa and go over some of the best sativa marijuana strains!

Characteristics of Sativa weed strains

We already discussed some of the positive and uplifting effects of the sativa weed high. In terms of the structure, sativa strains have a completely different form than Indica strains. They typically have narrow leaves, is less dense than Indica, and some people say it’s a bit “fluffy” and oddly shaped.

Sativa weed strains are a bit harder to grow, which makes it a bit more expensive, but we’ll help you with cannabis sativa for sale. The reason why it’s less popular go grow in Canada is that they usually grow taller, have longer cycles, and is better suited to grow in warmer temperatures.

Sativa weed strains are very well paired when you are in social gatherings, require more energy or focus, physical activities, creative projects, and a very fun night out. Let’s begin and check out some of the best sativa marijuana strains!

Jack Herer

This cannabis sativa strain is considered a classic strain very popular back in the 90s. Jack Here has won many awards and is considered a top sativa strain. The high is very cerebral and creative. It is very popular for its flavours being rich and creamy – similar to creme brulee, actually.

Ghost Train Haze

GTH is another very popular strains of cannabis sativa. This fast paced sativa weed strain is recommended for experienced users. It has high THC content and you better be ready for the euphoric ride when riding the Ghost Train Haze! Expect a “hazy” and trippy buzz that inspires you to appreciate your surroundings, especially if you’re outdoors.

Apple Pie

Apple Pie strain

This Apple Pie strain is a rare yet widely famous strain crafted by Hierba Canada. This is a 70% Sativa / 30% Indica strain that you MUST TRY. The nose and flavour is absolutely tasty, maybe even the best we’ve ever tried! If you’re on the hunt for a perfect fruity sativa weed strain to help your day going. this might be the one you’re looking for. It’s sold out most of the time but if you see this cannabis sativa for sale, HOP IT IT!

Green Crack

Green Crack strain

Green Crack is a top choice cannabis sativa strain because it is a pure sativa. If you’re looking for a giant kick in the butt of energy, this sativa weed strain will do it. It feels like you drank 5 cups of coffee and Red Bull and you’ll feel alert for sure! It is a very interesting and unique high and is worth trying this 100% sativa weed strain if you haven’t before. This definitely is considered one of the best sativa marijuana strains!


This strain is considered one of the best sativa marijuana strains because it’s a rare strain that has high-CBD. For those who are sensitive to THC, or feel paranoia/anxiety – Harlequin is one of the best sativa weed strains to try. It has very minimal psychoactive effects, but still provides the great uplifting effects of a cannabis sativa strain.

Buy Sativa strains online

That’s some of the best sativa marijuana strains out there! Sativa weed strains are typically a bit harder to come across, but if you see a cannabis sativa for sale from us, make sure you try it out, because it won’t last long! Whenever we launch a sativa weed strain or a sativa-dominant strain, it’s sold out quickly because of our high quality sourcing and more than fair pricing. If you’re looking to buy weed online and buy sativa weed online, give us a try and see why our users love us!
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