5 Easy Tips to Buy Cannabis in Canada

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With the technology age evolving and e-commerce getting stronger, have you ever thought you yourself “maybe I should buy cannabis in Canada”? Well ordering from an online weed dispensary has made it so much easier and we’re here to give 5 easy tips to buy cannabis in Canada online.

Before we start, the industry is very subjective and quality is hard to gauge. When you order marijuana or order weed online at an online weed dispensary, sometimes you have to try it for yourself in order to test the quality. Unfortunately, it is the downside to buy weed online is that there is no return policy like other e-commerce sites.

With that said, there is so many great perks like pricing and quality and of course the convenience of getting weed delivery to right to your door! You’ll be happy when you buy cannabis in Canada! Let’s begin!

1) Security Tips and Tricks

A first thing for you to check when browsing is that you buy weed online is that you are shopping on a https:// site and NOT a http:// site. This industry, security is important so make sure you are shopping on a secure site. Make sure there are no strange pop ups.

Often sites will require age verification because you can only order weed online if you are 19+. If they require this, do NOT send a full picture of your ID. No matter what type of ID it is, send a copy of it with your ID #, picture, address covered. You should only be required to send your name and birthday. If they do not accept it, it is not worth your ID to be risked on an online dispensary. Please take the extra time to protect your identity online by doing this simple step.

2) Customer Service is Important

We recommend that you get in contact with the online dispensary via e-mail, Instagram, Discord, Reddit, or however you can contact them. See how quickly, how professional or friendly they respond to you. This is mainly is for your after sales. If you have a problem with the product or order, you don’t want to be ghosted by them. Even worse, you don’t want to fall for a bait and switch scam. That is when they bait you in with fake reviews, or cheap weed deals and they get you to order marijuana and then they either ghost you or send you garbage.

Most importantly, if an online weed dispensary gives you good customer service time and time again, you can find a reliable long term website to buy weed online. Customer service will come a long way, so look for that legendary customer service!

3) Ways to Save Money

An easy way to save money is to buy cheap weed, say hello to budget ounces!


Cornbread Kush
Cornbread Kush, $110oz Special!

Some online dispensaries have budget oz where you can get incredible deals on cannabis strains under $120. For example, we had Mixed Buds at $95/oz, which is a variety of buds that we choose all into one ounce. We also regularly have $110/oz specials where you can get 28g of cannabis for only $110, that’s less than $4/gram. Sometimes it’s just a special to bring in new customers, sometimes the bag appeal isn’t great, or sometimes its truly a clearance. So you can still expect good quality cannabis at a low price!

If you’re looking for ways to save money, but try a variety of items – you can look for mix and match. We have a very popular Premium Mix and Match 28g which allows you to select four 7g variations of AAAA high quality cannabis. So you can try our Death Bubba AAAA, Pink Death, Hierba strains, Broke Kid strains, and other top shelf strains.

Another way to save is, if you can, buy bulk! You can start with a mix and match QP. For example, we have a $480 Mix and Match QP deal which you can select 4 different oz for only $480, that averages to $120/oz. You can select from oz that are $110-$180+, but pay the special pricing. Otherwise, you can also e-mail the online dispensary and if you’re looking to buy bulk weed they can give you specialized pricing. See? If you order marijuana Canada, you can expect to find ways to save money to load up your stash!

4) Cannabis oils and cannabis extracts

Here’s another incredible thing. Most online dispensaries will also provide you a great selection of edibles, cannabis oils, and cannabis extracts. You can buy edibles online, buy shatter online, buy live resin online, buy rosin online, buy sauce online, buy vape cartridges online, the list goes ON and ON!

Baked Edibles cannabar

The main reason we provide this tip you is that if you are spending a lot of money when you buy weed online because you are smoking a lot, you may want to explore the online dispensary and their selection of concentrates. This may help you with your potency (we’re not talking about T-breaks today).

Check out the selection, or simply add it to your regular order and cart. Buy edibles online easily by adding Twisted Extracts to your cart or try a cannabis oil online!


5) Start with a trusted and reliable website

We recommend that you do some background research, but also take everything for a grain of salt. The internet can be very subjective, but if an online dispensary has reviews from reputable sources, it may be worth a try. You can ask Discord groups, check out Reddit, WeedMaps, and other sources. If you have friends who have ordered and you have a chance to try – that’s one of the best ways is first hand reviews!

Another tip is the test of time. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to order marijuana or order weed online from a site that has been around for a while? This is a good way to avoid a bait and switch scam.

Of course, if you find a site with great customer service, fast response time, positive user reviews, they have been around for a while, try it out for yourself!

Give Us A Try!

Hopefully those tips can you help you make a decision to buy cannabis in Canada.

Take this tips to try and buy weed online today. We hope you have the greatest experience and enjoy the e-commerce journey of buying weed online.

We are an online dispensary that has been around for a while, have TONS of great user feedback, and we promise you we will take care of you as a customer. So what are you waiting for? Give us a try today!


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