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Ordering marijuana to Yellowknife is now made possible with TogoWeed

Cannabis legalisation has made it easier and safer for Canadians to enjoy the benefits of marijuana. Whether it be for recreational use or for medical purposes, we can ship to you.

We at TogoWeed have been a pioneer in the marijuana business pre-legalisation and is now a major player among many in the Canadian Marijuana business. Our quality control, inspection and grading process of weed is heavily monitored. Pesticides, herbicides and spider mites are things that we absolutely do not tolerate in our business. We believe in the magical marijuana plant being as natural as possible for the most natural feel that it can induce. Our Online Dispensary provides high quality strains of Indica, Sativa and Hybrids.

Can You Ship To Yellowknife?

Yes. We discreetly ship all over Canada. Whether you live in a major city like Toronto ON or a smaller city like Yellowknife, we can ship express to you. We ship out from British Columbia so residents of Yellowknife usually get their orders quickly (1-5 business days).

How To Order

All customers must be 19+ to purchase with Togoweed. Our Easy 2-step Verification process enables a fast and secure seamless transaction. Create your account by submitting a picture ID with your name, face and birthday. You can hide the ID numbers/information, all we need is to verify age. Wait for us to approve you within 6 hours. Once you are approved, your account will be active and you can simply make orders on our website.

Buy Weed Online

Times have changed and street dealers are just not as efficient and their quality is usually unknown. If this is your first time to buy weed online, we hope to make your experience as smooth and comfortable as possible. Start your journey and buy weed online today at TogoWeed!