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If you’re in Canada and you haven’t heard of High Voltage Extracts yet, you’re missing out! These guys are a high quality cannabis extraction company based in British Columbia. They offer one of the top selling vape cartridges, as well as HTFSE (sauce) and live resin. If you are looking for extracts at a high grade packed with terpenes, you are looking to buy High Voltage Extracts online.

The first and most popular item we have with High Voltage Extracts is their HTFSE Vape Cartridges. Whether you call them HVE Carts, or High Voltage Extracts sauce carts, you can expect a high caliber of flavour and potency in their the vape cartridges. The reason why their cartridges are favoured is because it isn’t your standard THC distillate cartridge. With these HTFSE vape cartridges, you will get high terpene cartridges with accurate cannabis effects. You can choose sativa vape carts, indica vape carts, or hybrid vape carts to choose from.

Buy High Voltage Extracts cartridges, or hve carts from us because you don’t have to buy in bulk. With our minimal free shipping rate, you can simply add them to your cart. We also have a 3 Cartridge Mix and Match, which will give you more at a lower price! All High Voltage Extracts Cartridges are 510 thread compatible and made with authentic CCell carts, which will lead to the best quality with minimal leaks or defects.

HVE carts change up all the time, but we always try to carry our top sellers: Romulan, Island Pink, Sour Amnesia, White Fire OG, Blue Cheese, Scout Master, and many more. Those choices are safe picks. When it comes to Sativa cartridge, Indica cartridges, or Hybrid cartridges, that is for you to decide in which effects you’re looking for. With HTFSE cartridges, the effect isn’t one dimensional like distillate, so you can choose accordingly!

High Voltage Extracts also offers the best live resin and sauce (HTFSE). It’s hard to describe the quality, but it is one for you to try yourself. Strains differ all the time, so keep checking in for new updates and flavours!

Live resin is potent and is a nice upgrade from shatter and other extracts and cannabis concentrates. HTFSE, also known as sauce, is also potent and a popular choice for its flavour. We recommend both, honestly speaking, any product at High Voltage Extracts will be top quality high grade extractions and you can’t go wrong.

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