Everything You Should Know About Hybrid Weed Strains

In between the world of Indica and Sativa weed strains, there is a the wonderful world of hybrid cannabis. When it comes to indica sativa hybrid, you will find many different characteristics. Hybrid weed strains are a blend of both traits of an Indica weed strain and a Sativa weed strain. You can find a wide selection of hybrid weed strains and buy weed strains online easily!


Balanced Hybrids

A real balanced hybrid is at or is very close to 50% Sativa and 50% Indica.. Having a hybrid weed strains like this will give you nice balance effects of both the body and mind. Other hybrids that are away from 50/50 will typically lean towards Indica or Sativa.

Girl Scout Cookies main

A perfect example of balanced hybrid weed strains is our GSC (AAA). It is a potent 50/50 strain that will give you an incredible head and body high. This is a dark and dank unique phenotype that some people say its the best GSC there is! If you’re looking to buy GSC online or buy weed strains online, this one is definitely worth a try!

Sativa Dominant Hybrids

As the name states, sativa dominant hybrids tends to give you more characteristics of sativa weed. In terms of effects, you may expect an increase of energy, focus, creativity, and other effects to the mind! This type of sativa hybrid weed strain is recommended for morning, afternoon, or general day time use. Generally, most effects are sativa leaning, but you typically still get effects of body buzz and relaxation. Enjoy and try out a sativa dominant hybrid weed strain!

If you’re looking at one of the best sativa strains you can find, Apple Pie by Hierba is one of the top shelf craft cannabis you get. After checking out this post, go check if we have it stock! We always try to keep it in stock when Hierba’s Apple Pie strain is fresh out of the oven!


Indica Dominant Hybrids

Indica dominant hybrid weed strains will give you effects and characteristics of the cannabis Indica. One thing about found pre-dominantly in these strains are that they may lead to psychoactive effects due to a higher THC content. Common effects of Indica dominant hybrid cannabis is sleepiness, increased appetite, relaxation, and effect related to the body. Bud shape is a bit more compact and leaves are a bit shorter.

Death Bubba strain

Death Bubba is one of the most popular Indica dominant strains there are. The reason why it is very popular is that is a strain with very high THC, it packs a potent punch! If you want to buy Death Bubba or buy weed strains online, this is a great place to start. Buy weed online at TogoWeed, trust us!

Endless Options

There are many, many types of hybrid weed. The options are endless! Imagine merging two great cannabis strains and you get a blend of both characteristics into unique hybrid weed strains! When you buy weed online, you can easily find and try different options seamlessly and safely! You’ll get a huge variety of CBD, THC, bud structure, Indica effects, Sativa effects, and more!

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