Top 5 Cannabis Indica Strains Revealed

Top 5 Cannabis Indica Strains Revealed

Cannabis indica strains originated in desert mountain regions of Afghanistan and Hindu Kush. Having adapted to arid climates, these plants usually grow small and stocky, looking more like a bush rather than a tree.

When it comes to their structure, indica plants don’t really need a lot of water which isn’t surprising given their native regions. This variety of cannabis is also popular with indoor growers, as indica plants take much less space and tend to flower more quickly than sativa.

Contrary to a common misconception, sativa strains are subspecies of indica plants — not the opposite.

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to get your hands on top-shelf quality indica seeds. But what are the top indica strains to buy and grow in 2020? 

Here are our top 5 varieties:

  1. Granddaddy Purple
  2. Tuna Kush
  3. Pink Bubba
  4. Violator Kush
  5. Black Diamond

Let’s take a closer look at each of these strains.

1. Granddaddy Purple

This indica staple deserves the number one place on our list of top cannabis indica strains like no other.

Granddaddy Purple is not only a widely available strain in most cannabis dispensaries, but it’s also one of the best indica flowers for after-work relaxation or when you need a decent sleep aid. The strain’s THC content ranges between 17–23%, and thanks to its high myrcene content, its effects are sedating even at lower doses.

One of the greatest things about Granddaddy Purple is that you can smoke it in greater amounts and still not experience paranoid thoughts or anxiety. The worst “side effect” that comes from consuming this strain is a serious case of the munchies that can make you eat anything within your vision range.

On top of relieving sleep disorders, patients consume Granddaddy Purple to combat chronic pain and inflammation.

2. Tuna Kush

Coming from the legendary breeders from British Columbia, Tuna kush is now wrapping its leafy arms around North American cannabis markets. Despite generating lesser yields than other indica varieties, the lack of volume has been generously made for with the incredibly rich flavors and high potency.

As an indica-dominant strain, Tuna Kush induces a mild body buzz that’s perfect for relieving tension and uplifting the mood while easing pain and curbing inflammation. All of this without inducing overwhelming psychoactive effects; Tuna Kush isn’t the most potent strain out there, carrying an average of 18% THC per dry mass.

Tuna Kush is a typical evening strain. At the later stages, the high starts to numb your body, providing deeper relaxation that comes at the cost of your motivational capacities. If you want to use this indica flower, we suggest that you keep it for the times when you don’t have any serious plans.

Nevertheless, if you want a decent pain reliever and a good sleep aid without getting too high, Tuna Kush is the way to go.

3. Pink Bubba

Pink Bubba is a very potent indica strain, with a whopping 25% THC content. This potent hybrid also comes with decent levels of CBD, sitting at 2% on average.

Pink Bubba grows large buds of a chunky and a bit spherical shape. Its buds are bright green and yellowish, generously sprinkled with a layer of icy trichomes and rust-colored pistils.

A properly cured batch of Pink Bubba gives off an aroma redolent of wood and fresh pine, with delicate floral hints. Its flavor is definitely sweeter, although you still can detect some notes of wood and earth on the inhale. When exhaled, Pink Bubba leaves a nice and fresh hint of pine on the tongue.

As an indica-dominant hybrid, Pink Bubba is rather a creeper. It won’t overwhelm you with its effects right away; instead, the first signs of the strong high should come within 15 minutes after your last inhale.

Once there, Pink Bubba provides the user with feelings of supreme bliss, promoting a relaxed state of mind and putting a wild smile on their faces. 

Not to mention that this strain tends to make people extremely hungry.

If you want to enjoy the effects of Pink Bubba without getting too high, we suggest that you smoke it in moderation due to the above-average THC content.

4. Violator Kush

Brought from the breeders at the Barney’s Farm, Violator Kush is an indica-leaning hybrid resulting from crossing Hindu Kush and Malana strains. With THC levels measured at 24%, Violator Kush definitely falls into the “potent” category. Its THC content ranges between 1.5% and 2%.

This is a heavy-yielding plant that grows medium-sized, spade-shaped buds that come clustered together. The neon green color with some amber undertones makes Violator Kush one of the most gorgeous-looking strains on Earth. The buds are covered with a milky-white blanket of trichomes, making them potent and sticky to the touch.

If you’re into earthy and musky odors, Violator Kush will soon become your favorite flower. This blend of smells is also noticeable in the strain’s flavor. Enhanced by notes of pine wood and pepper, the flavor of Violator Kush is truly tantalizing.

When smoking Violator kush, you can experience a delicate, euphoric state of mind accompanied by a warming body buzz. This flower can also make you very talkative, which makes it great for social activities. However, if you want to go outdoors after consuming VK, you might want to apply some eye drops, as it produces that droopy, bloodshot eye effect.

In addition, Violator Kush causes the muscles to relax and relieves any tension accumulated throughout the day. 

5. Black Diamond

Closing our list of top 5 cannabis indica strains, Black Diamond is a cross between Diamond OG and Blackberry. With such powerful genetics by its side, it’s no wonder that this strain boasts an average THC content of 24% per dry mass.

Black Diamond is a truly lovely strain to watch growing. The buds have a very dense structure and are wrapped up with pale sage-green sugar leaves. The nuggets are also threaded through with shades of purple, although this pattern is inconsistent in most phenotypes.

Sticky to the touch, Black Diamond comes with a musky, earthy and pungent aroma when broken up. Once finely ground, it also releases sweet grape tones, a fragrance similar to the aroma of red wine. The flavor is pretty much the same as its aroma, although it leaves a sweet berry taste with delicate hints of damp soil on the exhale.

The high from Black Diamond is marked by cerebral euphoria that often leads to an outburst of giggles. Users often recall a sense of physical relief, especially after physical activities or a stressful day at work.

Aside from being a potent relaxant, Black Diamond is also an effective appetite stimulant. We always advise our readers to prepare at least some snacks before they sit down to their sesh. Mark our words, Black Diamond leaves no prisoners when it comes to the munchies.

Did you find you find your favorite bud among our top 5 cannabis indica strains?

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