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Go Raptors! Get Pink Death! ?

History has been made and the Toronto Raptors have made it into the NBA finals for the first time ever. We wanted to celebrate the recent win of the Raptors by offering you a nice pink treat. For all you Raptors fans out there, GO RAPTORS GO! ?

For all you non Raptors fans… enjoy some Pink Death! ??See below for more details about Pink Death and our ongoing promotion during the NBA Playoffs.

There is no better way to celebrate than quality weed and cannabis products here at TogoWeed.


Pink Death (AAAA)

Pink Death is one our of most popular AAAA strains, it is a great representation of a true quads.

It is a rare cross between Pink Kush x Death Bubba, two of our favourite strains in Canada. It is a 75% Indica / 25% Sativa strain that will pack a potent punch. Expect a deep relaxation and to help with sleep. Smells of gas blended in with a hint of sweetness.

Buds are very caked, filled with trichomes. They are also very sticky! This is a treat to enjoy.

7g – $70

14g – $130

28g – $220


Give Me The Discount!!!

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Let’s celebrate the Toronto Raptors by giving you this limited promo:

Get 7g of Pink Death (AAAA) for only $35.



Regular price is $70. One coupon per order. Must be an ADD-ON to a minimum $100 order.

Expires the last game of the NBA playoffs.


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