Togo Ambassadors have a passion for promoting cannabis. We are hands on with our Ambassadors to make sure they succeed in not only promoting Togo Weed, but also growing their personal brand while making consistent income. We are proud to be on the forefront of offering a one stop shop of quality cannabis in the industry and hope you join our mission!


Being an affiliate is easy. Bring in new customers with your ambassador link and earn a 10% commission! Referrals must complete a purchase with a processed valid payment.

Commissions will only be paid on shipped orders and new customers.

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Interactive Partnership

Get special access to our interactive affiliate team and tools. We let you know the best sellers, upcoming drops, and opportunities to help you succeed.

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Extra Income

Excel with us and stop limiting your income potential within the cannabis industry. Earn additional income from doing what you already do and share cannabis with others!

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Exclusive Gifts & Deals

Everyone has the opportunity to become a Sponsored Stoner within Togo Weed. We will provide free sample packs and gifts to help you promote yourself as a Sponsored Stoner.

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Terms & Conditions

Togo Ambassador will receive 10% commission of sales from the referral via e-Transfer, Bitcoin transfer, or a store credit (10% bonus). A minimum of $100 must be met for a payment to be sent per month. 

Eligible referrals are new customers that use your code and convert within 7 days. If there is a discrepancy between in the WordPress plugin tracking and subtotal in in our e-commerce backend, commission is paid out based on our e-commerce backend.

There are no negotiations for missed payments. We will send the payment and keep proof for up to 30 days. If the payment is not accepted (e-transfer) within 30 days, we will not re-send a payment.

Cookies are valid up to 7 days. If your referral does not use your link within 7 days, then it will become invalid, unless you provide them the link to use again.

Eligibility to receive free Togo Weed products is based on monthly sales and may fluctuate. 

We have the right to audit referrals and sales. There will be no tolerance for any fraudulent activity.