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*Coupon code excludes Bulk, Mix & Match Specials and oz Specials.

SALE Price on Mix & Match Specials:

28g (7g x 4 strains) – $150

112g QP (28g x 4 strains) – $450

1/2lb HP (28g x 8 strains) – $875

SALE Price on Pure Canadian Extracts:

PCE Live Resin – $25

PCE Sauce – $30

PCE Distillate 10mL – $190

PCE Distillate 25mL – $380

SALE Price on 1oz Selected Strains:

Violator Kush (AA)- $98/oz

Pink Kush (AA) – $98/oz

Island Pink (AA) – $98/oz

Gelato (AAA) – $120/oz

Black Diamond x Nuken – $130/oz

Pink Bubba (AAA) – $130/oz

SALE Price on QP Selected Strains:

Island Pink (AA)- $325/QP

Black Diamond (AAA) – $400/QP

Pink Bubba (AAA) – $400/QP

QP FLASH SALE: Rockstar Kush (AAA) $400/QP, Cali Ghost Bubba (AAA) $420/QP, Black Diamond x Nuken (AAA) $430/QP

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Nov 27/20

Nov 26/20

Nov 24/20

Nov 23/20

Nov 18/20

  • RESTOCKED: High Voltage Extracts Carts!!
  • RESTOCKED: Products by SeC edibles

Nov 16/20

  • RESTOCKED: High Voltage Extracts Live Resin and Sauce
  • RESTOCKED: Green Tech Extraction Carts

Nov 9/20

Nov 5/20

Nov 4/20

Nov 3/20

  • RESTOCKED: 1 Gram BC Vapes THC Distillate Carts & Honey Oil
  • RESTOCKED: Apple Pie (AAAA) by Hierba – New Batch!

Nov 2/20

  • RESTOCKED:  High Voltage Extracts Carts!!

Oct 28/20

Oct 21/20

  • NEW DROP: Rockstar Kush (AAA)
  • BULK SALE: Rockstar Kush (AAA) BULK – $400/QP, $750/HP, $1400/LB
  • SALE: 2OZ SPECIAL UPDATED – 28g Black Diamond x Nuken, 28g Cali Ghost Bubba, 3.5g BONUS of AAAA Craft Cannabis for $300!

Oct 19/20

  • NEW DROP: Death Bubba (AAA)
  • RESTOCKED: Twisted Extracts Edibles
  • RESTOCKED: High Voltage Extracts Cartridges

Oct 13/20

Oct 6/20

Oct 3/20

  • NEW PRODUCT: 1200mg Milk Chocolate Shatter Bar
  • RESTOCKED: Products by SeC edibles
  • RESTOCKED: High Voltage Extracts Live Resin, Sauce, Carts
  • RESTOCKED: 28g Popcorn Pack!!!! (2 strains x 14g)

Oct 2/20

Oct 1/20

Sept 30/20

Sept 29/20

Sept 28/20

Sept 24/20

Sept 21/20

Sept 19/20

Sept 17/20

  • NEW STRAIN: Nuken (AAA) – New Batch!

Sept 16/20

  • NEW STRAIN: Strawberry Lemonade (AAAA) by Hierba

Sept 10/20

  • NEW STRAIN: Chocolate Kush (AAAA)
  • NEW STRAIN: Blue Dream (AA) – New Batch!
  • RESTOCKED: Togo AAAA Shatter – Available Strains: Rockstar, Grease Monkey, Gorilla Glue, LA Cherry Haze

Sept 9/20

  • RESTOCKED: Chefs Treat edibles
  • NEW STRAIN: Cali Ghost Bubba (AAA) – New Batch!

Sept 2/20

  • NEW STRAIN: White Diamond (AAA) – New Batch!
  • BULK SALE: Violator Kush (AA) – $400/QP, $750/HP, $1450/P

Aug 26/20

  • NEW STRAIN: Animal Cookies (AAAA)

Aug 24/20

  • NEW STRAIN: Triangle Kush (AAA)

Aug 20/20

  • NEW PRODUCT: Green Tech Extracts Caviar, Green Tech Extractions Diamonds
  • RESTOCKED: 1GBCVapes Honey Oil Carts, 1GBCVapes THC Distillate Carts

Aug 7/20

  • NEW BRAND: Chef’s Treat EDIBLES now available! Get Space Legos, Space Bears, Retro Candies, and more!
  • NEW PRODUCT: Bluntwoods – 1 for $22 or 3pack Mix and Match for $60. Canadian made blunt wraps!

July 9/20

  • NEW FEATURE: Added 7g and 14g Mix and Match of Green Tech Extractions Shatter. 7g – $190, 14g – $350

July 6/20


May 8/20

  • NEW DROP: Green Tech Extractions Shatter – 1 Gram for $35, 3 Gram Mix & Match $95


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