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  • *IMPORTANT* COVID-19 SHIPPING: Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 affecting Canada Post’s reliability, we will NOT be able to fully cover packages anymore. We will be working with a Buy At Your Own Risk policy, but we will always be there to help you out as best we can if anything arises. We hope this will not be long, but this will be the case until further notice.
  • Some sites may incur delays due to staffing shortage and other COVID-19 related issues. Please allow a few extras business days to your delivery service before contact us in regards to receiving your parcel.
  • Orders will be following Canada Post’s “KNOCK, DROP, GO” procedure. This means that it will be safe dropped. If you prefer it NOT to be safe dropped, please leave a note on your order for “CARD AT DOOR“, which means that they will provide you a card and send it to the post office for pick up, instead of safe dropping
  • Flex Delivery can still be used, just be sure to check that your location is still open for business. This technically would be the safest form of delivery, but is based on your location’s availability.

Nov 22/23

Sep 25/23

Sep 5/23

Aug 24/23

Aug 17/23

Aug 14/23

Aug 10/23

July 25/23

July 14/23

  • NEW PRODUCT: Sour Puss (AAAA Smalls)- Pacific Bud Boys
  • NEW PRODUCT: 91 Octane #2 (AAAA Smalls)- Pacific Bud Boys
  • NEW PRODUCT: Black Cherry Punch (AAAA Smalls)- Captain’s Pink
  • NEW PRODUCT: Jet Fuel (AAAA Smalls)- Captain’s Pink
  • NEW PRODUCT: Wedding Cake (AAAA)- Unlicensed Producer
  • NEW PRODUCT: Pink Zombie (AAAA)- Beautiful BC Flowers
  • NEW PRODUCT: Strawberry Syrup (AAAA)- Beautiful BC Flowers
  • NEW PRODUCT: Auras (AAAA)- Beautiful BC Flowers
  • NEW PRODUCT: Oreoz (AAAA Smalls/Med)- Captain’s Pink
  • RESTOCKED: First Class Funk (AAAA)- Unlicensed Producer
  • RESTOCKED: Khalifa Mints (AAAA)- Headwater Cannabis

July 11/23

  • RESTOCKED: Grease Monkey (AAA Smalls)
  • NEW PRODUCT: Zombie Kush (AAA)

June 22/23

June 13/23


  • *IMPORTANT* SHIPPING: Canada Post will no longer have guaranteed delivery times. Please note that your parcel may be delayed due to certain facilities closing down and a lack of staff. We will NOT be guaranteeing shipments that have been marked as delivered. Although this is the case, we will try our best to help you. Please contact us if you have any concerns.


  • *IMPORTANT* SHIPPING: Canada Post will no longer be accepting signatures. All packages will be left at the door after attempting to knock or the door, otherwise carded to be picked up.