9 Ways to Deal With a Bad Cannabis High

9 Ways to Deal With a Bad Cannabis High

Most of the time, using cannabis is an enjoyable experience. Cannabis use is popular due to the fact that cannabis typically makes people feel relaxed and improve feelings of well-being. However, that doesn’t mean that every high will be a good one. It is possible to experience a bad high.

Ingesting too much of an edible, smoking an extremely strong strain of cannabis, or using more cannabis than you’re used to as an inexperienced cannabis user can all lead to having a bad high. While there is no instant cure to immediately end a bad high, there are things that you can do to help you feel better until the effects of the cannabis wear off. 

Keep Reassuring Yourself

A bad cannabis high can be very stressful, and many people who experience a bad high tend to become anxious. When you’re going through an overwhelming high, it is easy to panic and be afraid that there is something wrong with your body. However, it is important to remember that there has never been a documented death from a cannabis overdose. While it may be difficult, keep reminding yourself that you will be okay and the cannabis will wear off in time during a bad high.

Take a Walk Around the Block

When you’re in the middle of a bad high, physical activity may be the last thing that you want to do. But, taking a walk around the block can help take the edge off if you have feelings of anxiety or you’re experiencing physical symptoms of a bad high, such as trembling, sweating, or an elevated heart rate. The fresh air can clear your head, and being outdoors can calm you down.

Turn to a Friend for Help

Turn to a Friend for Help

There is never a good time or place to experience a bad high, but it can be especially stressful if you are alone. In the event that you vape, smoke, or consume too much cannabis and feel uncomfortable, consider calling a friend or inviting one over to hang out with you. Being in the presence of another person can provide comfort and take the edge off. Speaking on the phone can also be helpful.

Utilize Deep Breathing Exercises

One common symptom of a bad high is feeling paranoid. If cannabis use has left you feeling paranoid, try doing some deep breathing exercises. Taking long, deep breaths and exhaling slowly can promote relaxation and distract you from the feelings of paranoia. 

Take a Hot Shower or Bath

In some cases, a bad high can leave a person feeling extremely nauseous. It is also possible for uncontrolled vomiting to occur. If you’re dealing with these symptoms, head to the bathroom and take a hot shower or bath. Doctors do not know exactly why this works, but many people report relief from their symptoms. It is hypothesized that the hot water may stimulate the body and change sensory signals, relieving nausea and vomiting.

Get Distracted

Focusing on the negative feelings during a bad high will only make the situation worse and cause more stress. As soon as you realize that you’re having a bad experience after using cannabis, make it a point to distract yourself with something that you find enjoyable. Consider watching a funny sitcom, listening to soothing music, or reading your favorite book. Staying distracted will allow you to focus on something else other than the bad high.

Spend Time With Your Pet

Owning a pet has a number of benefits, and spending time with your pet when you’re not enjoying an overwhelming cannabis high can be helpful. Cuddling with a pet can lower your blood pressure and heart rate and reduce stress hormones. Stroking your pet can also release endorphins that promote relaxation. These things can help you feel better while you wait for the effects of cannabis to wear off. 

Spend Time With Your Pet

Use Essential Oils

The use of essential oils can be a good resource when you’re having negative effects from cannabis. Aromatherapy can be a powerful tool, and many essential oils can help a person feel calm. Consider using lavender oil or lemon balm oil, which are known for reducing anxiety. You can simply open a bottle of essential oil and take a deep breath. Opting to use a diffuser can also be helpful.

Don’t Forget to Eat and Stay Hydrated

Cannabis is known to help with appetite. In the middle of a bad high, though, you may feel too panicked to eat. While waiting for the high to end, make sure that you eat and stay hydrated. Focusing on drinking water is an easy task that can keep you distracted. Eating your favorite foods can also have a comforting effect. 


People who use cannabis on a regular basis usually don’t remember every good high. However, the bad highs are hard to forget. Being patient and utilizing the different methods available can help you get through the hours when cannabis is not agreeing with you. 

If you have had a bad high and don’t want to go through the experience again, there are also things that you can do. When using edibles, always wait a while to see the effects. Too many people consume an edible, don’t feel anything right away, and consume more. You’re much better off slowly increasing your consumption of cannabis edibles instead of having to deal with a bad high.

In addition, pay attention to the THC content of the cannabis strain you are smoking, vaping, or consuming. When you have had a bad high in the past, it is better to switch to using a cannabis strain with a lower THC level. Cannabis strains that have a high CBD content can also be a good choice since they are unlikely to overwhelm you and bring on the symptoms commonly associated with a bad high.

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