The Best Marijuana Strains for Watching Movies

The Best Marijuana Strains for Watching Movies

Ah, the movies. Few things are better than seeing your favourite movie on the big screen. Surrounded by other movie fans, a lap full of popcorn, the silver screen offers a unique viewing screen to all those involved.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, going to the movies is no longer an option for many. After months stuck at home, you may be looking for a way to spice up your movie-watching experience at home

Enter, marijuana. Smoking or vaping marijuana before or during a movie can enhance the experience. Just be sure to choose the right cannabis strain for your movie viewing.

The Effects of Marijuana

The effects users feel after ingesting marijuana depends on a few different factors, including:

  • The type of cannabis plant
  • The THC and CBD content in the cannabis strain
  • The amount you ingest
  • Your experience using marijuana
  • Your body’s expense

Because everyone is unique, no person will react to marijuana’s effects the same way. That’s why, if you are choosing to try a new strain of marijuana during your movie experience, it’s essential to research the strain’s makeup, so you can anticipate how it may affect you.

The Effects of Marijuana

Sativa, Indica, and THC: What Do They Mean?

By knowing the makeup of the cannabis strain you want to use during your movie viewing, you can anticipate how it may impact you. When it comes to choosing a new strain, look at:

  • The type of plant it uses, whether it is sativa or indica-dominant.
  • How much THC the plant has. This should be listed with information about the weed strain.

First, let’s look at the difference between sativa and indica cannabis strains.

Sativa marijuana plants have long, thin leaves, and the plant itself is generally quite long. Sativa plants are known for providing users with a head high that increases energy, spurs creativity, and triggers euphoric feelings. Because sativa plants increase energy, most people prefer to use these during the day.

Indica cannabis plants are the opposite. They feature short, wide leaves and are typically bushier than their sativa counterparts. Indica gives users a full-body high, often leading to feelings of drowsiness and relaxation, as well as stimulating appetites. Many users prefer to use indica products at nighttime since it causes such relaxing feelings.

Next, let’s look at the role of THC and its effect on people.

THC is one of more than 100 cannabinoids found in marijuana plants. It is also probably the most well-known. It is the compound that is responsible for giving users the high associated with weed use. Strains with high THC content will have a more intense experience. They may not be the best strains for those new to using marijuana to start with.

What to Take Into Consideration When Choosing the Marijuana Strain for Your Movie

When it comes to choosing a type of marijuana to use for your movie night, you need to take more than just its effects into consideration. You should also think about the night itself, including:

  • The type of movie (or movies) you are planning to watch.
  • Who is watching with you? Are you having a solo night in, a night with your significant other, or a movie night with friends?
  • Have you seen the movie before? Or do you plan to drift off while watching it?

Once you have all this decided, you can make a better, more informed choice on the cannabis strain you want to try.

The Best Marijuana Strains for Watching Movies

Marijuana can help make you laser-focused, so you don’t miss important details in the new movie you are watching. Or, they can make the jokes in your favourite comedy even funnier. Stuck watching a romantic comedy you aren’t excited about? Certain strains can help you get through it.

Find your movie genre, and consider the strains listed to enhance your movie experience.

Cannabis Strains for Comedy Movies

Cannabis Strains for Comedy Movies

  • Pineapple Express. Not just a movie title, this is an actual strain of cannabis. It is popular for helping users feel happy and euphoric, making it a great option before watching its namesake movie or any comedy of your choice.
  • Lemon Larry Lavender. This cannabis strain can elevate your state-of-mind, making a comedy even funnier. It provides loose sedative effects, making it a good option if you’re okay with falling asleep during the movie.
  • Laughing Buddha. As its name suggests, Laughing Buddha can leave users feeling happy and, of course, giggly. Because of its light-hearted effects, Laughing Buddha is perfect for a night of comedic fun.
  • White Widow. If you are watching a movie with friends and may not be planning to pay super close attention to the movie, White Widow is a good choice. Offering increased creativity, White Widow will also increase energy and produce feelings of euphoria, perfect for a comedy and a night with friends.
  • Black Diamond. This particular strain is popular for its relaxing effects, perfect for a night chilling with friends. It also usually makes people very hungry. Be sure to have plenty of snacks on hand before using Black Diamond.

Best Marijuana Strains for Romance Movies

  • Zombie Haze. Though it may seem like this one is meant for horror movies, it can help spouses get through a romantic movie they are not interested in watching but are for the sake of their loved one. This strain will help you relax and even leave you not wanting to move, no matter the movie on the screen.
  • Allen Wrench. This strain is perfect to pair with a romantic comedy. Allen Wrench is known for promoting creativity while also helping people feel happier.
  • Grape Ape. Offering an appealing grape flavour, Grape Ape is perfect for a night spent cuddled up on the couch with your partner, watching a romantic movie. Grape Ape leaves users feeling relaxed and happy. Be warned—Grape Ape can also make people a little sleepy.

Marijuana Strains to Use While Watching Scary Movies

  • Chemdawg. This particular strain is known for leaving users feeling happy and euphoric. But, it can also leave people feeling a little paranoid, making it the perfect way to enhance your scary movie experience. Chemdawg is also known for being very potent, so weed newbies should use it with caution.
  • Jack Herer. Watching a horror that has your adrenaline pumping? Jack Herer can help improve the experience. Jack Herer is known for its energizing effects on users.
  • Granddaddy Purple. Needing help getting through a stressful, scary movie? Granddaddy Purple’s strong relaxing effects can help users calm down after a stressful movie. It may also leave you feeling sleepy, helping you fall asleep after a scary movie.
  • Killing Fields. With a horror-movie-appropriate name, Killing Fields is known to provide users with bursts of increased energy. Because of this, Killing Fields can make that movie jumps even scarier.
  • Sour Joker. Are you watching a horror movie with lots of twists and turns? Sour Joker can help you make sense of it all by boosting your creativity and leaving you more focused than ever.

Marijuana Strains to Use While Watching Scary Movies

Best Cannabis Strains for Watching Dramas

  • Blue Cheese. This cannabis strain is known for providing users with feelings of relaxation. When the drama starts to get too much, Blue Cheese can help calm you, allowing you to continue to enjoy the film.
  • Supernatural. This particular strain is known for helping users feel relaxed yet euphoric, making it possible to get through your favourite drama. Because of its energizing nature, it won’t leave you drowsy and struggling to finish the film. 
  • Pennywise. This strain is unique, as it has a high CBD content and a low THC content. This combination gives users a relaxed feeling, without the high effects most weed gives users. It allows users to remain focused as the movie unfolds.

Keep in mind, there are thousands of different cannabis strains out there, so the possibilities when it comes to enhancing your movie experience are endless. Ask fellow weed aficionados or your dispensary staff for recommendations as well.

After trying a new strain, you found it pairs particularly well with a movie. Keep a note and search for similar strains. Soon, you’ll have your own list of cannabis strains to try that you enjoy and complement your favourite movies.

Other Ways to Ingest Weed While Movie Watching

While smoking and vaping weed are two of the most common methods of using marijuana, they aren’t the only options out there.

If you are looking for a way to enhance your movie night without smoking, consider:

  • CBD gummies. This popular candy type offers users a relaxed experience without the high. Typically available in multiple flavours, gummies also allow users to know exactly how much CBD they are taking since they are pre-dosed.
  • Cannabis-infused chocolate. Mix salty popcorn with sweet chocolate while getting the relaxing effects of CBD. Great on their own or mixed in with your popcorn. Just be sure to watch how many you eat.
  • Cannabis Cookies. Keep a tray of cookies nearby for you and your friends to share. Pre-packaged and pre-dosed, you’ll know exactly how much cannabis you’re getting.
  • Indica Cara-Melts. These caramel-like snacks are great for helping users unwind, making them perfect for use when wrapping up your movie night.
  • THC drink mix. Simply add this to your favourite movie night beverage (though not alcohol or highly caffeinated drinks). Available in different flavours, you can create a drink as unique as you.

The marijuana edibles market is continually growing, with more and more products being introduced all the time. Be sure to browse the options available regularly to find new and fun ways to add marijuana to your movie night.

Other Ways to Ingest Weed While Movie Watching

A Note on Dosage

Whether you are trying marijuana for the very first time or are an experienced user trying out a new strain, taking the appropriate dosage is important.

Too much THC can lead to a “bad high,” leaving users feeling paranoid or a little anxious about the effects they are feeling. When it comes to trying a new strain, be sure to start with a low dose. Give it time to take effect. If the effects are too weak, increase your intake by a little more until you find the comfortable amount for you.

For users who do accidentally take too much or just want to come down from their high, there are things you can do, including:

  • Consuming pure CBD products. CBD is often used to counteract the effects of THC. Taking a CBD-only product can help temper THC’s effects in your system.
  • Sleep it off. Sometimes, just taking a nap can help bring you out of your high. Find a dark, calm place to lie down until you feel better.
  • Eat something. Just like sobering up after drinking too much alcohol, getting something substantial in your stomach can help bring you out of a high.
  • Try black pepper. Sniff (without inhaling them) or eat a few peppercorns. This trick is said to offer near-immediate relief.
  • Distract yourself. Try focusing your mind on a task like colouring, playing a game, or even just talking to someone.
  • Most importantly, do not panic if you are scared about the high you are experiencing. This can make it worse. Just remember, you are fine and will recover shortly. 

Most marijuana side effects, if you experience any at all, are mild. Red eyes, dry mouth, and munchies are most common and can easily be remedied with eye drops, water, and snacks.

In Conclusion

Adding marijuana to your next movie night can enhance the experience, making details easier to catch, helping calm you after a particularly tarrying movie, and even making your favourite comedy’s jokes even funnier.

Since each cannabis strain is unique, different ones go better with different movie genres. Though nothing can replace the experience of a movie on the big screen, using cannabis can make a movie night even more enjoyable for you, your significant other, and your friends.

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