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10 Best High-CBD / Low-THC Marijuana Strains

10 Best High CBD Low THC Marijuana Strains

Many users enjoy the psychoactive high offered by THC. It’s actually the most sought after effect by recreational users. However, there’s an increasing number of people turning to less psychoactive strains — varieties that boast high levels of CBD while being low in THC.  That’s because, for some people, the high induced by high-THC strains […]

The Ultimate CBD Edibles, Gummies & Snacks Guide

The Ultimate CBD Edibles Guide

Remember when the only way to ingest CBD was through tinctures and vapes? Those days are long gone. As the CBD craze continues to roll across the world, there’s a massive selection of options when you’re deciding on your go-to consumption method.  Some people stick to traditional choices like oil drops or capsules, whereas others […]

Can CBD Gummies Cure Insomnia?

Can CBD Gummies Cure Insomnia

If you’re tossing in bed from one position to another — belly, right side, left side, on the back — you’re probably one of 70 million Americans affected by sleep disorders. And if those troubles falling asleep become chronic, this means that insomnia might be knocking to your door. Chances are that you’ve already tried […]