How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your Systems?

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As you know Marijuana is legal all over Canada with some rules and regulations, which means you can buy weed in Canada for both recreational and medicinal purposes. There are varieties of options to buy weed online such as concentrates, edibles, vapes, and more. But, one most common question that users and newbies have, is how long does marijuana stay in your system?

You won’t need to worry about marijuana in your system too much. Mostly, the effects of weed will subside in just a few hours, while THC metabolites can remain in your system for a while, but they have no harm. However, sometimes users may want to flush them out from their bodies if they are trying to detox or pass a drug test. Here is some important information related to marijuana.

How Long Does Marijuana Get You High?

Whenever you smoke or consume marijuana, THC interacts with your body and activates reward circuits in the brain and inducing all kinds of physical and mental effects. When you become habitual of it without exceeding your limits, these effects are highly enjoyable and can even have therapeutic benefits. But how long will it last?

The effects of marijuana work differently for everyone and the duration can vary from person to person, it depends on various factors. Some users have a higher tolerance capacity for marijuana, and the product you use and how you use it will also have an impact. However, in general, you can expect to feel high for around 3-4 hours.

Research suggests that when you smoke or vape marijuana, the effects knock you out instantly, and at around 15-30 minutes, you will feel the high effect, which lasts for around 3-4 hours. If you take a high dose, you might still feel some residual effects. Edibles have higher effects than other cannabis concentrates.

How Long Does Marijuana Get You High?

Smoking marijuana will only get you high for a few hours, but marijuana edibles have the strongest and longest-lasting effect. This is because THC is converted into a stronger chemical (11-hydroxy-THC) when consumed orally. It hits your harder and lasts much longer.

Marijuana edibles take more time than others to kick in, you might have to wait for 30-90 minutes before you even start to feel high. So, whenever you are taking edibles, make sure the dosage, a high dosage can lead to negative side effects so you must wait until the effects have come and gone.

Once the effects kick in, you’ll feel high for a very long time, research suggests that marijuana edibles can last for anywhere from 4-12 hours. In most cases, you’ll feel high for around 4-8 hours but you might still feel some residual effects after. Anyway, the effects will completely wear off within around half a day.

How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your Body?

Whether you smoke, vape, or consume marijuana, THC can stay in your system for a while, however high effects last for hours because THC binds to metabolites in the body and can take some extra time to completely flush out.

Although THC doesn’t stay for too long, research tells that around 80 to 90% of THC is excreted from your body within 5 days, which means if you drink plenty of water, you can expect to be clear of THC within a week or less.

One-time users may completely flush out THC within a few days while regular users might need longer than a week to completely detox their body of marijuana. THC staying capacity in your body also depends on your body and the speed of your digestive system. However, there are multiple ways to speed the process up.

How To Get Marijuana Out Of Your System?

Most users can expect to be clear of marijuana in their system within a week, but there are situations where you might want to take some extra measures to clear your system of marijuana. Users who are going for drug tests will likely want to be as clean as possible.

There are some effective methods to detox your body from THC. One of the easiest ways to flush THC is drinking plenty of water, it will speed up your digestive system, and push to flush out more THC. You can also take other liquids like cranberry juice, lemon juice, and prune juice.

You can also take protein and a fiber-rich food, these foods will help speed up your digestive system so you can excrete more THC. Besides these, you can also take supplements such as Vitamins B and Creatinine help to flush THC out. You might even want to get a Detox Drink or a Detox Kit, these are specifically designed to help marijuana users pass a drug test.


After consuming marijuana products, you’ll likely feel high for a few hours before the effects wear off. Edible has longer-lasting effects than smoking and vaping. However, no matter how you take marijuana, it can remain in your system for a while longer.

Mostly THC is flushed out within 4 to 5 days, and frequent users can expect their system to be free of weed within the week. If you want to flush THC out of your system faster, drink plenty of water, and consider a detox kit. Most users won’t need to worry about this and can enjoy marijuana as much as they want. You can access various cannabis concentrates online safely and easily from us.

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