How You Can Get Marijuana in Canada?

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As you know, Recreational marijuana is now legal in Canada, however, the rules vary by location, age, and other factors. An individual over the age of 19 has the right to buy, carry and share up to 30 grams, or slightly over an ounce, of dried cannabis at one time. But where you can use it and how it is sold, varies by province and territory.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re heading to Canada for weed.

How old do you have to be to buy legally?

You must be 19 to buy, possess and consume cannabis in most of Canada. In other provinces and territories like Alberta and Quebec, the minimum legal age is 18 and 21. And sharing cannabis with minors is a crime.

Where you can buy marijuana in Canada?

Each province in Canada has its own specific rules on where to buy cannabis. Usually, cannabis is sold in a government-run retail shop or a privately run dispensary, or a hybrid of the two. The most important thing to remember is: the only legal way to purchase cannabis is through these stores, and they typically have a seal displayed in the window to indicate they are approved by the Canadian government.

The purchasing experience can vary province by province.

Alberta: the age limitation in Alberta to use cannabis is 18 and over. There are over 400 licensed cannabis stores which are more than any other Canadian jurisdiction and 40 federal cannabis license holders. Cannabis products like buds, pre-rolls, edibles, cannabis oils, and capsules all are available throughout the province. The price range may vary from $9.24-$15.42 per gram depending on the retailer.


 Currently, there are 33 cannabis stores, that sell flowers, pre-rolls, cannabis oils, vapes, edibles, and capsules. Prices will range from $7.95-$13.25 per gram.


In Quebec, 41 cannabis stores sell everything from a flower, pre-rolls, cannabis oils, beverages, and capsules. The prices range from $5.25 a gram, with all taxes included.

British Columbia

All legal cannabis products can be found in both privately owned dispensaries and BC Cannabis Stores (BCCS) operated by the provincial government agency, the BC Liquor Distribution Branch. In each of the retail stores, there will be buds, pre-rolls, cannabis oils, and capsules. You may find some cannabis accessories like rolling papers, lighters, pipes, or bongs. Prices range on their website from $6.99-$16.28 per gram.

Nova Scotia: The Nova Scotia Liquor is the only retailer of legal cannabis. Currently, there are 12 retail locations listed on the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation website. The average price of cannabis is $10.99 per gram.

How much cannabis are you legally allowed to purchase in Canada?

It doesn’t matter where you are in Canada, you can legally possess, carry, and share 30 grams of cannabis with other adults. If you’re thinking about how much it is, then it is about 60 to 75 pre-rolled joints. Depending on where you are in the country, it could cost anywhere from 160-400 Canadian dollars.

Can you smoke anywhere you want in Canada?

if you are caught in public with possession of marijuana you will be allowed to have up to 30 grams of dried marijuana on you at any time.

You can use marijuana in:

  • A private residence (your home or someone else’s), also you can use the outdoor space like a back yard or porch
  • Your private place or on your balcony, if you are living in a multi-stories building like an apartment (as per your building’s rules or your lease agreement).
  • Many outdoor public places ( parks, sidewalks)

You are not allowed to use it in:

  • Private residences like long-term care homes and retirement homes
  • Schools or places where children gather like parks, playgrounds, and childcare centers
  • Public places like sports fields
  • Restaurant and bar patios
  • Sheltered outdoor areas

These rules are legalized to protect people from second-hand marijuana smoke and reduce youth and young adult exposure to cannabis.

If you are caught using marijuana in public you can be fined up to $1000 for a first offense and $5,000 for repeat offenses.

Driving Under the Influence

It is illegal to drive under the influence of any drugs. Like other drugs, marijuana also decreases your reaction time and increases your chances of being in a car accident.

If you are found to be driving under the influence of marijuana, you will face serious penalties including:

  • Immediate license suspension
  • Money penalties
  • Possible vehicle confinement
  • Possible criminal record
  • Possible prison time

To measure the level of intoxication under marijuana use, police officers use breathalyzer-type devices on the roadside.

Zero Tolerance

If you are a novice and driving a motorized vehicle first time, you will not be allowed to have any marijuana in your system.

Delivery and online ordering

You can buy cannabis and cannabis products online from the comfort of your home or residence and get your product within a couple of days with the mail-order marijuana.

The process of mail-order marijuana is simple. Just find a retailer, add your preferred products to your cart, and check out. Most retailers will inform you of where they ship. You would have to ensure it’s a legal and licensed retailer. This will keep you from future headaches and trouble with the law.

Whether you’re looking for cannabis flowers, cartridges, disposables, edibles, or any other product, you can shop online.

Can I bring some Cannabis back on the plane with me?

If you’re traveling within Canada, going from one province to another, according to the CATSA (Canadian Air Transport Security Authority), you are allowed to carry 30 grams of dried cannabis products with you on domestic flights.

But if you’re traveling elsewhere, it remains illegal.

Can I smoke in hotels or AirBNBs?

Although Cannabis is legal in Canada, Airbnb still has been noticeably silent on what exactly their policy is, because there are not any official policies listed on their website.

The decision of smoking in Airbnb is in their host’s hands. Across Canada, many hotels and rental landlords are banning cannabis. If you are looking for an Airbnb, check the listing, it indicates whether smoking is allowed or not.

Health Risks of Cannabis

Like alcohol and tobacco, weed has some health risks, in adults marijuana affects brain function and impacts attention, memory, and learning.

If you start to use marijuana earlier and the more often and the longer you use it, the more likely it will impact your brain.

A pregnant or breastfeeding woman should not use marijuana, it poses a risk to the fetus or newborn child. Excessive marijuana use has been linked to lower birth weight and exposure to THC can affect a baby’s brain development.

Bottom Line:

Each Canadian province has its website that tells their laws and regulations related to cannabis, so do proper research before heading across the border to smoke.