Marijuana Trend You Need to Know About: The Sauce

Marijuana Trend You Need to Know About The Sauce

When it comes to consuming cannabis, you generally want to start out with a low dosage and go slowly. This helps you understand the right amount to take each time, so you get the best effects for you. However, if you need a higher potency, you may want to consider using the sauce. The most common type is terp sauce, which is a great idea for those who have been using marijuana for a longer time.

Before you consider terp sauce, you will want to carefully assess your usage of weed products. Terp sauce is not for many users. If you are new to the product, you should wait a while to try it. However, if lower doses of cannabis just are not working, then terp may be right for you.

What Is Terp Sauce?

Many long-time users of cannabis have enjoyed switching to dabbing. These users say that terp sauce is one of the most potent types of the herb you can purchase. There is a high level of THC in the oil. However, because of the additional cannabinoids and terpenes in the product, it becomes even stronger.

Terpenes are compounds that you can naturally find in the cannabis resin. You can also find terpenes in other plants, such as lemons and pine trees. That is why some cannabis plants have a lemony or pine aroma. The terpenes provide the flavour and the aroma of the plant. Each strain of marijuana has a different terpene profile, giving you many different options. 

During the concentration process, many products lose their natural terpenes. However, terp sauce is the opposite, and there is a focus on terpenes. The terpenes contribute to your high. The way that terpenes work with the other compounds in cannabis is known as the entourage effect. 

This effect determines whether you feel introspective, thoughtful, or giggly when using different strains of terpenes. Because of this effect, it is important to preserve terpenes in cannabis extracts. 

Terp sauce is an extremely potent concentrate that has a higher level of terpenes. For most of the product’s formulas, it has more than double the terpenes you can find in standard types. This makes it extremely potent. It also gives you an intense flavour.

How Terp Sauce Is Made

How Terp Sauce Is Made

Like many other types of concentrates, such as wax or shatter, a closed-loop process is used. This will separate out each of the full spectrum compounds in the cannabis plant. The harsh waxes, chlorophyll, and lipids will all be removed in this process.

A manufacturer will usually start with a frozen cannabis bud instead of using material low in cannabinoids. For this reason, shake and trim are not used to make terp sauce. When the cannabis bud is frozen, the trichome levels in the plant are preserved. That helps the final product have so many terpenes and cannabinoids.

There are many solvents that can be used to take the compounds out of the plant. However, one of the more common types is hydrocarbons, such as propane. This has a low boiling point that will help to preserve the oil’s terpenes. Hydrocarbons are sensitive to temperature, so if the temp is too high, the terpenes can be degraded.

The closed-loop extraction process will produce a basic cannabis oil. The next step is to process it to remove any remaining solvents from it. The oil will then form terp liquid and crystal diamonds. The solution will be placed in a low purge, which will evaporate the solvent from the resin.

When workers have removed enough of the solvent, they will put the terp sauce in an airtight jar. Then, it will sit in a dark, cool, dry place for several weeks. This promotes a natural separation process. Workers will then monitor it regularly to ensure the diamonds are large and the terp sauce is runny enough.

How to Consume Terp Sauce

You will consume terp sauce through dabbing. With this method, you can take in more potent cannabis. You will be vaporizing the product. A dab is a concentrated dose of the herb. Usually, it is about the size of a small breath mint. The company creates dabs by extracting THC from the plant. Commonly, the solvent butane is used for this process.

In the end, you get a potent oil that many people call shatter, honey, wax, hash oil, or crumble. You can use a blowtorch to heat the oil on your dab rig. Then, you can inhale the vapour and get high quickly. 

How to Consume Terp Sauce

Getting Started with Dabbing

You do not need much to start dabbing. You will need some sauce and a dab rig. To dab it, you will use the same process that you would for any other cannabis oil. Even if you are an experienced user of cannabis, you should be careful with terp sauce. It is aromatic and flavorful, and it has a high impact on your high.

Because the content is nearly doubled, you will experience an amplified entourage effect. This can make you pass out if you are not careful. It may sound fun, but you should start off very small. 

You can try getting some terp pearls for taking the product. That way, the sauce will be more evenly distributed around the nail to heat consistently. You can even try an electronic dab rig to streamline the process. An e-rig can work with an e-nail that will give you an even temperature. That way, you can get the maximum potency from the sauce.

The temperature is a big factor when it comes to consuming terp sauce. The components can degrade at a lower temperature than many other cannabinoids. This means you need to have a lower dabbing temperature. 

Closing Thoughts 

Using terp sauce can give you a faster and stronger high. However, it is not for new weed users. If you are more experienced, you may want to try this concentrated form of marijuana. Dabbing will help you feel the effects sooner.

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