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HeartBreaker(1500mg) by SeC


HeartBreaker Sour Cherry

THC Content: 1 gummy/1500mg per gummy/1500mg per package.

The HeartBreaker is SeC’s newest and highest dosage gummy, at a WHOPPING 1500mg of THC extract. Don’t be fooled by it’s mouthwatering sour cherry flavour, this gummy packs a mean punch so please use with caution.

All SeC gummies are lab tested to ensure the highest quality. By using solvent-free THC distillate at no lower than 90% Delta 9 THC, impurities such as butane, propane, CO2 and alcohol are left behind resulting in a pure, concentrated product with amazing taste and flavour!

Togo Weed only source the highest quality edibles. We ensure all the products contain industry standard ingredients to ensure the highest potency and value.

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