8 Marijuana Strain That Will Make Any Pessimist Happy

Death bubba strain

There are lots of good reasons to use marijuana, many people use it for its physical effects such as relieving pain and tension and leaving your body in a soothed and relaxed state, they are also great for mental effects. Research tells that a couple of puffs of weed can reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression and make people happy.

Each type of marijuana strain is responsible for giving the feeling of happiness in different ways. Indica strains often calm your mind, helping to relieve any stress or worries and leave you in a mentally euphoric state. Sativa strains make you more mentally focused, stimulated, and motivated. If you want a balanced effect, Hybrid strains are the best, they have the mixing effects of both Indicas and Sativas. Here is the name of some marijuana strains that will make you happy.

Pink Bubba

Pink Bubba is an Indica-dominant hybrid, which means the concentration of Indica is more than Sativa. If you are dealing with stress and negative thoughts, it will leave you in a tranquil and peaceful state, then this strain can quickly snap you out of it and make you feel happy and calm. It also gives an appealing physical high, it hit you hard and fast. After using it, you will feel a happy and dream-like state, free of any worries. Pink Bubba also helps in relieving any pain or tension. Whether you need something to boost your mood or something to help you sleep, Pink Bubba is a heavenly choice.


Gelato is another great strain, you can choose, it has a delicious sweet candy-like taste, and the user enjoys its taste. It also gives you an exceptional high. You can expect a positive and uplifting high every time you use this strain. It boosts your mood and energy, giving you the motivation to take on any kind of task. Whether you’re smoking at home or with friends, everything will instantly seem more enjoyable. It also helps relieve pain and inflammation and improves your mental focus and concentration.

Death Bubba

If you are looking for deep relaxation and relief, Death Bubba is one of the best choices of strain. With exceptionally high THC levels and 80% Indica genetics, this strain can relieve all kinds of pain and stress and leave you in a spacy and sedated state. This strain hits you so hard and helps in relieving any type of mental stress and worries. Instead, you can simply lay back and enjoy the soothing physical waves and mentally calming effects. This strain is not recommended for beginners because of its strong effects. Whenever you need something to relieve a bad mood and send you to sleep, Death Bubba is a great choice.

Red Congo

Red Congo is a pure Sativa strain with heavenly effects. If you’re looking for full enjoyment and stimulation, then you can’t go wrong with this strain. It has moderate THC levels, so you can try it for a great high that is enjoyable without being too overwhelming.

It puts you in a happy and flying high mood, these features make this marijuana stress best for combating depression, stress, and anxiety. The physical effects are just as great, giving you warm body tingles that soothe you of pain yet give you a slight surge of energy.

Jedi Kush

This is another great marijuana strain that can take you in a happy mood. It’s a potent and flavorful strain that is packed with high THC levels as well as a good kick of CBD and also helps in relieving a range of medical symptoms. Its fruity and spicy aroma makes it a pleasure to smoke, and you’ll enjoy the effects more.

This marijuana strain will give you a blowout of intellectual stimulation, heightening your senses to make every activity seem more fun and interesting. It can take away symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression, and leave you feeling positive and peaceful. It also helps you in relaxing your body thoroughly, making it great for fighting against pain and inflammation.

Larry 0G

Larry 0G is a hybrid strain, that is packed with a range of benefits for both your body and mind and leaves you in a blissful and content state that any user can enjoy. It is ideal for relieving all kinds of pain, aches, and tension and leaving you feeling active and refreshed. The mental effects of this strain are also enjoyable, it calms your mind and makes you feel happy and motivated. This is a great strain for those who are trying to pacify a negative mood.

Bruce Banner

Whether you want to enjoy sensational Sativa effects, Bruce Banner is one of the best marijuana strains you can use. This is a Sativa-dominant hybrid, it gives you a sudden burst of energy that makes you feel like you can take on the world.

Bruce Banner makes you feel incredibly gleeful and giggly, making it one of the best strains for social situations. It’s also great to use at home, especially because it will heighten your mood and senses to make everything seem more fun. These effects make it an ideal strain for counteracting negative moods.

Bubba Kush

If you are looking for hard-hitting Indica effects, Bubba Kush is a great choice of strain. This Indica-dominant hybrid is exceptionally high in THC levels and had unique damp and spicy flavor. It gives you a sensational wave of euphoria throughout your mind and body. Not only it will relieve you of any stress you might have, but it’ll also take away all types of pain or physical tension to leave you with a feeling of happiness and carefreeness. This marijuana strain also counteracts pessimism and taking you in a positive mood.

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