Difference between Grade of Cannabis AAA+ vs. AAAA

AAAA grade cannabis

Have you ever thought, that there should be a grading system to check the weed quality and buy them? Well, there are multiple grading methodologies and grading systems that are getting used across the weed industry, but they are very confusing.

In this article, we will elaborate on the most accurate and easily understood system of checking cannabis quality.

What is the Different Weed Grading System?

  • AA Grading system- this grading system is also known as dubs or Mids. It is considered the lowest grade, which has a low effect and is great for beginners. The buds lack their strength, aroma, density, appearance, and potency.
  • AAA Quality Grade- they are also known as Trips, are a good quality weed, have a poorer bud density, and are more potent than the AAAA weed grade. They have also a strong smell. The ash of this weed grade is peppery/dark vs clean and white.
  • AAAA Cannabis Grades- they are also known as Quads or premium weed. They are budget-friendly and the best quality weed in all categories, dank and pungent.
  • AAAAA Weed Grade- they are also known as high quads and contain the same qualities and best attributes beyond AAAA high-grade weed.

What is the Weed Grading System?

In the 1990s, the first official cannabis grading system was introduced in Canada. Now, the cannabis licensed growers supply their cannabis and grade them by their THC and CBD potency to the licensed cannabis stores. The THC and CBD potency are usually determined by official lab tests. The tests help the supplier to fix the price of their weed as per their potency accurately, which will benefit both the supplier and consumer.

Whenever you are shopping cannabis products online, getting quality is a very important factor, and the legally approved system for quality ‘A-AAAA+’ weed grading system helps a lot to choose the quality weed. Besides these, there is also some other method to check the quality of the weed but they may not prove accurate or consistent units of measure.

Each weed strain has different levels of potency and strength depending on the different batches grown. Therefore, the weed grading system doe not represent the strain itself but only the grower and quality of the batch.

The system is:

  1. A-Grade Cannabis

A-Grade level is considered the lowest grade level, it is also known as the bottom of the barrel for weed, and it is unlikely to find an A grade in a licensed dispensary. Therefore, even though this weed may still resemble a bud as it will retain some structure, it is the weed tossed aside during the grading process.

This low-grade weed gives an unnoticeable experience and may be mixed in with some unwanted stems and discolored loose fragments, that’s the reason they are usually considered dirt weed. It is also known as ditch weed or schwag, depending on where you live.

Usually, suppliers use the flowers of cannabis for extract, and the leftover profits are sold to clients for additional profit, and they make edible extracts out of it. This is a low-quality weed, it’s cheaper to buy and quite effective when vaped or smoked in high quantities and can also be used to make edibles and concentrates.

Despite its very low quality, it can give you a buzz and may have some side effects. Its quality is enough for some decent relaxation, but it may have side effects such as headaches and dizziness.

  1. AA Grade Cannabis (Dubs)

They are also known as dubs or mids and are the lowest grade and rating of weed you will find from most dispensaries in Canada. When it comes to effectiveness or appearance, these buds don’t take a chance against other top-quality buds, but they still have a place and will get a user high.

AA-grade has a smooth and pleasant smell but is not like the other top-quality weed. They do have not great structure and also they are not consistent in their texture and color, that’s the reason cannabis stores and dispensaries don’t earn well, and that’s why it may be hard to find them in each shop.

Generally, they have some brown or off-color tinge in their green outlook or appearance, and also, the lower grade level and the darker the ash you get when smoking. The THC level of AA-grade cannabis is more than A-grade.

AA grade strains are great for budget-friendly shopping and who are looking to make their concentrates and edibles. This is a mid-grade weed that will give you value for your money.

  1. AAA Grade Cannabis (Trips)

AAA Grade Cannabis is the top quality, and they are the most available in the stores. This is considered an excellent quality because of its growing techniques, and standard of weed.

They are also known as Trips, and most of the characteristics are AAAA grade but with a less bud density and some more discoloration. The higher-grade cannabis is available in different types, and it’s the most common cannabis form sold in most Canadian dispensaries and stores.

AAA-grade cannabis has an extremely high THC and CBD potency, and you can expect the strain to deliver almost maximum potency and feel the full effects of THC contained within. Trips have a wide range of hybrids and strains that’s why this is very popular among cannabis users.

  1. AAAA Grade Cannabis (Quads) & Beyond

AAAA Grade weed is a good quality weed and the second-highest graded level in the weed grading system. Its bud size, THC/CBD content, trichome, aesthetics, and terpenoid content are higher than other weed grades. In this grade level, you will find lots of options for strains. They have great aromas and visible plentiful trichomes. Also, the buds are thick and well-groomed, and everything is well packed and looks clean, and it is crucial since the structure of buds and the existence of abundant trichomes are crucial when you consider the emergence of a top-quality strain.

AAAA Grade weed has a dank and pungent aroma, and they are decidedly pleasing with a well-developed taste and a consistent and smooth burn. They have a hint of purple or orange color and don’t have a harsh aftertaste, which tells its high quality.

Despite these qualities, they have not reached perfection and are not considered the highest quality like the AAAA grade weed, but they have some close qualities.

However, AAAA weed is a premium weed grade quality and comes with a high price.

Why is the Cannabis Grading System Important?

The cannabis grading system is very crucial in the cannabis industry, it helps suppliers and consumers in judging the quality of their weed. Even though several systems determine quality, the most accurate representation is AAAA grading.

When both the supply side and consumer can identify the different grades and their differences, they will know better what they should choose. If you understand the grading system of cannabis, you can gain a new appreciation for cannabis plants. The grading system does not depend on the strain itself but on the quality of a specific batch.

Who Uses Grades of Weed?

The licensed and legalized cannabis stores and cannabis growers don’t use any weed grade chart. Instead, they grade their cannabis by the THC and CBD potency determined by official lab tests, which allow the provider to price their cannabis depending on potency accurately. However, the tests meet legal requirements and may often fail to give consumers the complete picture of each product’s quality.

However, most online cannabis stores use this grading system of weed to give users the best insight into the quality of weed they may be purchasing. Also, consumers don’t look for THC and CBD potency of strain, they use a grading system to know about the strength and quality of cannabis strain.


This weed grading system is one of the most convenient and straightforward ways to know your strain quality and potency. Besides these, there are others out there. All the systems are subjective, and this is a great starting point to understanding better. You can use this grading system to make your future purchases, and it tells you the quality and potency of the cannabis product that you are purchasing.