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About Cannabis

Cannabis comes from the dried and shredded portions of the marijuana plant. That includes the leaves, flowers, stems, and seeds. Many people choose to vape or smoke it. But you can also put it in food, oil, or even tea.

These methods can affect your body in different ways. For example, when you inhale the smoke from a blunt to your lungs, your bloodstream quickly absorbs it. Then it is distributed to your entire body, including organs such as your brain. When you drink or eat marijuana, the effects take a little longer for you to feel.

The effects of the herb are widely varied, depending on someone’s individual body chemistry. There are many psychological and physical effects, which can potentially include relaxation, discomfort, and a feeling of happiness. Some people use it because they believe it relieves certain negative health conditions.

How to Smoke Cannabis

Now that you know a little about how cannabis may affect your body, you might be wondering how you can smoke it. You will need to be able to inhale it, no matter what method you have chosen. People who have not smoked before often hold the smoke in their mouths. But this does not make them get high. Instead, you need to put the smoke in your lungs.

To begin, take a long breath. You will notice the smoke go in your windpipe to your lungs. If you do not feel anything, you may not be taking a deep enough breath. It is a myth that you need to hold in your smoke for a long time. That will not give you many benefits.

Instead, take a deep breath, pause a moment, and slowly exhale. You can hold it for a few seconds, but there is not much of a difference compared to when you immediately exhale. The reason for this is that your lungs will absorb the smoke almost instantly.

You will want to avoid accidentally swallowing your smoke instead of inhaling. That is ineffective, and it can even upset your stomach. The goal should be to get the smoke in your lungs, not in your stomach.