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Types of Concentrates

People sometimes confuse different types of cannabis concentrates, especially when they’re just getting started. Here are other concentrates you may come across: Wax: just like shatter, wax is obtained through BHO. It looks exactly what it sounds like; it’s shiny, sticky, and gooey. It usually has a higher terpene content than shatter. Budder: As far as consistency goes, budder falls somewhere between wax and shatter. It has more terpenes but is less potent than shatter. It’s also easier to handle. Crumble: crumble is made using the same method as other waxes but it involves lower temperatures. This allows the manufacturer to capture more flavor without compromising the number of cannabinoids. Crumble is the least moist form of concentrate. CO2 oil: true to its name, CO2 oil is a type of cannabis oil obtained through CO2 extraction. This method produces a clean, liquid concentrate that cannabis consumers can load into vape pens. CO2 extraction contains more cannabinoids and terpenes in the oil. It also requires very expensive equipment, so it’s cost-prohibitive for most manufacturers.