Strain Review: Girl Scout Cookies

Strain Review Girl Scout Cookies

Like many other cannabis strains, Girl Scout Cookies comes from the West Coast in the United States. The strain became popular among many cannabis lovers after coming to the scene. It was so popular that people in other parts of the world quickly began to use it. This is one of the most popular strains in North America today.

Smell and Appearance

This variety is of a medium size and grows to be around 30 inches in height. Some of the varieties have green leaves and small buds. The pistils are bright orange, and the trichomes are a frosty white colour. 

But other varieties have bright purple leaves. The taste is spicy and sweet, which seems to contradict its power and strength. 

One reason Girl Scout Cookies is so popular is that the high is so powerful. It combines euphoria and happiness with extremely relaxing effects. It also tastes delicious. The strain is a hybrid with sativa and indica in it. It started as a crossbreed of OG Kush and Durban Poison. 

OG Kush is well-known for being a balanced sativa and indica. Durban Poison is completely sativa. Even though Girl Scout Cookies is 60 percent indica, what makes it most stand out is the large amount of THC in it. The THC levels can reach as high as 28 percent. 

That means that Girl Scout Cookies is one of the most potent strains you can get today. Because of its potency, medicinal users often choose this strain. But recreational users also enjoy the strong high. 

Many users of Girl Scout Cookies enjoy the smoking experience because it is euphoric and uplifting. You get the best of both indica and sativa in one smoking experience. While you might feel couch-locked, the sativa can make you feel more creative. You might want to gather a notebook and some pens, so you can exercise your creativity during your high.

Growing Girl Scout Cookies

Growing Girl Scout Cookies

This is not the easiest strain to grow. However, because of how popular it is, many people still choose to grow it themselves. Even though it requires a bit more effort, the end result is worthwhile. 

You can use either cuttings or seeds to grow this variety. It will do best in a warm, Mediterranean type of environment. If you do not live in a warm area, you can try growing it indoors. But make sure that there is enough space for it to stretch out its leaves and branches. It is not tall, but it has rich leaves and strong arms and is very bushy.

When you grow it inside, you can expect the harvest to be ready in around nine to 10 weeks. You will get around 283 grams for each square metre of the plant. If you do want to grow it outside, make sure it is warm and dry. You may get a little more if you grow it outside. In a Mediterranean climate, you can expect to harvest it until around the middle of October.

Using Girl Scout Cookies

Some medical marijuana patients use this strain to soothe their nerves. It does a good job of boosting your mood because of the sativa in it, and the indica can help you to relax. That might be a good option for patients who have trouble sleeping at night. Some users also take this strain to try to relieve musculoskeletal conditions, such as neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia, and even polymyositis. 

Using it topically can provide local effects. It also is used by patients with serious conditions, such as cancer. Some cancer patients may take it during chemotherapy treatment. It may help to relieve nausea in some patients. 

Using Girl Scout Cookies


This strain was named for its spicy, ginger taste. It has notes of florals, spices, and lemon. But the name is also sarcastic because it is not necessarily sweet and innocent. You will feel a wave of relaxation, euphoria, pleasure, and warmth. 

Although you will not want to take this strain before you have to go to work, it can be a good option for helping you to better socialize. Many people use it at the end of a long day or for doing something fun and creative. 

Just remember that because of how potent it is, you might be unable to do anything technical. Your coordination might be impaired, as well. You can look forward to Girl Scout Cookies after a long, stressful day when you need to relax.

The high will likely start in your head, which will give you a halo sensation. Then, it will spread through your body. Some users compare it to a light tickle that helps them with aches or pains. You might start to giggle, especially if you are with family or good friends. 

As with many types of cannabis, you will likely feel hungrier after taking Girl Scout Cookies. You can use it before dinner with your good friends. Your increased appetite will make you enjoy the meal that much more. Or you could put this strain in some of your favourite edibles, like baked goods. 

There are not many negative side effects with Girl Scout Cookies. But the most common one is dry mouth, which is a side effect of many different strains. Dry eyes are fairly common, as well. However, staying well hydrated may help to counteract these effects. 

It is not as common, but some users might experience paranoia or anxiety. That is especially true if you have taken too much of the strain. It is best for you to take small hits each time because of how potent it is. For edibles, it is especially important for you to take only small doses of each one.

Closing Thoughts

Both recreational and medicinal users can enjoy Girl Scout Cookies. Because of its potency, you will want to take this strain when you do not have to go out anywhere. It is a good option for taking later in the day when you want to wind down and go to sleep.

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