The 8 Best Cannabis Edibles of 2020

The 8 Best Cannabis Edibles of 2020

Edibles are a popular way to consume cannabis, whether you want the full flower, just THC, just CBD, or a combination of the two. If you are unsure which edibles to try first, then go ahead and consider one of the following best options. 

Why Choose Edibles

Before getting into the best cannabis edibles, it helps to understand why people choose to consume edibles at all. 


Some people are not a big fan of the flavor of weed, so they appreciate that edibles mask that flavor in something delicious. 

Clear Dosing

It is notoriously hard to know how much cannabis you are consuming if you smoke or vape it. By contrast, edibles make it clear just how much you will be getting. This comes from the fact that packaged edibles are pre-dosed with clear labeling and serving sizes. 


Given the mixed attitudes towards cannabis consumption, many people appreciate the discretion associated with edibles. As long as no one sees the packaging, no one can know that your snack or candy has CBD, THC, or cannabis. 

Longer Duration

Edibles take longer for you to begin feeling the effects, but they make up for this with a longer duration. This makes them a popular choice for those who want all-day relief or to feel the effects of cannabis for a longer time. 

How to Choose the Best Edibles

How to Choose the Best Edibles

As you look at our list of the best cannabis edibles, you will notice that we included a range of products, but that they all have some similarities. Most notably, all of the products on this list have certificates of analysis or results from independent lab testing. You should always choose edibles with lab testing results available, as this is the best (and only) way to ensure your chosen product is free from contaminants and has the advertised levels of THC and CBD. 

You will also want to think about your personal preferences. While all of the following products are excellent choices, some may appeal to you more or less, depending on your selected edible. Personal considerations include: 

  • Type of edible (gummy, candy, baked good, etc.)
  • Flavor
  • Dose
  • THC, CBD, or both
  • Strain preferences
  • Budget 

With those factors in mind, consider trying some or all of the following best edibles. 

The Best Cannabis Edibles

All of the following cannabis edibles have trusted lab testing and overwhelming popularity. 

Butterfly High by SeC

If you have a very high tolerance to cannabis and THC and have experience with edibles, then you may want to consider the Butterfly High. With 400 milligrams of THC per gummy, leave this edible to those with experience and high tolerances, or consume it in smaller bits. For those with a high tolerance, however, this is the perfect gummy, as you only need to eat one to get that high dose you require. 

Fudge Brownie by Mary’s Medibles

If your preference when it comes to edibles is brownies, then this is a delicious option. You can get the Fudge Brownie in either triple strength or extreme strength, which have 140 and 300 milligrams of THC, respectively. Each package has a single brownie, so those who do not need such high doses will need to divide the brownie into smaller portions. The option of such a high strength is particularly suitable for those with a high cannabis tolerance since a single edible can provide the THC content you need

Gemmies by SeC

Gemmies by SeC

Gemmies are a delicious and straightforward choice from SeC, offering gummies with 5 milligrams of THC each. With seven gummies in the package, the dosing of Gemmies lets you genuinely customize how much you want to consume. This particular flavor is sour blue raspberry, although you can also get other flavors. 

Indica Cara-Melts by Twisted Extracts

For those who prefer their edibles to be caramels, these Indica Cara-Melts are a delicious choice. Each of the eight caramels included in the bag has 10 milligrams of THC from an indica extract. This edible is recommended for use at the end of the day to help you relax. 

Mango Jelly Bomb by Twisted Extracts

These Mango Jelly Bombs are an incredibly popular choice for those who want their edibles to contain just THC. Each gummy has 10 milligrams of THC, and there are eight gummies in the packaging. This makes it easy to select your ideal dose while enjoying the fruity, tropical flavor. The gummy gets its THC from a sativa-dominant extract. 

Mint Chocolate Bar by Mary’s Medibles

For those who prefer the flavor of chocolate in their edibles, consider this Mint Chocolate Bar. You will enjoy the delicious taste of chocolate, and each bar has 300 milligrams of THC. The THC comes from an indica strain, and the bar includes break-lines to make dosing and portion control a breeze. 

StarLits by SeC

Yet another popular choice for those who enjoy gummies is these StarLits. This is an excellent choice for those who want a higher dose of THC since each gummy has an impressive 150 milligrams of it. As such, the package has two gummies, so keep that in mind when purchasing. Given the price and the fact that the package includes 300 milligrams of THC, it is a great value. You will love the peaches and cream flavor as well. 

Watermelon Halley’s Comet Jelly Bomb by Twisted Extracts

Watermelon Halley’s Comet Jelly Bomb by Twisted Extracts

Yet another choice from Twisted Extracts, these Watermelon Halley’s Comet Jelly Bombs are delicious and provide you with both THC and CBD. The name comes from the fact that they use an extract from the sativa-dominant strain of Halley’s Comet. That strain has naturally high CBD and THC levels, so you get a 1-1 ratio of CBD and THC, with 40 milligrams of each in the package. With eight gummies included, this means you get five milligrams of each CBD and THC per gummy. 


Choosing any edible on this list will give you a safe and delicious way to consume your cannabis. Just select the product(s) that best meet your dosing requirements and flavor preferences. 

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