Strain Review: Pink Bubba

Pink Bubba Strain Review

Browsing through different cannabis strains online is extremely fun, with such a great abundance of flowers to select from. But when you stumble upon a strain like Pink Bubba, you just know you can’t miss out on adding it to your cart.  And the sooner you do it, the better. The Pink Bubba marijuana strain is a rare indica-dominant strain that holds the 80/20 ratio between the indica and sativa.

Marked by its almost tranquilizing body high and remarkable stress-relieving properties, this flower is a great companion for both recreational and medical consumers alike. Pink Bubba’s nature makes it a decent pick for evening and nighttime use. On top of that, it offers a unique and full-bodied fragrance that makes many cannaisseurs fall in love with it from the first waft.

In today’s strain review, we shed more light on Pink Bubba. You’ll learn about its origins, cannabinoid profile, effects, medical benefits, and safety measures you should take if you’re sensitive to the psychoactive properties of THC.

The Origins of Pink Bubba

Pink Bubba is a crossbred hybrid whose genetic heritage involves two of the most popular OG Kush descendants — Pink Kush and Bubba Kush. The Pink Kush strain gives Pink Bubba its strong euphoric effects and earthy fragrance, while Bubba Kush is responsible for Pink Bubba’s high THC content and a nice twist of floral notes in the aroma.

THC Levels in Pink Bubba

If you enjoy high-THC strains, then you’re in for a real treat with Pink Bubba. Its THC content has been measured at around 25%, so it can pack a psychoactive punch. Interestingly, this indica-dominant hybrid also comes with valuable levels of CBD, reaching up to 2%. Thanks to this ratio of THC to CBD, the high from Pink Bubba isn’t overwhelming, even when consumed in higher amounts. However, if you don’t have any prior experience with high-THC varieties, we suggest that you start with less potent buds. THC Levels in Pink Bubba

Pink Bubba: Appearance, Aromas, and Flavors

To say that Pink Bubba’s bag appeal is alluring is a big understatement. This strain grows medium to large-sized buds that have a spherical structure and are tightly packed together. The flowers are bright green and yellowish, generously sprinkled with dark rust-colored hairs (pistils). In some phenotypes, these hairs exhibit shades of pink. The buds of Pink Bubba are beautifully finished with a sticky layer of snow-white trichomes, which only adds more appeal to this strain. Pink Bubba is an extremely pungent flower, so it’s better suited for those sessions when you shouldn’t be afraid of turning some heads around. The aromas of Pink Bubba are filled with distinctive notes of pine and delicate floral undertones that become intense as you smoke the bud. Flavor-wise, the Pink Bubba strain extends its floral notes, adding an intriguing layer of sweetness. On the inhale, it notifies the user immediately of wood and roasted earth, slowly transferring into a refreshing smoke filled with fragrances of pine on the exhale.

The Effects of Pink Bubba

Pink Bubba provides quite a unique set of effects, especially when you consider its THC content. This hybrid is more of a creeper; it won’t overwhelm you with its psychoactive properties immediately. Rather, you should be able to feel them coming steadily within a few minutes after inhalation. Expect a nice euphoric mindset with an unparalleled sensation of bliss later on.  In addition, Pink Bubba can induce a strong case of the munchies, as the euphoria stimulates your appetite, so we recommend preparing some food ahead if you don’t want to devour everything that comes within the range of your hands. As the high continues, you will feel the potent effects due to Pink Bubba’s pure indica nature. On top of inspiration, the strain will start to exhibit powerful body-focused effects that induce a mellow vibe followed by a physical heaviness and periods of couch-lock.  For best effects, we suggest that you start with smaller doses to see how the potency of Pink Bubba affects your mind.

Medical Benefits of Pink Bubba

Although very popular among recreational consumers, Pink Bubba carries a high (that pun, though!) medicinal value. Medical marijuana patients appreciate this flower for its exceptional CBD content despite high concentrations of THC. Pink Bubba relieves stress and improves mood, making it a decent tool for coping with chronic stress, anxiety, and depression. This strain also has strong painkilling properties and is recommended for easing different kinds of pains, aches, and muscle spasms. Due to its appetite-stimulating properties, Pink Bubba can prove beneficial for those suffering from nausea, anorexia, and different sorts of eating disorders. Although Pink Bubba isn’t known for making the eyes droopy with drowsiness, it still has significant sedating effects, especially when consumed in higher doses. These qualities are particularly valuable for insomniacs, helping them fall asleep with ease and spend more time in the deep sleep stage. Medical Benefits of Pink Bubba

What Are the Side Effects of the Pink Bubba Marijuana Strain?

The two most common side effects of consuming too much of Pink Bubba include dry mouth and dry, red eyes. Due to its high levels of THC, Pink Bubba is more likely to interfere with the saliva production in your mouth. You can deal with these side effects by staying well hydrated before, during, and after consumption. For red eyes, we recommend buying regular eye drops — they will balance the moisture and help you get rid of the bloodshot eye effect. Extremely excessive use of the Pink Bubba strain can result in a “green out.” This term refers to having mild headaches and feeling dizzy from taking too much THC. It may also slightly elevate your anxiety if you’re particularly sensitive to the psychoactive effects of marijuana.

Final Thoughts on Pink Bubba

A truly unique blend of two potent Kush strains, Pink Bubba is a popular choice among indica cannabis users and is probably best suited for evening use and before bed time. The high from Pink Bubba includes a combination of body-melting effects and a dreamy euphoric mood.

What’s your experience with the Pink Bubba marijuana strain? Do you agree with our review?

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