Top 3 Best Detox Drinks for Drug Test

Top 3 Best Detox Drinks for Drug Test

The world is warming up to the idea of marijuana and appreciating its many properties. But, not all places appreciate a good buzz. In some workplaces, employees must undergo drug tests, especially if their jobs involve heavy machinery. Besides your job, many other situations may call for a drug test, and when this happens, you must ace the test.

Most drug tests involve urinalysis. Urinalysis involves testing your urine for weed metabolites. Metabolites are the by-products that come from your body, processing a substance. After consuming marijuana, the levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in your bloodstream increase immediately. The body then works to eliminate the THC, and as it does that, the residual substances are the metabolites.

The problem with weed is that it tends to remain in your system for longer than any other recreational drug. Even though you used it for a few hours or minutes, marijuana may take weeks, sometimes months, to be flushed out. The body processes marijuana quite differently. Also, being a fat-soluble drug, marijuana binds to the body’s fats and is only released after the body metabolises the fat, which may take a while. As such, having clean urine can be quite tricky for a regular marijuana user.

The Amount of THC in the Body

The quantity of THC in your blood depends on some factors. The first is the frequency of marijuana consumption. Are you smoking every day, every other day, or once a week? When you smoke, do you only take one joint or a few? The more frequently you smoke cannabis, the more THC in your system. It all attaches to the fat tissue in your body.

Given that THC attaches to the fat, it follows then that the more extensive the fat tissue in the body, the greater the THC content attached. People with a high body fat ratio might also find getting rid of marijuana difficult. That said, people have different metabolic rates to break down the THC. Exercising breaks down the fat faster and often pushes the THC back to the bloodstream more. However, this is not to say that you should not exercise. Only slow down your work out when nearing the drug test.

The third factor determining the THC amount in your system is the type of cannabis you are consuming. It could be cannabis concentrates or flower buds. The quality of the cannabis strain also matters. High-quality cannabis has a high THC content, and that concentration translates to your body.

How Long Will THC Remain in Your Body

How Long Will THC Remain in Your Body?

THC metabolites have a half-life of seven days, which means that the body will get rid of 50 percent of the metabolites every seven days. The fat cells continue releasing THC metabolites until the content is all released. However, they release it back to the bloodstream, and the chances of being absorbed back are high. For this reason, the best cleansing technique to take up is one that cleanses the blood through your kidneys and your cells through the lymphatic system.

THC cannabinoids tend to linger in the body for up to two days after consumption for occasional users. People who consume weed every day can expect it to last in the system longer. Regular users may be free of the metabolites in three to four weeks, sometimes more.

Top 3 Best Detox Drinks

When looking for drinks to detox, avoid detox programs, kits, and pills. Take up a healthy natural option. We recommend the following three natural drinks:

1. Lemon Water

Lemon juice is a preferred detox drink courtesy of its acidic properties. It is also quite delicious. Add a tablespoon of it to half a litre of plain water, and you have yourself a tasty citrus punch. The lemon also fills the water with vitamins. Fortunately, even for detox, you do not have to squeeze an entire lemon into your glass of water. Extract a tablespoon of juice and pour it into 16 ounces of water. Sip into it for the next couple of hours or so. When that is done, prepare some more lemon water and drink. Drink the juice at least eight times a day in the days before your test. Have a water bottle at hand and keep refilling it when it goes empty. Also, at this time, do not take any weed. Give your body enough time to flash out the THC.

Lemon juice works well, cleaning your system thoroughly. It is like applying some soap to a patch of grease. However, just like you do during cleaning, you must take up the shampoo method to clean the body. Keep drinking the lemon water, sanitise your body repeatedly in the days before the test and on the D-day.

Cranberry Juice

2. Cranberry Juice

On the list of detox drinks that work well for weed consumers, cranberry juice is at the top. It is one of the oldest and popular detox methods. Before companies started manufacturing detox drinks, this was the go-to detox option. Unlike manufactured detox drinks, this one does not mask the THC in your system. It naturally pulls out the THC and its metabolites in a short time, and as thoroughly as possible. Unfortunately, many people do not take cranberry juice for weed detox today, but only because the cranberry juice in many stores is processed. It is laden with sugar and other chemicals that reduce its potency. For detox purposes, use the 100 percent pure stuff.

The best way to take cranberry juice is to add it to a tone of water. Even better, add it to a sports drink or something else with electrolytes. Increased fluid in your body will cause you to pee more, and the more you pee, the more you flush toxins from your body. Some people take the detox process a notch higher and add some vitamin-B supplement pills in the cranberry juice water. The vitamin adds colour to your watered-down pee. The more fluids you take in, the clearer your piss gets. However, with the vitamin B, your urine will take on the natural colour and look less suspicious.

During the cleanse, you will not only appreciate the detoxing properties of cranberry juice. It also positively affects various processes and conditions in your body. Cranberry juice brings down the symptoms of urinary tract infection in its early stages. The juice also flushes out any toxins in the lymphatic system, kidneys, and the intestines.

Start taking cranberry juice seven days before the scheduled drug test to enjoy all its positive effects.

3. Water

Water is a universal cleansing liquid. Seeing that it is added to cranberry and lemon juice to flush out toxins makes sense to turn to it as a detoxing drink. Some people do not like the sour lemon taste. The acidic nature of the juice may also negatively affect your digestive system. For cases like these, you may opt to keep it simple: just drink some plain old water. The advantage of using water is that you do not have to keep drinking too much of it in the days and weeks before your test. It would only waste your time and rid you of useful electrolytes. The best way is to drink the only recommended 2-3 litres of water every day and adjust this amount on the test day. Start with at least 2 litres and work your way up from there. Be careful not to exceed your limits.

Water is the ideal detox drink for when they decide to spring up a test on you. If you receive notice of a test coming up in an hour or two after consuming marijuana, get to drinking water immediately. The aim here is to dilute your pee so much so that it has little or no traces of creatinine. Be careful not to use the bathroom before the test. Do not wet your pants either. Once you catch hold of your urine cup, gush as much of the diluted urine as needed. The urine might be so clear and transparent, and those carrying out the test may get suspicious. If they do, act like you drink plenty of water all the time. Most health enthusiasts do. If they don’t, you pass the test.

If the lab technicians becoming suspicious could get you into trouble, cut the suspicion early enough. Purchase vitamin B pills and creatine supplements. Vitamin B turns your pee yellow. Vitamins B-2 and Vitamin -12 appear to be the most effective for doing this. Therefore, pass by a drug store and purchase some 50 or 100 mg vitamin B capsules some hours to the test. Creatinine is a chemical waste product that is the outcome of muscle metabolism. Creatinine occurs naturally in the human body and is used in tests to determine whether you have diluted your urine. The drug has a 3-hour half-life, which means you should only take it on the test day, at least three hours before the test. You will find creatine supplements at your local healthcare store. Once taken in, the body breaks it down into creatinine, and the water flushes it out as urine. Do not take the recommended dose. Please take a little bit more so that it’s visible in the urine test.


Watch Your Consumption

Unfortunately, all these drinks and any other in the market offer you a way to mask or flush out some of the THC out of your system. There isn’t a foolproof method that can get you to beat all the drug tests all the time. The only sure way to get THC out of your system is when the body breaks down all the fat onto which the THC attaches. This may take some time because there’s no way to force the body’s metabolism, targeting only one THC product.

Some people seek to increase their success chances, and instead of one method only, they take a mixed approach. Although this may bring the odds in your favour, you must stop consuming weed some weeks before the test. Take lots of water and other natural diuretics to get your body drawing out as much THC as possible. Work out consistently to break some fat cells and release THC metabolites, except for the last 48 hours before the test. When the day of the drug test comes, cross your fingers, and hope for the best.

Another important hack is to avoid giving the first or the last end of your urine stream during the test. When asked to pee in the urine cup, avoid putting in the first and last “batch” as these parts have high amounts of metabolites. Get your urine sample from the “middle” of your urine stream. Start peeing, stop, take out your cup and put in the specimen, and finish peeing. Also, avoid giving your morning urine as it contains a high amount of THC metabolites. Give the urine from when you have taken lots of fluid as it will be more diluted.

Keep Your Diet Healthy

The importance of a healthy diet is often overlooked when detoxing. Avoid foods that have high sodium and sugar content. Most processed foods, red meat, and carbonated drinks fall into this category. They slow metabolism and make your body retain more water, the exact opposite of what the detox is aiming for. Instead, opt for a diet with a balance of fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, and lean meats. Green leafy veggies, in particular, have a high iron and vitamin content, which supports and increases metabolism. Healthy fibres like legumes, peanuts, beans, and whole wheat give you a boost in this period. A good diet helps to stabilise your mood and get you to sleep better. It also helps ease any possible withdrawal symptoms.

Lemon water, cranberry juice, and plain water increase the likelihood of passing a drug test. They flush out the marijuana and its metabolites from your system. A healthy diet and some exercise also make weed detoxification easier. For more information and clarification on these tips, contact Togo Weed directly on our website. Once your test is done, look out for our weed variety and some fantastic weekly deals and promotions.

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