How to Smoke Marijuana Without Rolling a Joint

How to Smoke Marijuana Without Rolling a Joint

When most people think of consuming marijuana, they think of a joint, some edibles, concentrates, and oils. But the problem with ingesting is that the effects don’t kick in soon enough, and when they do, it may be unintentionally strong. As such, most people like to smoke weed for an instant high. However, you run out of rolling paper sometimes. When this happens, try these ingenious ways to smoke marijuana. 

Use a Homemade Gravity Bong 

Ever thought of making a bong? Highly unlikely. It appears more convenient to buy than make one. But, when you don’t have papers to roll up a joint, a homemade bong will save you. 

A gravity bong is a favourite of stoners who enjoy taking a big hit and one of the earliest ways people used to smoke weed. You only use simple materials from your home, a little weed, and just like that, you’re stoned. 

To make a gravity bong, take a 2-litre bottle and a bowl or another container that has a larger volume. It could be a bucket, or you could halfway fill your kitchen sink with water. After assembling your tools, cut the bottom of your bottle and put it inside the bowl. Put the marijuana in the bottle cap and light it up. Lift the bottle to trap the smoke coming from the burning weed and inhale it. You have made a bong. 

Use Hot Knives

Use Hot Knives

The “hot knives” method is among the oldest and most popular ways to smoke cannabis when you lack a paper or pipe. Although it is quite simple, people are prone to accidents when using it, especially when they feel intoxicated. With this method, exercise caution, and when you feel yourself getting high, put down your tools. 

You will need two knives, cannabis, and a source of heat. Get a straw or roll up a sheet of paper that you will use to inhale the smoke. Although the straw is not necessary, it helps you avoid getting too close to the heat source. 

Turn on your gas or electric stove and allow it to come to a medium-hot temperature or flame. Hold your two knives with their blades resting on the heat source. It will only take a minute or two. Do not subject the knives’ handles to the heat, as this would damage them. Carefully place some cannabis on one of the hot knife blades, then use the other blade to press down the cannabis. Your sandwiched weed starts to smoke immediately. Grab your straw and begin to inhale that smoke.

The hot knives method remains popular because it is easy, and you can use it to smoke different types of cannabis, from flower buds to concentrates. 

Use a Chillum 

A chillum is a straight pipe shaped like a cone, with a channel that runs from one end to another. The pipe is made from clay. Chillums have been used for many years to smoke weed, as far back as the 18th century. Today, this old school tool is becoming a favourite in the weed community across the world. As the weed burns in the broader end, inhale the smoke from the smaller end. 

Use a Pipe

Use a Pipe

A pipe is the modern version of a chillum. Traditionally used to smoke tobacco, pipes have turned into essential tools in the marijuana community. Pipes are made out of wood, metal, and clay, and they come in different shapes and sizes. They are considered a trendy and cheap way to smoke weed. 

Glass pipes are trendy today because they are see-through and do not heat up as the metal ones do. Also, the glass is clean and does not affect the taste of marijuana. Although they are expensive and susceptible to breaking, the smoke’s cleanness and the cool designs they come in make glass pipes worth it. 

Smoking cannabis using a pipe is easy. Crumble the dried cannabis in your hand, and place it inside the pipe. Use your index finger to cover the little hole on the pipe. Now, get your lighter and flame up the weed. Inhale the smoke, and sit back to feel how it hits. 

Be careful how you position the lighter. It has to be at the top of the bowl until the weed can burn by itself. Also, do not put your mouth on the pipe and exhale. The gush of air you let out will send the weed flying out of the pipe. You will have wasted your precious buds. 

Use an Apple

Using an apple as a pipe is one of the easy and earliest ways to smoke. You only need a delicious apple, a pen, and a lighter. An apple is natural and makes for a better substitute than other methods involving aluminum and other toxic material. 

Start by twisting the stem of the apple. Just like that, you now have the natural bowl onto which you will put the weed. Take your pen or another utensil that can poke and carve out the apple bowl. Be careful not to go past halfway the apple because then, the chamber will not be airtight. Once the bowl is ready, poke another hole that goes to the surface of the apple. The new hole will be the mouthpiece. Make sure the new hole and the tunnel meet.

For the last step, beginning from the mouthpiece chamber, push the pen through the fruit. This final step is not obligatory, but it helps create airflow so that all the smoke can go through the mouthpiece. With your setup ready, place the weed on the bowl and light it. Some people line the bowl with aluminum and poke holes on it to let the smoke out. If you have some, you can do the same. 

Experiment with other fruits, like an avocado, pear, guava, or dragon fruit. Get creative. But avoid juicy fruits because they will spoil the flavour of your weed. Also, they may wet and waste a lot of it. 

When looking to get high, don’t let the lack of a rolling paper stop you. Take up one of these hacks and get buzzed. Visit Togo Weed for your weed supplies or to seek clarification on any of the methods discussed. Also, look out for our weekly deals and season sales.

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