Ways to Ingest Marijuana Without Smoking

Ways to Ingest Marijuana Without Smoking

As cannabis becomes more and more popular, more people want to use it without smoking it. Of course, smoking is still the most traditional method of using cannabis. You might remember the first time that you used it and you may have tried to determine how long to inhale it before coughing.

In the past, many people did not use marijuana because they did not like the idea of smoking it, but today, there are so many more options for using cannabis. That might make you more willing to try using it for yourself. From edibles to vaping, you can choose from lots of various methods, and each one comes with its benefits.


Vaping, or vaporising, can give you a high in the same amount of time that smoking does, but many people prefer this method because they see it as doing less damage to the lungs. It does not burn the herb, but it causes it to vaporise at a lower temperature.

Often, this can result in a better taste and be easier on the lungs. However, you will need to find a good vaporiser to get a quality hit. When you are choosing a vaporiser, you should look for a few things. It is important to have good temperature control, which lets you choose the heat that your flower will vaporise. That allows you to determine how hot you want each hit to be. Some people like cooler ones while others like something to warm them up.

A larger vaporiser might be good to use at home, but you may want something smaller if you want to use your weed on the go. And if you do not use cannabis all that often, you do not need to invest a lot in it. You will just want something that works.



If the idea of inhaling your cannabis is not at all appealing to you, you can simply ingest your cannabis instead. Edibles can give your body a high more than your brain, and if you make them correctly, they are delicious. You can simply make cannabutter and add that to any recipe or drink.

You can make or buy some cannabutter if you want to make your own edibles. And if you do not like the idea of trying to dose your own edibles, you can simply get some from your local dispensary. You can find everything from brownies to gummies to other types of candy. You might find cookies, lemonade, and crackers.

Edibles take longer to work than when you smoke, and you might not feel the effects at all at first. Just take the right dose and then wait a few hours before you have any more. If you do not, then you might have a strong high that you were not prepared for. One of the reasons that your high might be stronger is because your digestive system converts the THC into a chemical that is stronger and that hits you harder.

Remember, you will notice more psychoactive effects than if you were to smoke or vape your cannabis. It is best to start with a lower dose and then take a larger one the next time around.


These are highly popular for both CBD and THC, and they can be found easily. They are also easy to use. This is a liquid that has cannabis components infused in it, and there is also alcohol in it. You will place a few drops under your tongue, and it will become absorbed into your bloodstream immediately.

One reason that so many people like tinctures is that they can work fast, and it is easy to dose them. You can find them in many flavours and potencies, and some medical cannabis users choose to use them.

Cannabis Oils

Oils are yet another method of using liquids infused with cannabis. You will take them orally, but you can also find them in capsules. You can add the liquid kind to your drinks or foods. Remember that just like edibles, they will likely give your body a full high. They could take two hours or longer to affect you, so pay attention to the dosage that you are taking.



You might hear some negative or positive things when it comes to dabbing. You have to take some caution because of how potent it is. However, many people like this method since it offers a cleaner experience and you do not need to smoke.

When you dab, you will use a water pipe that has a heating element. This attachment will quickly vaporise your cannabis concentrate by using a butane torch. Because there is so much heat, you will have a very refined concentrate.

You might want to wait to dab until you have gotten some more experience using cannabis in its other forms. That is because the high can be so strong, and it might not be like anything you have experienced before.


Some people like to use ointments or topicals to try to relieve pain and inflammation in the joints or skin. The researchers have found that applying the ointments regularly may help with reducing localised soreness and pain. This also includes ointments with CBD that do not have THC, although the results can vary.

Topicals are also believed not to cause you to be psychoactive, which is because they do not enter your bloodstream. This is a good option if you have to undergo routine drug testing but want to try to relieve your pain. You can find everything from light oils to creams and you can apply them almost anywhere, as long as your skin is not broken.

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to finding cannabis alternatives, there are many out there to find. Whether you dislike the idea of smoking or feel that other options might be better for your lungs, looking into these options will help you find the right cannabis consumption method for you.

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