Best Ways to Store Your Weed Safely

To get started, you need to destroy the plastic bag. When it comes to cannabis, there is no true expiration date. There are many simple and easy techniques to help you prolong the shelf life of your weed. If done correctly, your marijuana can last you a long time and stay tasty if it’s properly stored away. Whether you get cannabis from your guy or buy weed online, we’ll give you a few tips on great ways to store weed.

Why no plastic bag?

Rule number one of ways to store your weed – get rid of that plastic bag! A plastic baggie is prone to being crushed. Also, they are not air tight. This will release precious terpenes and flavours, but at the same time let oxygen in to dry out our weed. This is a terrible way to store marijuana. Thank you!!!!

Glass is key

Like the first photo you saw, glass is one of the most popular and effective ways to store weed.  Airtight jars are our number one recommendation. Mason jars and also heremes clamp jars (the one’s with a clamp and rubber ring) are popular ways our users like to store marijuana. Having an air tight jar makes sure that oxygen is not present and doesn’t interact with your weed, but only when you open it occasionally to grab your weed.

The great thing is the flavours from your weed will stay in tact. Imagine the nice flavour of your Apple Pie sativa weed lingering inside the jar and staying trapped in that air tight jar! If you want to keep your weed fresh, this is one of the first things to get it into is a GLASS CONTAINER!

Size does matter!

The general rule of thumb is to get a container that your cannabis can fill up almost entirely. So when you order weed online Canada, make sure you know how about 3.5g, 28g, or a QP will approximately fill, and have a container ready to fill! The reason why is when you store marijuana in a larger container, you are allowing more oxygen into the container. As your supply starts to lower, we recommend that to store weed into smaller containers.

Enter The Darkness

A simple tip for ways to store your weed is to keep it away from sunlight, ideally in a dark place. The sunlight can really damage your herbs. After picking up or getting weed delivery, put it in your container and then store that container in a cupboard or closet ideally, somewhere that is hidden away from sunlight.

Humidity and Temperature

The general rule of thumb is to store weed under 21 degrees Celsius (70F). If the room or storage is too hot, mold can be an issue to worry about! Keep your weed fresh by trying to get your weed around 60% humidity. Although this is hard to control, humidity packs such as boveda or integra may help you, especially when you order weed online Canada. They will help with freshness when you store marijuana, or restore dry weed that you may have received!


Keep away from the fridge and freezer

Some people may say that leaving your cannabis in the fridge or freezer are good ways to store weed. WRONG! The humidity and temperature fluctuations are too much for weed to handle. Freezing marijuana will make it easy to break and THC trichomes may fall off, which is extremely precious!

Store your weed separately

Make sure to separate everything when you store marijuana. If you have hybrid weed like GSC and another strain like Blue Dream – you don’t want to mix the two. Every strain has unique terpenes and characteristics and separating them in different containers is a good way to maintain its uniqueness and terpene profile.

Keep out of reach of children

Just out of formality, please keep it in a place where children and underaged minors cannot reach or easily access your cannabis. If you buy weed online and it gets delivered, be sure to take care of it right away and put it away safely away from any kids.

Start your collection

Now that we have provided you some simple and easy ways to store weed, take the step and properly store marijuana. Start your jar collection with little tape labels on them! Have nice glass jars that fit one ounce (28g) when you buy weed online, you are ready! Have a few hydration packs ready to rehydrate weed that wasn’t stored correctly.

Along with your new storage collection, you will notice that your weed will be fresher and have more flavour. This will also save you money and enjoy high-quality cannabis. Buy weed online today and try it out today!



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