How to Share a Joint Without Sharing Germs

How to Share a Joint Without Sharing Germs

Sharing a joint with your friends is a fun way to enjoy getting high together. But it is not always easy to do so without getting each other’s germs, as well. And today, you are probably more concerned than usual about sharing your germs.

Of course, if you know you are sick, you should wait until you have recovered until you pass around a joint. But you might have a virus for several days or weeks and not even know it. The same is true for your friend. So, you will want to be careful, even if you both feel fine. The trick is to use your hands and make a chamber to draw in the smoke. 

What Is a Joint?

If you are newer to using cannabis, you might not know what the differences are among the different smoking options. A joint is a way of smoking cannabis, and on the inside, you have only marijuana. There are no other additives or fillers. It can be any strain you like or even a combination of strains. 

You will want to avoid getting spliffs and joints mixed up since they can be similar. But the main difference is that a spliff has both tobacco and cannabis. 

You roll a joint or spliff up in cigarette or rolling paper. There are many different materials available for rolling papers. For instance, you can get everything from an exotic rice paper to a standard wood pulp one. Of course, there are also hemp papers available, which many people believe is a more natural substitute. Each brand and type of paper has different characteristics, including the flavour, thickness, rollability, burn length, and size. Experimenting with different brands and types will help you learn which one you like the best.


In the past, joints were only light tan or white. This the way that the papers were made for people, and no one really noticed that. But today, you can also find different patterns. Light tan and white are still the most popular two colours, but you can also find colours like gray, gold, or polka-dotted. You can even find clear rolling papers.

What Is a Joint


You can get many rolling papers in 7-centimetre lengths. When you roll them, they look like a cigarette. But they can also be thicker or thinner, depending on what kind of paper you used and the amount of cannabis that is inside of it. 


There are also many potential flavours for your joint, and this will come from the strain that you use to roll it. That is because you usually won’t find flavoured rolling papers, allowing you to experience the taste of the joint without it being affected by the rolling paper. Of course, you can still find some flavoured papers out there.

Smoking Your Joint 

Start by placing the end of the weed joint that is not burning in your ring and little fingers. This is the end that would normally go in your mouth. Now, move your hand in a circular motion so that your thumb touches your index finger’s fingernail.

The other hand should be in a cuplike shape, bent at the knuckles. Now, bring your two hands together. Your cupped hand should cover the open part of the hand that is in a circle. The fingers of your cupped hand should touch the little finger of your circled hand. 

The end goal is to make a chamber with a circular opening that is facing you. Your mouth will go over this hole so you can suck. Make sure that your fingers are very close together. That way, no air will come in, and when you take a hit, the smoke will come through your hands and into your mouth. It might take a bit of experimentation to get this step right. 

It ends up being a fairly easy method of smoking without actually putting the joint in your mouth. Nothing that has been in someone else’s mouth will go into your own. Of course, it is important to wash or at least sanitize your hands before you start this step. If you take a hit through your dirty hands, this method will not be very helpful. It is a good idea to also wash your hands or sanitize them after passing the joint off to someone else.

Getting Your Own Joint

Getting Your Own Joint

If coronavirus cases are going up in your area or you just want to be extra careful, you can each have your own joint to smoke. That way, you can also practice social distancing measures. Of course, giving each person their own joint will require you to have enough weed on hand. 

One way you can divide up the weed is to make a few joints but not enough for the entire group. Then, you can have just a couple of people share a joint and skip passing the joint around to the group. That way, you reduce your potential exposure to germs, and you can still have enough cannabis to go around.

Etiquette When Sharing a Joint

Whether there is a pandemic, it is a good idea to follow some basic rules of etiquette before starting on your shared joint. Avoid lighting it until the host gives an OK. If you are bringing your own stash, don’t be offended if they ask questions about it, like where it came from and what the strain is. 

If you are smoking with roommates, there should be ground rules. Make sure that you have a good separation between a common stash for everyone and people’s personal stashes. Everything should be labeled clearly. 

If you are attending a party, it is appropriate to bring some weed as a host gift.

Closing Thoughts

Sharing a joint can be a great way to enjoy a few hits of cannabis, and it is still possible to do so without getting sick. By following the right steps, you will be well on your way to enjoying the cannabis experience with your friends or family members.

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