THC Distillate: The Purest Cannabis Product

THC Distillate The Purest Cannabis Product

If you are looking for pure cannabis products, then THC distillate might be for you. The cannabis market is bigger than ever today because so many people are using this fun substance. Plus, countries like Canada have legalized the recreational use of marijuana. Here’s what you need to know about THC distillates.

About Distillates

To understand distillates, it is important for you to understand more about the distillation process. Think of it as purifying the cannabis. The basic process involves heating the liquid, collecting its vapours, and using a temperate difference to collect the vapours and turn them into a liquid. 

This means that distillation involves using the different boiling points of the components to separate the parts. First, the producer will extract the substance. This involves taking a raw material and taking out unrefined cannabis oil from it. That might be done with alcohol, hydrocarbon, or carbon dioxide. 

A solvent is the solution that they use to take out the cannabis oil. Each method has its benefits, and the amount that needs to be extracted, as well as the producer’s budget, will determine which method is best for the extraction method. 

Once the cannabis oil is extracted, distillation happens next. A variety of methods might be used, such as fractional or simple distillation. 

Components of Distillates

These substances have phytocannabinoids in them, which are active components of the plant. Distillates offer recreational and potential medicinal advantages. While there are around 120 phytocannabinoids, the most commonly known and used ones are CBD and THC

There are more than 100 different kinds of terpenes, and you can think of them as kind of like essential oils. They have a strong aroma, and each strain of marijuana has a unique combination of them. Terpenes may enhance the effects of the cannabinoids, which is why they are currently being researched. 

You might find around 200 different bioactive components in the marijuana plant. But only about 20 different kinds of flavonoids have been identified in the plant. Flavonoids make up around 10 percent of the bioactive components. Different strains will have slightly different ratios of flavonoids, and this ratio combines with the terpenes to make each strain have a different smell and taste. 

Every one of these parts of the cannabis plant has different boiling points, so they can be collected as they boil and then combined again at the end. That way, a producer can put in just what they want and leave the rest out. 

What Is Distillate

What Is Distillate?

Now that you know a bit more about how the process works, you might be wondering what defines it as a distillate. For example, a THC distillate has a high level of THC in it. On the other hand, with a CBD distillate, there are very high levels of CBD. Often, there is only one phytocannabinoid in a distillate since it is so concentrated. THC oil alone has a THC level of 60 to 80 percent. Once it has become a distillate, the THC level goes up to around 90 to 99 percent. 

This is a very powerful product. That is why THC distillate is so popular today. Because there are no terpenes or flavonoids left in it, the finished product has no flavour, odour, or colour. This makes the product highly versatile. 

Both medicinal and recreational users like distillates. If you take a CBD distillate, you will not be intoxicated because CBD does not make the user feel intoxicated. Sometimes, THC distillate is called The Pure or The Clear because of its pure nature. It has no waxes, fats, chlorophyll, plant matter, or solvents in it. 

A high-quality distillate will be transparent and clear. But some producers will add flavonoids and terpenes to the product. That can give the distillate a more refined taste. Remember that the flavonoids and terpenes are more delicate than the cannabinoids. So, the distillation process will usually destroy the terpenes and flavonoids before the product has vaporized. But with fractional distillation, the producer can separate the delicate components and then add them back in later on.

Kinds of Distillates

A full-spectrum distillate has all of the compounds preserved in it. This has the full spectrum of the plant in it. With isolate, there is only one cannabinoid, such as THC or CBD, in it. This is the only ingredient in the final product. Each one can offer you different effects, so it wouldn’t hurt to experiment with both.

Advantages of Using Distillate

There are many reasons that distillate is such a popular product. Its advantages make it one of the most desirable forms of marijuana.

Advantages of Using Distillate

It Is Pure

There are no undesirable materials, such as chlorophyll, in distillate. Chlorophyll can have a very bitter taste for people. Plus, the pure plant might have lipids, terpenes, waxes, or even solvent in it. Luckily, you can avoid having all of these substances by using a distillate. 

To become so pure, many steps must be taken. Some companies do winterization before the actual distillation process. Winterization will involve putting the raw marijuana material, or biomass, into an alcohol solvent.

The whole mixture will be frozen, which is where the winterization name came from. When it is frozen, the heaviest parts of the mixture — the lipids, waxes, and chlorophyll — will move to the bottom. After this process, the remaining substance is known as crude oil and is about 60 percent pure.

After winterization, the producer might use fractional or short-path distillation to purify this crude oil. It is important to remember that many cannabinoids have high boiling points compared to other components. THC will vaporize at 157 degrees Celsius, while CBD will vaporize at 160 or 180 degrees Celsius.

Because of the high boiling points, these will be the last components to be vaporized from the solution that the producer began with. Distillation just uses matter’s different phases to vaporize the components and condense them.

High Potency

If you were to use cannabis flowers, they might have a potency of around 15 to 20 percent. But some distillates are almost 100 percent pure. That is why newer cannabis users should be more careful when it comes to distillates. You should establish a tolerance before deciding to go with a distillate. 

Both Medicinal and Recreational Users Like it

Both THC and CBD distillates are available in today’s growing cannabis market. THC distillate is most commonly used by recreational users. CBD can be calming and pleasant, but THC is what causes euphoria. CBD distillate may offer some potential advantages for medicinal users. But even medicinal users can use THC distillate, especially those who have serious health conditions. 

It Is a Discreet Method of Using Cannabis

Since there is no odour, colour, or taste to distillate, it is easy to use it without bringing on any unwanted attention. Smoking a marijuana flower can be extremely pungent, and the smell can linger on hair and clothing for many hours after. Even though cannabis is legal in places like Canada, not everyone wants to announce to the world that they are using marijuana. 

But distillate is easy to quickly use with no one being the wiser. Plus, you only have to take a bit for it to take effect. You can use it at social gatherings or even your workplace if you are allowed to. 

It Has No Impurities

It Has No Impurities 

Distillate is free of solvents. That is important because some of the solvents can be extremely harsh, and some people believe solvents can cause cancer. The hydrocarbons, like propane and butane, are not always the best to use. But you can easily put your distillate in a vape pen and avoid inhaling smoke or tar when you combust it.

You Get Immediate Effects

Since you are basically taking pure THC, your body will almost instantly absorb it into the bloodstream. Many medicinal users choose to take it since they want to try for instant relief from different health conditions that might cause pain or anxiety.

What Is the Best Way to Take THC Distillate?

There are many ways that you can use THC distillate, and they are only limited by your imagination. The effects that you want to get out of it will determine the method that you choose for consumption.


You can find a vape pen to vaporize liquid marijuana to avoid combusting it. Some people believe that it is not always good for the lungs to inhale the plant material and the smoke. But if you find a high-quality distillate, it will be both potent and pure enough that you can use it in a vape pen. 

You can choose full-spectrum distillate if you want to take advantage of the entourage effects. Isolate can also be used. Remember that this substance is powerful, so you will want to use it accordingly.


Dabbing is a highly powerful method of consuming THC. This is very similar to vaping, but you will take a waxy form of the distillate and place it on a hot surface, such as a bong. If you are new to using distillates, you might want to wait a bit before trying this method. 


Spliffs or Joints

Some cannabis enthusiasts and consumers like to use classic methods. You can always add your distillate to pure marijuana plant matter to make a joint. If you want to make a spliff, you can add it to both tobacco and cannabis. Remember that a typical joint has about 12 to 25 percent THC. Once you add in pure THC distillate, the levels might be closer to 100 percent. 

Orally or Using Edibles

THC distillate is pure, so you can always add it to a tincture and place it below your tongue. This is known as taking it sublingually. Remember that under your tongue, there are many capillaries and mucous membranes that can easily absorb the THC into your bloodstream. 

Even if there are flavonoids or terpenes in the distillate, you will not notice the taste by doing it this way. You can also place the distillate in your edibles. Remember that cannabis is fat-soluble, which means you will want to add it to an ingredient that has fat in it. Oil or butter can both be used, and then you can add this to your favourite recipe. 

Remember that you might not want to heat it too much since that can cause it to be less effective. Instead of putting it a baked good and cooking it in a hot oven, you might want to use your cannabis butter to make icing with sugar and cocoa powder. Then, put the icing on your brownies to make them extra delicious. No matter how you use distillates in your edibles, one of the advantages is that if you get one without any terpenes or flavonoids added, a distillate does not have a flavour to it. That way, you do not need to worry about your edible tasting a little off. 

Should You Make Your Own Distillate

Should You Make Your Own Distillate?

If you take distillates and like them, you might be wondering if you would do well with making your own. The setup requires quite an investment. In fact, it might cost you several thousand dollars to get the basic setup. If you want a more advanced setup, you might end up spending a lot more. Making distillates also involves working with both fires and burners. You cannot leave the setup unsupervised. For these reasons, you would probably be better off buying distillate instead of making your own.

Closing Thoughts

If you want to try a stronger marijuana product, consider using a THC distillate. This is not for newcomers to cannabis since it is so strong. If you have not used a distillate before, remember that just a little bit will go a long way. Consider setting aside a day to experiment with it, so you do not have to worry about other responsibilities. 

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