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Why Edibles Are so Different

It is vital for you to understand why edibles are different from other products. The differences can affect both your experience and the right dosage. Edibles are unique because of how your body processes and absorbs them. When you vape or smoke, your lungs will absorb the cannabis. However, with edibles, the digestive system does the work of absorbing the marijuana in that edible. This difference majorly impacts your experience. An edible will kick in slower than any other kind of marijuana. Plus, they tend to last for a longer time in your body, and the experience might be more intense. They often become more intense over time.

The Strength of the Effects

Many people find that after using an edible, the effects are more potent than when they use other methods of consumption. These users often find that edibles offer them a body high, giving them more psychoactive effects. You might be wondering why the results are different for edibles. The research has found that your body might process the edibles differently during digestion. The cannabinoid Delta-9-THC might be converted into 11-hydroxy-THC as the THC goes through your digestive system. It is thought that 11-hydroxy-THC is an even more potent type of THC. It would make sense that having more of this in your body might cause you to experience more psychoactive effects, and as such, it would affect your entire body. Because edibles can have more potent effects than with other methods of consumption, many users prefer to have a smaller dosage of edibles. If you are trying them for the first time, this is important for you to remember. Even if you know how much THC works for you when you are vaping, that can vary quite a bit when you are using edibles.

The Right Number of Edibles to Eat

The right dose for you will depend on several factors, such as your body chemistry, tolerance, and what kind of experience you want to have. However, there are a few guidelines that might help you when it comes to finding the right cannabis dose. These are usually measured in milligrams.

1 to 2.5 Milligrams of THC Edibles

The effects of this small dose may offer more focus and creativity. Some people use a dose of this size to try to reduce anxiety or stress, as well as pain. This is a good choice if you are using cannabis for the first time, or you want to try to micro-dose.

2.5 to 15 Milligrams of THC Edibles

This is a more potent dose that may help some users with relieving anxiety and pain symptoms. For some users, it might impair their coordination and offer some euphoria. This is considered to be a standard dose for recreational users as well. It is the right choice if you want to try to get a better night’s sleep.

30 to 50 Milligrams of THC Edibles

The effects of a dose within this range will give you more substantial euphoric effects. It can significantly impair your perception and coordination. If you have a high tolerance to THC, this might be a good option, and many people whose digestive systems do not absorb THC well choose a dose of this strength.

50 to 100 Milligrams of THC Edibles

This size of a dose can strongly impair your perception and coordination. It may also have some potentially unpleasant side effects if you are not used to using it. These effects might include an increased heart rate, pain, and nausea. However, if you have an extremely high tolerance to THC, you may need to take this much to feel effects. Medical cannabis users who have cancer or inflammatory disorders might also try to choose this much.