Strain Review: Gelato

Gelato Strain Review

Gelato is a hybrid marijuana strain. It is one of the stronger types of cannabis, and many people know it for its flavours of orange and blueberry. Cookie Farm Genetics in California bred this strain, which is a cross between the Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet strains.

Even though it both tastes and smells sweet, this strain will get you very high. If you have not used cannabis much in the past, you may want to start out with something lighter. The high percentage of THC can make you high as soon as you consume it and hit you hard. Sometimes, it can hit you before you have even exhaled it. If you are looking for a boost to your normal marijuana consumption, this might be the strain for you.

Popularity of Gelato Weed

Many users like this type of cannabis because of its potent effects. It is a combination of both relaxation and euphoria, creating a unique ride for users. Sometimes this strain is known as “Larry Bird,” a basketball player who most likely did not smoke weed. He was considered one of the best shooters, leading his team to three championships in the NBA. This is considered an honour by the pot community. The reason people nicknamed the strain this is because Gelato is known as phenotype number 33, which was Larry Bird’s number.

Visual Appearance 

When you are looking at Gelato weed, you will notice its unique appearance. The buds on this plant are smaller than other strains. Despite its small size, its looks are intriguing to many users. The buds are generally a dark purple colour with bright orange hairs. It is usually coated in crystal resin.

The purple colour is because of high levels of pigments known as anthocyanins. When the plant is in the vegetative stage, cold weather stimulates the pigments. Because the stalks on the trichomes are short, the strain does not have a very frosty appearance. 

Visual Appearance


Once the strain has been properly cured, you will notice a citrusy scent. This happens because of one of the parent strains, Sunset Sherbet. Surprisingly, you may also detect a doughy or yeasty scent. You will note an earthy scent when you break or grind the buds. 

The smoke is thick, and some users find that it seems to make their lungs expand. It will leave a creamy, soft sensation behind. Keep in mind that the smoke is very pungent, so if you are trying to be discreet about your cannabis use, you should take precautions.

Effects of Gelato

The effects of this strain can be anything from paranoia to euphoric to dizziness. Because of the wide range of effects, you will want to go easy if you are using it for the first time. The level of THC in this can be overwhelming if you are not prepared. Generally, the levels of THC are around 20 percent, although sometimes this can be as much as 25 percent. 

This is considered to be a very high level of THC. The average strain has only about 13 percent of THC in it. While there are stronger strains, you should keep the high levels of THC in mind when using this.

There also is not much CBD to balance out the THC. The levels of CBD are only about 0.1 percent, although it can be as much as 1.59 percent. However, it can make you feel happier and more relaxed. You can feel creative and uplifted, although if you take too much, you might suffer from paranoia, have dry eyes or mouth, or have a headache.

The most noticeable effect is that it can alter the way you perceive your surroundings. As soon as you inhale this smoke, you will need to quickly adapt to the new intensity.

You will find that this is a great strain to use with your friends. The high you experience leans toward indica. This is because the structure is similar to indica strains, as it is both dense and thick. The instant effects of this strain will give you a buzz that does not encourage strenuous activity. However, you’ll still be mobile. 

Some users of Gelato note that they have psychedelic effects, such as sensitivity to sound or the feeling that time passes quickly. You may feel like you are comfortably floating, making it good for use in the daytime or evening.

How to Use Gelato

How to Use Gelato

Creators of concentrates such as shatter often choose this strain because of the taste and effects. You may also be able to find Gelato in vape cartridges. These often sell well because of how well-known it is.

You can also try this strain as an edible. However, no matter what strain you use for your edibles, the flavour will be the same because you mix it with many other ingredients. That means you may want to consider a less expensive variety for your cookies or brownies. If you want to use Gelato for edibles, you may want to use the leftovers after vaping and mix it with an oil, such as butter.

Growing Gelato

You can’t find Gelato seeds to grow your own plants. However, if you are interested in growing Gelato, you should look for plant trimmings to propagate. It can be a difficult strain to grow, however, so if you are a beginner, you may want to get started with something else.

If you grow the plants outdoors, you will need consistent, humid, warm conditions. It is easier to control the growth indoors, and the medium-high plants are not too large. If you want to bring out the purple hue of the plants, you should expose them to a colder temperature just before they flower. That way, you can stimulate the anthocyanin pigments.

Closing Thoughts

Gelato offers a combination of earthiness and fruitiness. The bold taste and look give this strain a unique appeal for many users. It offers a fun, yet relaxing experience. Whether you are going solo or socializing with friends, you can enjoy this strain.

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