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How to Dose Edibles

How to Dose Edibles

There are many edible kinds of marijuana, including capsules, tablets, and of course, food items. These can produce safe and long-lasting effects. However, they are also a bit more likely to leave you with unpleasant overconsumption symptoms or unwanted effects. Of course, the dose will determine whether you have a pleasant experience or end up […]

Marijuana 101: Calculating How Much THC Is in Your Homemade Edibles

Calculating How Much THC Is in Your Homemade Edibles

When it comes to using cannabis, you might accidentally take too much if you do not understand how to calculate the amount of THC in a serving. You will also want to know just how THC affects your body. However, considering how popular edibles are, there is not a whole lot of information about the […]

How Much THC Is in This Chocolate?

How Much THC Is in This Chocolate

When Canada made cannabis legal in 2018, many people started to enjoy edibles that contain THC. Whether they are for drinking, eating, or sipping, edibles are a popular alternative to smoking. Marijuana edibles are known for delicious treats, such as gummy bears, cannabis cookies, and pot brownies. In recent years, this market has boomed. For […]

THC-Infused Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

THC Infused Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Biting into a fresh, warm chocolate chip cookie is an appetizing way to use marijuana products. If you use THC, a delicious recipe is a convenient and enjoyable way to do so. To make THC-infused cookies, you will need to first make cannabutter, which is the key ingredient in this type of dessert. Making the […]

What THC-Infused Edibles Are Most Popular?

What THC Infused Edibles Are Most Popular

Novice and advanced cannabis users both love to experience the herb’s effects in myriad ways. The most discrete method to enjoy THC’s effects is eating edibles.  The term “edibles” is given to various consumable products that are infused with THC. Such items can take the form of drinks, dissolvable strips, gummy candy, baked goods, and […]

Weed Recipe: How to Make Marijuana Infused Coconut Oil

How to Make Marijuana Infused Coconut Oil

Marijuana coconut oil is the ultimate base for making some of the best weed-infused products, from cooking oils and edibles to cosmetics. If you’ve ever stumbled upon medicated sipping cocoa, revitalizing skin balm, or THC-infused massage oil, chances are they were all made with marijuana coconut oil. In this article, we’ll focus on: The benefits […]

How to Make the Best Marijuana Brownies

How to Make the Best Marijuana Brownies

Looking for a foolproof recipe to making the best marijuana brownies? Be careful what you wish for, because this recipe is truly tantalizing. Weed brownies are the perfect type of dessert that is sure to give every weed connoisseur an unforgettable experience.  Weed brownies are rich, sweet, and full of various textures — from ooey […]

Why Edible Marijuana is Stronger Than Smoking

Why Edible Marijuana is Stronger Than Smoking

Remember that story about two Toronto officers being recently suspended from duty after allegedly overdosing on marijuana edibles, becoming stoned to the ground, and then calling the cops on themselves? The officers later complained about the psychedelic effects of their weed and were later taken to the emergency room. Does it sound unreal? Well, it […]

A Beginners Guide to Making Weed Butter

A Beginners Guide to Making Weed Butter

Weed butter — also known as cannabutter — is one of the essential ingredients in cooking with marijuana. Making weed butter is all about extracting the cannabinoids and terpenes from the cured buds and infusing them into the butter fats. This is an extremely versatile product, as you can substitute any amount of regular butter […]