Are Weed Hangovers Real? 5 Signs You’ve Had One

Are Weed Hangovers Real

If you have ever gotten drunk and experienced a hangover the next day, you likely know that your mood and well-being can be messed with after just getting a little drunk. It might make you feel less productive. However, you might be wondering if the marijuana hangover is real.

You may have heard people who use cannabis reporting that they experienced a hangover after using too much weed. However, the research can vary quite a lot. Some people can tell you about every second of what they believed their hangover after using cannabis was like. But others deny that cannabis hangovers exist and just claim that they are bad headaches.

The experience is not universal. However, no matter how you look at it, some people have just not had very pleasant experiences after using too much cannabis. Of course, more research is needed on cannabis in general, and it is not known how cannabis can affect the human body, especially in large enough quantities to cause a hangover.

Hangovers vs. Other Symptoms

If you have used cannabis and feel slightly off, you might not necessarily be having a hangover. For example, if you use other drugs or drink alcohol when you use cannabis, then that can affect the way that you feel when you get up in the morning.

If you have used cannabis regularly, you might notice symptoms of withdrawal when you stop smoking. You might have trouble focusing, insomnia, or changes in your mood. In other cases, you might even be experiencing the lingering effects of marijuana.

The length of time that your high will last depends on many factors, as well as your metabolism and your own tolerance. Many times, the high can last around one to four hours. However, if it has been five hours or longer since you used cannabis and you have not had any other substances since, you might still be experiencing the effects of marijuana in your body. For instance, if you had some edibles, they can affect you for much longer than if you smoked or vaped your weed.

Having a Headache

1. Having a Headache

Many people have headaches, but if it happens after you have smoked some cannabis, you should consider that. Remember that cannabis can make you feel dehydrated, which is why so many people experience a dry mouth or dry eyes after using it. If you are not drinking enough while you are smoking, then you may have an annoying headache once you come down from your high.

You might be more likely to have a headache when you are still on your high. However, some people use cannabis because they believe that it may help to relieve their headaches. Just remember that if you do not drink enough water during your experience, you might have a dehydration headache in the morning. Keep a bottle or two of water next to you and take frequent small sips from it. Take a pain reliever if you can’t function because of the amount of pain you are in.

2. Dehydration

When you are on a cannabis hangover, you may also have an extremely dry mouth. The chemicals in the cannabinoids can break down in your mouth immediately, which can deplete your body’s supply of saliva. That can make your throat feel like sandpaper.

When your body is dehydrated, it may also be hard for you to form tears. If you had some cannabis earlier in the day, that may be why. The THC can make your eyes look dilated and red, causing them to dry out. However, some users report that using terpenes with their cannabis may help them to mitigate this effect.

The THC can bind to your body’s CB1 receptors in the submandibular glands, which are what make around 70 percent of your body’s saliva. That can make them stop producing saliva temporarily. Try to avoid being dehydrated when you begin using cannabis. Many people forget to drink water when they are getting high.

Many people, in general, do not drink enough water during the day. However, the good news is that it is easy to avoid being too dehydrated. To help your body recover after you wake up and feel dehydrated, carry your water bottle with you so you remember to drink it. Have fresh vegetables and fruits that are full of water, such as watermelon or tomatoes.

Mental Difficulties or Brain Fog

3. Mental Difficulties or Brain Fog

If you are on a cannabis hangover, it might be hard for you to remember things. Your sense of time might suffer as well, and it can seem like time drags on for a long time. Your memory will begin to suffer once your sense of time is distorted. If you use cannabis for a long time, your short-term memory may begin to suffer.

Many people believe that having fatigue and brain fog are the most common symptoms of weed hangovers. However, while it is not known how this happens, it could be because the CB1 receptors are stimulated too much.

Of course, if you already stayed up later than you usually did so you could enjoy your marijuana, you might not have gotten as much sleep as you usually do. When you wake up the next morning, try to have healthy food and some coffee to wake you up.

Many marijuana users believe that getting some exercise may help them to clear their brain fog. Consider going out and getting some exercise, taking a run or walk, or doing some yoga. Then you can take a cold shower to wake you up a bit. While you might still have a bit of mental fog, you can feel more alert and better.

4. Trouble Sleeping

Some people use cannabis because they believe it may help them to fall asleep faster. However, if you use too much cannabis at once, it might magnify existing sleep issues that you have. Only in the right amounts will it have the potential to help you sleep more soundly. If you suffer from sleep issues, consider talking to your doctor about the right amount of cannabis for you. The strain that you choose to use also makes a difference in how it can potentially affect you.

Some of the research suggests that if you use cannabis right before bed, it may affect your sleeping patterns negatively. If you have cannabis before you go to bed, it might mess up how much sleep you get. That can make you have fatigue after you have smoked. However, other people believe that using cannabis in the evening might help them to fall asleep more quickly and get a better night’s rest.

Of course, if you have this symptom of a hangover, you should try to get a lot of sleep. But that may not be an option for you because of social or work obligations. You should care for your body during the day. Drink water and coffee to wake you up. Go for walks and try to make healthy eating choices. Consider avoiding cannabis or using it carefully. In the future, you should try to avoid having too much of it.


5. Nausea

Another sign that you may have had too much to smoke is a feeling of nausea. If you smoke too much weed for years on end, you may notice this symptom. Some smokers believe that taking hot, long showers may help their stomach to feel better.

What if You Have a Weed Hangover?

Of course, you already know you should be staying hydrated if you are experiencing a cannabis hangover, but you might be wondering what else you can do to help alleviate your symptoms. Some people believe that using magnesium is a good way to try to help relieve the pain from issues like headaches. You might want to take around 400 milligrams in the morning and evening to help.

Some people believe that having some ginger tea may help to reduce their nausea. They believe that it may also help to stabilize the levels of sugar in your blood. You can get ginger tea bags but making it from fresh ginger can improve the taste. Just take some ginger root and place it in a pan of water. Bring it to a boil for a few minutes, then allow it to simmer for around five minutes. You can then strain out the ginger.

If you are vomiting, then you might become more dehydrated, which can make you feel worse. If you want to have a natural alternative to sports drinks, consider drinking coconut water. Some people also believe that it can help to reduce their nausea. It also has potassium and other electrolytes in them.

Some marijuana users believe that milk thistle may help to eliminate toxins from the body. It may also help with indigestion and digestive distress. Consider taking around 150 milligrams of milk thistle after getting a hangover.

Another natural method of trying to relieve the symptoms of tiredness, stomach pain, and nausea is Siberian ginseng. Take around 500 milligrams of it to try to reduce your symptoms. Remember, however, that if you are using medications for thinning blood, diabetes, or depression, you should avoid taking Siberian ginseng. It is always a good idea to consult with your doctor before using a natural product to try to reduce your symptoms. That way, you will avoid having it interact with any of your current medications.

Avoiding a Hangover

Avoiding a Hangover

The best way to avoid having a hangover from cannabis is to avoid having too much of it. You can also minimize any of the negative effects of it. For example, if you have an important activity the next day, such as a job interview, try to avoid using any cannabis the day before.

Consider taking days off from using marijuana as well. Don’t use it every single day of the week. Using it constantly can allow your body to build up a tolerance against it, which may cause you to have symptoms of withdrawal if you stop using it for a day.

Try to limit how much you use at one time. If you take too much, you may have a hangover. Do some experimenting to find out the right amount to use for your high. Remember that the more THC is in cannabis, the more likely you are to get high. Some strains do not have as much THC in them, which can be especially good to use if you are fairly new to using cannabis.

When you are trying a new product, be careful with it. You might find that the method of dosing, concentration, and dosage can play a role in how your body reacts. It is best to start with a smaller dose once you are trying something new.

Avoid mixing cannabis with anything else. For example, using alcohol with cannabis may magnify the effects of it on your body. Using other drugs might also make the effects of it more intense.

As with any other substance, you should talk to your doctor about your marijuana use. It might interact with other medications that you are taking, including over-the-counter ones. For example, using cannabis may cause your body to keep the medication in your system for a longer period of time. That might play a role in the way that you feel when you wake up.

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to getting back to normal after having a cannabis hangover, you only need to be patient. Try to moderate your use of cannabis. If you have a hangover, it may be that you are using too much cannabis.

Try to avoid using any products that are marked as being a cure for a hangover. Many products say that they can address your issue, but there is no research that suggests that these products even work. Because they are likely not regulated, they may not be safe for you to use.

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