Top 8 Strains That Will Make You Feel More Social

Strains That Will Make You Feel More Social

Does the thought of being around a lot of people make you feel nervous? If you feel panicky or sweaty when you think of facing others or are just introverted, then there is a cannabis strain for you. Some strains might make you feel more talkative and social around your friends. You can use these strains before you need to face a stressful situation with others. Whether you have to speak in public or go to a social function, you can use a socializing strain a few hours ahead of time. That will help you get into things without feeling fearful, anxious, stressed, or nervous. 

Using Cannabis

Marijuana affects each person differently. For some people, it might not work very well since it can make them feel even more nervous or anxious. It can increase their paranoia instead of soothing it. But a lot of this is affected by taking the right dose. For example, if you take a small dose, it might be just the thing to help you feel calmer. But if you take a bigger dose, it may very well make you feel more anxious.

Marijuana might be helpful when it comes to social anxiety. For some people with depression, ADHD, autism, or other conditions, cannabis can reduce the symptoms that hinder their social lives. You’ll have to pace yourself and find the right strain and dose to suit you. For instance, a sativa strain might be better when you are going out, while an indica strain can help you relax. 

Indica strains tend to be more relaxing, and they can be great if you are staying in. A sativa strain can offer more energy and make you ready to go out with some friends. It is more stimulating and uplifting, bringing a euphoric sense of excitement. That can help your mind flow better and give you a leg up when it comes to creative work. It even reduces your inhibitions, so you can talk more freely. Many strains are hybrids that offer the best of both worlds. 

The effects of social anxiety are different for everyone. Some people find that they are more self-conscious when they are high. Others might find that it is harder to make intelligent conversation. But cannabis can also make people more willing to have a conversation since they will not care about where the conversation is going. Try experimenting with cannabis for yourself to see how it works.

Green Crack

1. Green Crack

Many people love this strain because it offers a strong buzz and a sharp focus. That can help you focus on conversations with different people. Green Crack also gives you mental clarity and helps you feel happy, euphoric, uplifted, and very energetic. 

Green Crack has all of the qualities that you might want in a sativa strain. That is why so many people choose this strain when they have to deal with depression, stress, or fatigue. Besides these advantages, the Green Crack strain also has a fruity, tropical taste that somewhat resembles a mango.

2. Blue Dream

Blue Dream is perhaps one of the most famous of sativa strains out there. This strain can help you feel more relaxed and stimulate your mind. This is a good strain to take right before you have to go to an event and meet many new people. The Blue Dream strain has a berry flavour because one of the parents is Blueberry. 

You can use this strain to relieve feelings of both anxiety and stress immediately. At the same time, your body will not be too sedated. The strain is very high in THC, however, so you should use only a little bit before heading out. Some people choose to microdose with Blue Dream.

3. Lemon Kush

Lemon Kush is perfect when you just want to have a mild buzz that will help your stress dissipate. It can help you to be in a more energetic and creative mood. The flavour is lemony and refreshing and offers earthy, grounded tones. If you are not in a good mood and don’t want to interact with anyone, then you might want to try Lemon Kush to uplift and relax you. 

Many people like to use Lemon Kush during the day. Some people who have anxiety disorders like this strain, as do users who are dealing with depression and stress. So, you can be sure that this is a good option for social situations.

Lemon Kush

4. Cinex

Cinex is named after the two parent strains, Vortex and Cinderella 99, and came from Vancouver. Since this unique strain is so effective, it is now a favourite of many recreational and medical cannabis users. It offers a sour and citrusy flavour that also has mild undertones of skunk. Many people like this strain since it offers a buzz of energy that can help you feel more creative, focused, uplifted, and happy. This strain offers everything you need from cannabis before going out to socialize. 

The Cinex strain is commonly used by those who have anxiety, so it might be for you if you feel nervous when you’re out and about. It is hard to go wrong with this strain. However, remember that Cinex may make your eyes dry out a bit, so you should take some eye drops with you before you leave, especially if you wear contacts, which might make your eyes dry out a bit more. It is also important for you to stay hydrated.

5. Cannatonic

The Cannatonic strain is known for having a high level of CBD and little THC. This is the perfect strain for you if you do not want to have much of a buzz. Some kinds of Cannatonic can have as much as 17 percent CBD. Even though this is a hybrid strain, the effects from it lean toward those that indica typically offers. You can expect to feel completely relaxed while being uplifted, euphoric, focused, and happy. 

Cannatonic is also used by those who have anxiety and medical cannabis users with a variety of illnesses. It has a complex and delicious flavour that offers a woody, pine taste. There are light undertones of citrus in it. But remember that the smell of Cannatonic is very pungent, so it might stay on your clothing. If you would rather be discrete about your use of cannabis, consider taking it in a form other than smoking. Or just change your clothing and wash up before you go out.

6. Banana

The Banana strain was developed from an OG Kush strain, which brings some strong indica genetics to this hybrid. The OG Kush strain was bred with a banana-flavoured one. This makes a hybrid that is dominant in sativa. In the Banana strain, the THC content is somewhere around 23 to 30 percent. This will give you a strong high. 

The effects can boost your mind and bring you to a delightful place. You will most likely enjoy the tropical, sweet taste. It has notes of spice and citrus in it. It gives you a sativa high and gives you the same relaxing effects that an indica strain would. That will help you keep a night out with friends at a steady pace. If you grow some of your own, you will have some fairly impressive yields after just nine weeks of flowering. You might get around 400 grams for each square metre when you grow it indoors. If you have the ability to grow it outside, you might get around twice as much for each of the plants.


7. The Truth

The Truth is a strain that may help with anxiety and stress. It is a mix of Chemdawg, Triangle Kush, and SFV OG. This strain has slightly more sativa than indica in it. There is a very high level of THC, so you should have just a bit before you go out. It is around 18 to 22 percent THC, but there is only around 1 percent of CBD in it. 

This strain will give you a mental high that can help you stay motivated to be with your friends. It might help your body to release endorphins that help you feel good and be euphoric. The high will eventually move through your body and help you feel completely relaxed.

You will have an earthy, musky scent with this strain, and the taste is earthy and woody. The strain is potent and might have the side effects of dry mouth and eyes. If you want to have a cerebral high, then this is the strain for you. Many people who have depression and stress use The Truth, and it might also have anti-inflammatory properties. 

8. Critical Cure

The Critical Cure has as much as 8 percent of CBD in it. It can have as much as 12 percent THC, but the average range is around 6 to 9 percent. The hybrid is dominant in indica, and it likely comes from a Ruderallis strain and Critical Kush. That makes it unique.

If you are concerned about the effects of cannabis, then Critical Cure is a good starting point. It gives you a mellow, steady high that can help you relax. The experience is very satisfying. You will first feel some effects after around 25 to 30 minutes. Your body will relax as the tension goes out of your muscles.

The aroma of Critical Cure is earthy and potent and makes it seem stronger than it really is. It smells like ripe berries, and it leaves a pine aftertaste.

How to Microdose Cannabis

How to Microdose Cannabis

Many people like to microdose with cannabis before attending social functions. The right dose will depend on several factors, such as your previous experience, your current THC tolerance, and the number of your endocannabinoid receptors. When you roll the first joint, you should start out with a low amount and gradually increase the dosage. 

You might want to start out with 1 to 2 milligrams of cannabis. Then, you will incrementally increase the amount that you are taking until you have the right effects. To make this process easier, you might want to look for THC concentrates. There are 10 milligrams of THC in each millilitre of a concentrate, so you might start with one-tenth of a millilitre. Two drops of the liquid would equal a milligram to be your starting dosage. 

In some cases, it is possible for you to feel a small buzz in your head, especially if you have a very low tolerance to THC. In this case, you would want to take just one drop of the extract for a few days. That can help you build up your body’s tolerance. Then, you can increase it to two drops each day. 

Wait around half of an hour to an hour after you take the starting dose. That way, you can see if you feel any different. If you do not get high, then you are taking the right amount. But if you notice any strange symptoms in your body or head, you took a bit too much. Try taking one drop less the next time around. This allows you to build up your tolerance.

To get to the best dose, you should increase your dosage bit by bit. Add another drop to what you take every several days. Getting the right dose is simple. Just stop increasing the dosage as soon as you notice that there are any psychoactive effects. You might need to increase the dose every now and then as your body builds up a tolerance to the THC.

Closing Thoughts 

Social anxiety is a disorder that affects many people. But even if you do not have a disorder, you might still stress out when it comes to going out of your home. The good news is that by using the right cannabis strains, you can reduce your nervousness about meeting new people. 

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