How to Smoke Hash and Other Hash Basics

How to Smoke Hash and Other Hash Basics

Hash has been consumed and collected for centuries, but it still is a popular form of cannabis concentrate. You can vape it, smoke it, or use it in edibles. It is also known as hashish, and it is made from the glands of the female plant, which have resin in them. The glands are also known as trichomes. The concentrate is a golden colour and can be found in many different states. However, it is not hard to make your own hash at home, and no matter how you get it, you can easily smoke it.

What Is Hash?

This marijuana concentrate comes from the trichomes of the tops of female flowering plants. The glands have a high concentration of cannabinoids like cannabidiol and THC. This means that when you get hash, it will have a high level of THC, which can be around 20 to 60 percent. That is much higher than a typical cannabis flower, which might have an average of 13 percent of THC. Depending on the strain, some kinds of hash might have more cannabinoids in them, like cannabinol and CBD.

There are also more terpenes in hash. These are the essential oils that can work with the cannabinoids to enhance the effects of the plant. The terpenes also give the plant its aroma and pungent scent. Hash is essentially purified or compressed forms of trichomes, and that means that there can be different textures. It can range from sticky to dry to pasty. It has a light or dark brown colour, but it could also be transparent, black, or red.

Kinds of Hash

Traditional hash is a dark brown ball that has a somewhat greasy film on the outside. It is made by separating the trichomes of the flower from the other bits of plant material with the hands. It can also be done by dry sifting it over a screen. Then the trichomes are pressed together, which can rupture their glands and make thick balls of hash.

Ice water hash, or bubble hash, is created by using cold water to remove the trichomes from the flowers. Then it is filtered through a micron bag. Its consistency can vary. It might be a dry, fine powder, or be sticky and pressed together. The colour might vary from black to a pale tan.

Consuming Hash

Consuming Hash

There are a few methods of consumption for hash. You can try it orally, or through smoking, vaping, or dabbing.

Hash Edibles

You can heat or decarboxylate hash and then blend it into different oils and butter to put in your favourite recipes to use orally. Once you have made cannabutter, you can add hash to any baked good that calls for butter or oil. You can even spread it on pastries and bread to help cover the taste. Just remember not to heat it too hot or you may end up burning off some of the THC and other cannabinoids.

Vaping Hash

In the past, if you wanted to vape your hash, you had to use a hot knife. You would place a metal knife on the burner of your stove, but it only worked if the stove had a metal spiral range. Once the knife was hot, it would be pulled out and some hash would be placed on it and pressed against the second knife. That caused a flash vaporization, which created a vapour that users could inhale. Sometimes, they used a straw for this.

Luckily, technology has created advancements in vaporization. Today, vaping involves using a vaporizer, which does the work for you. It heats your hash to the boiling point and creates a vapour that you can then inhale. It has almost immediate effects since your lungs can instantly absorb the botanical components of it.

When you are using a vape pen, you should use the purest hash that you can find. If it does not fully melt, it can leave behind burnt residue, which can build up on the atomizer over time. That means you will have to replace it more often. This is why many hash vapers choose to use an extremely pure extract.

Dabbing Hash

You will use a dab rig to dab your hash. This is a water pipe that has been adapted so you can place the concentrate on a hot surface. That allows you to produce a vapour that is rich in cannabinoids, yet free of smoke. You will inhale it, similarly to vaping. The cannabinoids can enter your blood almost immediately through your lungs.

The results can vary depending on how pure of a concentrate you have. For the best results, you should have full melt hash, which means it can fully vaporize and melt on your dab nail. That way, it will not leave any plant material residue behind.

How Do You Smoke Hash

How Do You Smoke Hash?

When you smoke it, you can use hash alone. But since it can melt, making it hard to get a good hit without wasting it, hash often has other substances in it, such as more cannabis flower or tobacco. Often, mixing it in tobacco is more common in Europe, when the Europeans get hash from Central Asia. People in America get hash from South and Central America.

Many people prefer to use hash that has marijuana flower mixed in since they believe it may be less harmful than mixing tobacco in. No matter how you choose to use it, you can mix it into your joint or sprinkle it on your pipe. When you heat it, it will melt to an oil, making it more likely to combust to become a bigger flame. That can affect the way that your bowl or joint burns while you are smoking it.

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to enjoying your hash, you have a few options. Knowing the right way to do it gives you the tools you need to experiment with. That way, you can decide if hash is for you and learn how you prefer to use it. If you do not like it the first time you use it, consider trying another method.

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