Highest THC Shatters for Smoking

Highest THC Shatters for Smoking

If you are interested in having a heavy-hitting high, you might want to choose shatter. This concentrate often has as much as 90 percent cannabinoids. It could even have as much as 99 percent. Shatter is one of the strongest types of concentrates out there.

Cannabis is more potent than ever, and normal strains can have more than 20 percent THC. However, if you are enthusiastic about cannabis or want to be more adventurous, this might not work for you. This is where concentrates like shatter come in. 

About Cannabis Concentrates

If you are not familiar with concentrates, they are highly potent types of cannabis. The chemicals and trichomes that give the plant its psychoactive properties are removed from the plant using solvent extraction. When this process is done, the only thing left are cannabinoids such as CBN, CBD, and THC. There are also terpenes and flavonoids. This is why dabbing can be so much fun. 

How Do They Make Concentrates?

Shatter is a type of dab, which is a term that refers to concentrates that come from extracting THC and CBD. Oil, wax, taffy, budder, and shatter are all kinds of extracts. The idea behind these is fairly simple. The plant goes through a solvent, which is often CO2 or butane. When butane is used for this, the plant is soaked in the solvent and then heated later. That gets rid of the solvent, and the result is butane hash oil.

Shatter is a highly potent type of butane hash oil. This type of concentrated used butane to separate the trichomes and cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. That results in concentrated cannabinoids. The plant’s trichomes are small crystals on the plant’s outside, and these have the most THC in them. Nearly every concentrate is made by concentrating the trichomes. 

The process to make each of these extracts has a similar principle. But the way that the process is done will determine whether the finished product becomes shatter, wax, or budder. When making extracts, the solvent can pull the flavonoids, terpenoids, and cannabinoids from the plant material and then the solvent will evaporate. That way, there will no residue left in the oil.

The Process of Making Shatter

The Process of Making Shatter

Often, the concentrates are stirred or whipped over several stages of the process. That will ultimately irritate the molecules in your extract and give the resulting product a cloudy or creamy texture and appearance. On the other hand, shatter will not be irritated during the process. That is why it tends to be more translucent in appearance. 

You might be wondering why shatter is called what it is. This refers to what happens when you drop it. Concentrates such as budder might be sticky or waxy. But shatter is brittle, similar to hard candy. If you hit it too hard or drop it, it would shatter into many pieces. 

The Best Shatters to Smoke

There are many kinds of shatter because there are so many strains of marijuana. In general, strains that have higher levels of THC will result in shatter with more THC in it. 

Purple Skunk

This strain has 18 percent THC, and as a shatter, it will be even stronger. Purple Skunk is dominant in sativa and a mix of a purple strain and Skunk #1. It has a skunky smell, and the taste is like wine and very earthy. It can give you a cheerful and euphoric buzz. 

Blackberry Kush

This strain normally has 16.5 percent THC, and it is dominant in indica. It is often used to try to manage pain because it can give you a strong body high. Blackberry Kush is a mix of Blackberry and Afghani, and it has a taste similar to Jet Fuel. The sweet berries can balance out the flavour and the aroma. 

Wedding Cake

This uplifting hybrid strain is dominant in indica and can have euphoric and relaxing effects. It is tangy and rich, and it has peppery and earthy flavours. It comes from Triangle Mints. The strain normally has more than 25 percent THC, so you can be sure that the shatter made from it is one of the strongest you can find.

Wedding Cake

Using Shatter

You might be wondering how to use shatter. There are nearly as many ways of using extracts as there are kinds available. From dabbing to vaping, you might find that your options are overwhelming. If you do not have the right equipment available, you might want to just enjoy shatter without making an investment right away.

There are many methods of using shatter, but not every one is great for beginners. The best way to enjoy shatter as a beginner is by adding a bit to your joint or crumbling some on top of a pipe or bowl. That can make your hit a little stronger. Experiment with mixing and matching the strains you use to find out what you like. 

Using an Oil Rig

An oil rig is one of the most popular ways of using shatter, and it looks like a bong since it is made out of glass. This rig has a mouthpiece and a vertical chamber with a hole in it. You will insert a glass or metal nail in the hole. 

Once it turns red, you can use your metal dabber, which is made from quartz, to take a bit of shatter and place it on your nail. The oil will quickly vaporize and produce smoke that you can inhale from the rig. Remember that it will get extremely hot.

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to choosing the right type of shatter, you have many options to choose from. Many cannabis users like to try a range of different kinds of shatter to decide which one they like the best. Just make sure that you are careful when using shatter with high levels of THC, and try not to overdo it the first time around. 

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