How to Grind Weed Without a Grinder: 10 DIY Hacks

How to Grind Weed Without a Grinder

Survival in life is about knowing what to do when one thing fails. You must continuously think of substitutes and alternatives. For example, if you use an electric stove for cooking your food, think about what you would do if there was a week-long power cut. When you train your brain to think of alternatives during worst-case scenarios, it is unlikely that life will overtake you. 

When it comes to weed, the urge to consume it may come when you are anywhere in the world. You may be away from home, with no access to a grinder. You could also be home, but with a broken grinder. The electricity could also be out due to a power cut. 

Many scenarios could threaten your consumption habits. But, in each case, the secret is to think outside the box. Don’t let anything come between you and your buzz.

Below are suggestions of tools and equipment you can use when unable to access a weed grinder. They are all items you would find in a typical Canadian home. However, if all of them are unavailable, you might as well use your hands.

Remember that the aim is to reduce the size of the marijuana, not grind it into powder. 

1. Use Your Hands

Your hands are a carry-on grinder. Your palms, fingers, and nails are tools you can use to break apart your weed anywhere, any time. Your hands must be clean. Therefore, wash and dry them thoroughly before handling the weed

Begin by breaking apart the big buds. Get them into small manageable bits. If you have long nails, you’re in luck because the next step requires that you use your nails to chop the weed bits into even smaller bits. If it’s sticky, avoid pressing it too much as that would compress it, making it difficult to smoke. Also, take care not to hurt yourself if the weed is too dry. If you rub the weed on your palms, do it carefully and softly to avoid scratching your skin. 

It would help if you washed your hands after handling the weed, just in case you touched something sensitive like essential documents or baby food.

Use Your Hands

2. Use a Shaker and a Coin

For this hack, you may use a container you got from the dispensary or a pill bottle. Pull off the container lid, put two or three heavy coins inside, and then pour in your dried cannabis buds. Close the lid tightly, and secure it by pressing your finger on it. Give the container a fair shake and monitor the progress every 30 seconds. Once you get to the ideal consistency, pour out the contents on a plate. Separate your weed from the coins, and take out pieces that are too large. Your weed is now ready for use

When using this method, be careful not to shake it too much. The coins are quite heavy, and overdoing it may cause your weed to be powdery and unsmokable. Also, ensure that you clean your container thoroughly to avoid any pill residue getting on your weed. Clean the bottle after crushing your marijuana, especially if you use it to store your pills. Clean the coins as well.

3. Use a Chopping Board and Knife

Every home where there are pots and plates, there are also knives and chopping boards. Although any knife will do, it’s better to use a chef’s knife because it is sharp and makes a clean cut. Using these tools is one of the simplest methods there is. You only need to put your weed buds on the board and dice it into small pieces using your knife. Keep cutting at the buds until they are the right size. The cannabis should be in little bits but not powdery. 

When using this method, it’s best to expose your buds to the air for some time. Aeration helps to dry out the weed, which makes cutting them more manageable. Also, be very careful to ensure that you do not cut your fingers. Hold the knife as the chefs do in culinary shows, ensuring that your fingers are not in contact with the cutting edge. However, be careful not to overdo it. Don’t make the weed pieces too fine. 

After you are done, clean your knife and chopping board thoroughly.

4. Use a Cheese Grater

Grinding weed using a cheese grater is easy. You just need to grab the grater, choose the preferred side, and rub your dried buds against the cutting edges. You may use any of the cutting sides, but the one with small openings may work best. It will give you weed of the best consistency, without the need for any other tools. Remember to place a tray or a plate underneath the grater, so you can save all the little weed particles. It may take a while to do it, but as you get used to it, it gets easier. 

Remove any weed stuck in the crevices using a poker or toothpick. When done, wash your grater thoroughly to get rid of any residues and scents. 

When using a grater, take caution because it can be dangerous. If you do not watch your fingers, you may scrape them off the sharp points and peel your skin, which is quite painful.

Use a Grinder

5.  Use a Grinder 

A blender is suitable for grinding a relatively large amount of weed, not for a single shot. For example, if you are at a party and got a big stash, get a blender to do the work. However, since the blender blades are sensitive, get out any seeds and stems. Getting these items out also ensures a fast and uniform grind. 

Ensure the blender is clean and completely dry. Throw in your stash and close the lid. Use the lowest pulse setting so that you can control the level of grinding. Grind for short intervals, ideally, 10 seconds, and then inspect the progress. 

As practical and convenient as the blender option appears, only go for it as a last option. You run the risk of damaging your weed through a fine grind. It can also lead to wastage because you grind quite a large amount of weed. If you can get scissors, opt for them instead of the blender. It will be more fun for you and your friends.

6. Use a Pestle and Mortar

Your pestle and mortar are not only suitable for crushing and puréeing your spices in the kitchen. The heaviness and roughness of the material make crushing things easy. Just clean it off well before and after use to get rid of any leftover powders. Cleaning helps you avoid contaminating your weed with cooking herbs. It also ensures that your spices do not mix with weed when you prepare meals. 

When using a pestle and mortar, be careful, though, and ensure that you do not grind your weed into very fine particles. The mortar grinds thoroughly, so be easy on the pestle. 

Before you start grinding, ensure your buds are exposed to the air for about an hour prior. Leave them on your table or kitchen counter. When crisp dry, they will be easier to crush.

7. Use Scissors and a Shot Glass

Many people have a shot glass in their kitchens, and undoubtedly, a pair of scissors. With these two items, you can chop your weed into small bits that can burn easier in the joint or your weed bowl. 

Begin by cleaning well your shot glass and scissors. Dry them off completely and place your weed inside the glass. Next, hold the scissors in your hands and start moving it around, cutting the weed into smaller and smaller pieces. Be careful not to snip it too much, and do not be in a rush. Moving the weed too much or shaking the glass rapidly may cause the weed to spill. It is safer to do this on a clean flat surface, such as a plate or tray, so that it may catch any pieces that will spill out.

Use Scissors and a Shot Glass

8. Use a Rolling Pin and a Ziplock Bag

This method requires that the weed be dried and crisp. Therefore, leave out your buds in the open air on a countertop for an hour or so. Get your rolling pin and your ziplock bag. Put your weed inside the bag, lock it, and lay it on a flat surface. Hold your rolling pin with both hands, and while pressing it downwards, roll it on the bag repeatedly. As you do this, the weed inside the bag breaks into small pieces. 

When satisfied with the consistency, pour out the weed on a plate or tray. You and your friends can pick the desired quantity from there. The ziplock bag is also ideal for the storage of excess weed for later use. 

You will find this method simple and without any wastage. The tools you need are simple too, and you will find them in almost every household. If you do not have a rolling pin, substitute it with a glass bottle. For example, a wine bottle will provide enough room for your two hands to hold the bottle and roll it comfortably.

9. Use a Rolling Slicer

While this is one of the less desirable methods, especially when working with very dry weed, it is among the simple grinding hacks. You only need a rolling slicer, like the one you use to cut pizza or pastry dough. A rolling slicer works because of its sharp-toothed edges. Unlike other tools that would compress sticky buds, this slicer cuts them well. If you notice that your buds are sticky, like those of the Black Widow strain, opt for the slicer instead of a knife. 

For this method, you need not leave your buds in the open to dry further. Some moisture will keep them from scattering all over the place. The weed that has some moisture is also good because it does not burn too quickly. Full combustion prevents wastage and maximizes the effects of a single serving.

10. Use a Coffee Grinder

Anyone looking to break down a stash of cannabis should opt for a coffee grinder. It works just as well as a blender, only that the end product is much more consistent. You will have equally-sized bits of cannabis, which promotes easier and even burning. The coffee grinder takes little time and requires no effort on your part. You only need to plug it into an electric socket and push the on button. 

Be careful not to let the grinder run for too long because the weed will turn into powder, and it would be difficult, if not impossible, to burn it in a powdery state. Once you are done, clean the coffee grinder thoroughly, or you will be taking some THC-infused coffee

Use a Coffee Grinder

In Closing

The purpose of this article is to take the edge off of using weed. There is no designated formula to prepare it. You do not have to worry when you do not have the right tools and equipment. Use whatever is within your reach. Whichever method you pick, prioritize having a good time. 

It is also important that you enjoy your weed responsibly. If you are just beginning your weed journey, be surrounded by people who know about weed strains and dosage. They will share their experiences and teach you more tips to make your weed journey fun and stress-free. 

Take note also that many of the grinding hacks described above will leave you with excess weed. For example, you may have to put in more than one flower bud when using a blender. When you have a large stash, avoid overindulging. Do not exceed your recommended dosage or tolerance limits. Share the excess with your friends, or store it correctly in an airtight container. Place the container in a cool, dry place away from any light source. Light has UV rays that deteriorate the THC and terpenes in the weed.

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