Strain Review: Pink Kush

Pink Kush Strain Review

Little is known about this indica strain’s heritage except for it being a possible offspring of the legendary OG Kush. However, the Pink Kush carries on the legacy of the potency of the Kush strains well. Experts say that its indica dominates up to 90%, and the sativa only takes up 10% of the cannabinoid. But, despite the small proportion, the sativa underpinnings are highly potent. They are responsible for the euphoric and happy effects that users experience. 

Pink Kush produces a powerful high and is popular in the weed communities of Canada and the Pacific Northwest. 

Pink Kush’s Appearance and Flavour

Among its unique characteristics is its pink colour. The “pink” name came about due to its brilliant pink hairs that stem from the bright green buds. The buds themselves are barely visible, hidden under a blanket of trichomes that cause the buds to resemble sugar-coated candy. 

Visually, the buds look good enough to eat, a fact that is complemented by Pink Kush’s pleasant odour and flavour. It has traces of candy, sweet berries, sweet vanilla flavour and smell. These terpenes engulf you when smoking, and their taste lingers on your tongue long after. 

Pink Kushs Appearance and Flavour

The Potency

Even in small doses, it could be said that this strain is quite overpowering. Its THC content averages at 20%, and its highest CBD levels do not go beyond 1%. Some adjectives users take up to describe how they felt after consuming Pink Kush include relaxed, uplifted, happy, euphoric, and sleepy. Expect to giggle the afternoon or evening away as your mind slips into euphoric pleasure. 

If you decide to make edibles with Pink Kush, know that this strain has a reputation for creating edibles that won’t quit. As the high intensifies, you may start to feel very light, as though you are fading into oblivion. If you took a high dose, you might be in this state for quite a while, wondering the number of hours the feeling will last. When this happens, relax because it may take several hours. Be ready with all the supplies you need, and be comfortable because it’s going to be a long ride. Luckily, it’s a happy ride. 

If you have a lot on your mind, you may find solace in Pink Kush. When you need your mind to shift from disturbing thoughts, Pink Kush is the perfect escape vehicle. Sometimes, thoughts and stress may overwhelm you to the point of causing you a headache or a migraine. Some people even suffer from nervousness and severe anxiety. Other pains that people feel all over the body are also a result of mental torture from thinking too hard. Unfortunately, many of the things people stress themselves about, they can do anything to resolve. These issues end up sorting themselves out. 

If you find yourself worried about an issue you can do nothing about, light a Pink Kush joint and let those thoughts fade away. Your storm of emotions and thoughts will calm down, and you can enjoy some carefree time. If you use the weed late in the evening, increase your dosage a bit so you can relax completely and slip into a sound sleep. 

For its ability to push away unnecessary thoughts, some people also take Pink Kush to sharpen their focus and get into a creativity zone. A clear mind generates ideas quickly.  

Cultivating Pink Kush

The advantages of Pink Kush flow even to its cultivation. You may cultivate it outdoors or indoors. Pink Kush is one of the easy weed strains to cultivate. It is resistant to many of the mildews, moulds, and pests that affect marijuana plants. However, when growing Pink Kush indoors, be careful as the plant may develop some moulds if the humidity and temperatures are not appropriately regulated. 

Your plants may also suffer growth issues if you fail to give it the right nutrients. As such, the soil on which you plant your Pink Kush must have a high nutrient content. Also, the water should not exceed a pH of 6.5. Although the plants do not grow too tall, some farmers still offer them support in the early stages of growth. This practice discourages drooping. You may also take up other practices like topping. 

The only downside of growing Pink Kush is the length of time it takes to flower. You may have to wait 10 to 11 weeks, which may feel like an eternity compared to growing other weed strains. However, after the long wait, the outcome will be satisfactory. You will have a high yield of the potent sweet-smelling herb. Weed grown indoors produces an average of 18 ounces per square meter, while weed grown outdoors yields 25 ounces or more.  

A hydroponics system is still an option for growers of Pink Kush. This system hastens growth and eliminates mould growth. Growers may also find pruning and low-stress training helpful strategies to speed up growth. But, with hydroponics, the plant will be shorter than normal, with thick vegetative branches. 

Overall, for all these setups, the key is to ensure that the growing area is well-aerated and the lighting is adequate. 

Pink Kush Dosage

Pink Kush Dosage

As mentioned earlier, Pink Kush is among the most potent marijuana strains. A little goes a long way. Even when advised to up your dosage a little for a night of deep sleep, only add a little bit. Too much of it causes paranoia and other adverse effects. Therefore, only do the recommended amount.  

Pink Kush’ Side Effects

There may be some mild side effects as you consume Pink Kush. The most adverse of them are dry eyes, nausea, and dizziness. Your mouth may also start to dry up, and you may experience some mild paranoia. However, you will suffer none of these side effects if you stick to the recommended dose. 

Get Pink Kush

Pink Kush is one of the most potent strains in the market. It soothes and calms you. It gets you to relax and unpack all your worries. This indica strain has a high THC content, and users must exercise caution with it. A small dose goes a long way. 

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