How to Smoke From and Use a Weed Pipe

How to Smoke From and Use a Weed Pipe

You can use just about anything to smoke marijuana. Get two hot knives, burn the cannabis buds between them, and inhale the smoke. Bore a tunnel through an apple or pear, make a bowl and a mouthpiece on either end, light the marijuana and suck the smoke. Get an aluminum can, put some cannabis, place it on fire or a hot surface, and as the cannabis burns, inhale the smoke and get stoned. 

There are many other craft ways to smoke marijuana, but many of them are ancient and wasteful. You do not get the full value of your weed or concentrates with them.  While getting stoned is essential, your money and the quality of your experience are equally important. You also want to look classy and “hip” doing it because weed is not a dull or embarrassing drug. Live loud and proud, and smoke your weed with a beautiful weed pipe. 

A Weed Pipe

A weed pipe, also called a pot pipe, cannabis pipe, bowl, or piece, is a small handheld device used for smoking marijuana. You may find weed pipes in cannabis dispensaries, cannabis events, and smoke shops. Cannabis pipes are quite popular in the weed community. Although they are adapted from a tobacco pipe’s shape and functionality, weed pipes are quite different. 

A pipe for smoking pot must have a bowl on one end. This is a basin-like opening from where you put and burn the marijuana. After the basin is a narrow channel that smoke and air flow from the bowl to a mouthpiece. Some pipes may also have a third opening called a carb. It regulates the flow of air inside the pipe. However, a pipe only needs the first two openings to be functional. The third opening is only an accessory and does not significantly vary the effectiveness of the pipe. 

You will tell apart a weed pipe from a tobacco pipe easily. A tobacco pipe is typically wooden, carved from wood and bamboo. Some are also ceramic. However, weed pipes, especially those in the market currently, are made out of borosilicate glass.  Weed pipes are made into very intricate and unique designs, and borosilicate glass allows this versatility. The glass pipes come in different sizes, shapes, complexity, and functionality. Besides glass, there are also wooden and metallic pipes. 

Choose the Right Pipe

Choose the Right Pipe

Beginners commonly start with the basic pipe version called a “spoon.” It has a simple shape and is easy to use. It is also small, with a small bowl, which keeps beginners from exceeding their dosage. The “spoon” is also inexpensive. 

For experienced smokers, the choice of weed pipe is purely a matter of taste. You evaluate the pipes going by their sizes, material, colour, shape, and any other details important to you. For example, some smokers may choose a pipe that can fit in their hands for discretion. Others may be looking for a pipe that will last long, hence keeping off from glass and wooden pipes. The pipe size also determines the amount of smoking. Getting a large pipe with a big bowl allows for a longer session. 

One tip that helps many smokers is testing the pipe before buying it. Although you may not burn any weed on it at the store, take hold of it. See how the pipe feels in your hands. Look at the size of the bowl and mouthpiece. If all the features please you, go ahead and purchase the pipe. 

Other Equipment You Need 

Besides the pipe, you will need some essential items to start smoking weed using this method. The most basic of the equipment is a lighter. Traditionally, many smokers use butane lighters, and there is a wide array of lighters from which to choose. However, butane lighters leave a butane flavour that some customers highly detest. For these customers, a hemp wick is the better alternative. A hemp wick is a unique piece of hemp string dipped in wax to make it catch fire easily. The string is advantageous because it burns evenly and does not leave behind any flavours. 

Another crucial piece of equipment is the screen. You need to have a screen that restricts burning cannabis particles’ movement as you suck the smoke through the mouthpiece. Buy a pack of pipe screens from your marijuana dispensary or other places that sell marijuana products. If you cannot find screens, create a DIY version and insert it into the pipe stretch. 

Build a screen by taking a paper coil or a piece of wire and fold it into a coil. Do not use a soda can or aluminum foil to make your screen. These materials often have coatings made of a material that is hazardous if inhaled. 

Packing Your Pipe

Packing Your Pipe

Packing your pipe is simply arranging your weed in the bowl to prepare it for smoking. You cannot pack your pipe with large cannabis flower buds; you need to cut the buds into smaller pieces. Get a grinder or a food processor to grind the cannabis buds. Place your weed inside and grind it for a few seconds. Only let the weed be broken down, not ground. If you can break up the weed with your hands, you need not use any machine. Only know that the process will be tedious. 

Place the smaller-bit-sized weed inside your pipe bowl. The pros do not force the weed in to maximize space; they pack the weed in a way that maximizes the flow of air. Whether you pick a pipe with a carb or not, your bowl’s packing influences the free flow of air. 

One of the tips for maximum airflow is to use a screen or stem or to use larger-sized weed at the bottom of the bowl. It prevents the bits of burning cannabis from passing through. Second, do not overstuff the bowl. Your packing should be light, especially at the bottom, and only denser at the top. This arrangement ensures an even burn while opening up the weed bowl for a more effortless inhalation. It also keeps your pipe from clogging. 

Once you are satisfied with the arrangement, place a lighter flame or another fire source to the top. The weed begins to burn, and you can take in the smoke. 

Smoking With a Pipe

You must have seen tobacco smokers light up their cigars and cigarettes. That is the same approach to take to light up your weed. Ignite your hemp wick or lighter, and direct the flame to your bow. As the fire is getting to the weed, inhale its products from the mouthpiece. You create a flow of air that enhances the burning of the weed.  If your pipe has a carb, use your finger or thumb to cover it up, at least for the first puff. With the weed already burning, remove the flame, take your finger off the carb, and when ready, take a second puff.  

First-timers are warned to start with tiny cannabis doses and to take several minutes between puffs. Also, since weed varies in potency, opt for a low concentration first until your body is accustomed to dealing with cannabis products. 

A second tip is that if you plan on sharing the cannabis, passing it around from one person to another, do not light the entire batch in the bowl. Only put the flame to a corner of the bowl and let it burn slowly from one end to the other as you and your friends take puffs. That way, there will be a fresh supply for everyone, rather than if they take the smoke from weed burning for a while. 

Inhale the Weed Properly

Inhale the Weed Properly

The secret to getting stoned every time is to know how to handle your weed when it lights up. Learning how to inhale weed the right way is not difficult. It starts with you pulling out the smoke from the burning buds and into your mouth. You then take a deep breath with your nose. As the oxygen-rich air finds its way into your lungs, push the cannabis smoke down the same path also. The combination of smoke and clean air causes less irritation and less coughing. You also feel a smooth and flavourful taste on your tongue left by the cannabis. 

Once the air is in the lungs, some people hold in their breath. However, no evidence doing so could increase the intensity of the hit. It doesn’t make you higher than normal because THC, like other cannabinoids, is instantly absorbed into your lungs. Exhale the air, making sure that your mouth is not on the pipe. If you exhale while the mouth is on the mouthpiece, you will blow away the weed from the bowl. 

Some people struggle with smoking weed during their first time. Remember that smoking is a craft that you learn with practice. With time, it will be second nature to you. 

Weed Pipe Sharing Etiquette

Believe it or not, there is a particular code of conduct and etiquette when sharing weed.  The etiquette ensures that besides the experience being fun, the people remain respectful and considerate of others. The first etiquette tip for when smoking weed in a group is to have enough of it. Ensure that you have a big pipe, with a big bowl that can hold enough weed, proportional to the number in your smoking ring. Pack the bowls heavier than you would for yourself, and only light one corner of the bowl. That way, everyone will get a fresh hit. 

When packing a bowl for you and another person, opt for a personal bowl for an intimate session. A micro bowl would even be more suitable because you would consume the entire weed in one hit. When doing this, each of you will get a green hit every time. The micro bowl is especially important for when you’re smoking alone because it prevents overconsumption. 

The second etiquette tip is that the weed owner determines the first person to take a hit. Give the provider the honour of having the first puff, and if he doesn’t want to, he can appoint someone else. Giving priority to the weed provider is a sign of appreciation for the good stuff he is providing. Also, once the pipe starts passing around, do not hog the weed. Take a hit and pass it on to the next person. That way, the entire crew will have a puff every time the bowl is refreshed. 

The third tip is to avoid having sticky fingers. Do not take a lighter, pipe, or weed that does not belong to you. No one likes a thief. Doing so will have you kicked out of the crew. If you need anything, borrow it. Earn your friends’ trust, and they will never exclude you when having a good time. They may also share some of their weed stashes. 

Cleaning Your Pipe

Cleaning Your Pipe

After enjoying your favourite drug, it’s time to clean your pipe. The cleaner your pipe is, the easier its maintenance will be. Cleaning keeps mould from growing inside the pipe, which would clog it, preventing airflow when you smoke. Cleaning also gets rid of any residue inside the pipe. Residue clogs the pipe and may extinguish the flavour of your fresh weed. Therefore, regular cleaning is necessary for you to enjoy your smoking experience

When cleaning your pipe, find a sealable plastic bag. Get some rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) and pour it into the bag, submerging the entire pipe. Put in some table salt or Epsom salt also. Seal the bag and let the pipe soak in this solution for up to 12 hours. The time allows all the resin to dissolve into the alcohol. After the 12 hours, give the bag a vigorous shake. The shaking removes all the resin out of the pipe and into the alcohol solution. Now, pour out the bag’s contents into a bowl, take the pipe out of the bag, and wash it thoroughly with water and dish soap. Rinse the pipe thoroughly under running water. Place the pipe in a dry aerated place for it to dry completely. 

This cleaning method is effective and even gets to hard-to-reach areas. If you cannot find a sealable baggie to clean the pipe in, opt for a container instead. However, do not give the container a vigorous shake as you did with the baggie. That would break your pipe. 

Smoking weed with a pipe is one of the efficient and most stylish ways to take in your marijuana. Togo Weed stocks a wide variety of quality weed. Get some for yourself and test your new weed pipe.

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