The Best Weed Strains to Smoke for a Good Night’s Sleep

The Best Weed Strains to Smoke for a Good Nights Sleep

By now, just about everyone knows that marijuana use is legal in Canada and 33 of the U.S. states. Most people also know that along with smoking a joint, they can enjoy weed in other ways. Vaping, topical applications, edibles, and even cooking with cannabis are some examples. However, few individuals understand what the different strains are and what makes them unique.

Whether you currently use cannabis for recreational or medical purposes or you plan to at some point, you should take some time to become educated about the different weed strains to smoke. Knowing how they work will make it easier for you to choose the right one based on the effect you want to achieve, including getting a good night’s sleep.

What’s a Marijuana Strain?

In simple terms, each strain is a variation of the same species of Cannabaceae plant with shared ancestry. For cultivators to create a marijuana strain, they first choose several specific traits that they want the plant to yield. The list of options is quite lengthy.

Some people still refer to strains as subcategories, which is true. However, today’s weed cultivators, sellers, and users all use the same term … “strain.” It simplifies things.

Many individuals think marijuana use started in the 1960s during the “hippie days.” However, cannabis is something that dates back thousands of years. As a result, seasoned cultivators have tremendous insight into the different strains. However, even people just starting to grow weed can find a wealth of reliable data.

With each marijuana strain well-documented, you can feel confident when buying a specific type of weed based on the outcome you want. For example, if you struggle to fall and stay asleep, there’s a particular cannabis strain that’s proven to promote rest, according to users.

Along with all the existing strains of marijuana, producers continue to crossbreed plants to develop even more. That means while you have an amazing selection now, within a couple of years, you’ll find endless possibilities.

Unique Strains of Cannabis

Unique Strains of Cannabis

Experts claim that roughly 700 marijuana strains exist. Before feeling overwhelmed, keep in mind that these strains fall within three primary categories. So, when you visit a head shop or dispensary to buy weed, you only need to know about those. Once there, a knowledgeable salesperson can go into more detail about the specific types of cannabis within each category.

The three primary strains are:

  • Indica
  • Sativa
  • Hybrid

Although every cannabis user has a personal favourite, the majority agree that they like the following sub-strains. Again, these are just a few examples of many.

  • Afghan Kush, Green Kush, Purple Kush, and Hindu Kush – All four marijuana strains are pure indica.
  • Blueberry Kush and Golden Jamaican Kush – These two strains are both pure indica hybrid.
  • Diesel Haze – While the strain is Diesel Haze, the plant species is either pure sativa or sativa hybrid.
  • Kush – The name of this strain is Kush while the plant species is 100 percent indica or hybrid.

Since your issue has to do with compromised sleep, the following includes basic information about the sativa and hybrid strains while going into more detail about the Indica strain. To promote sleep, indica strains are what you want to select.


When someone can’t get to sleep, or they wake up several times during the night, this is the cannabis strain they turn to. The plant that produces this strain is much shorter than the one for the sativa strain. It has large, dense buds that feel sticky when touched. This is because of the high resin content.

Another difference between this and the sativa plant is the leaves. The plant that produces the indica strain has short and fat leaves spaced closely together. Even the flavour is unique. Although the sub-strains do have a slight taste of banana and berries, the flavour is more of a balance of hops, pine, earth, and pepper.

The indica marijuana strain is incredibly popular. Again, users claim it helps improve sleep. Many people who’ve tried just about everything but without success find that this weed does the trick. It works quickly. Before you know it, you’ll hear the morning alarm clock without any memory of falling asleep.

The indica strain has many additional potential benefits beyond promoting a good night’s sleep. It helps eliminate pain, swelling, and anxiety. While a lot of people who rely on the indica strain suffer from insomnia, these three symptoms can also affect the quality of an individual’s sleep.

Since this is all about improving your sleep, here are some of the most popular indica strains. However, many others exist.

  • Royal Cookies – Among all the different indica strains, this is by far a best-seller. It has a wonderful aroma. When smoked, it’s very similar to home-baked goodies with a slightly sweet taste.
  • ICE – ICE is the acronym for Indica Crystal Extreme because when harvesting the plant, it appears to have an icy frost on the surface. Interestingly, this indica strain is a hybrid of Skunk, Northern Lights, and Afghan. That combination is what gives it an amazing herbal, spicy, and earthy flavour and taste.
  • Bubble Kush – As an indica dominant hybrid, this cannabis works great to promote relaxation. To create this particular product, experts combine OG Kush and Bubble Gum.
  • Northern Light – Especially for people with a lot of experience smoking marijuana who need a better night’s sleep, this is a favourite. It has a distinct smooth flavour. Although it’s a top seller, no one knows for sure where it originated. Some cannabis experts think it came from combining 11 different hybrids.
  • Blue Cheese – In a way, this indica strain resembles the type of blue cheese you eat only because of its unique flavour and smell (it isn’t like the dairy product). Even so, when smoking it, you’ll notice a hint of sweetness, which comes from the Blueberry strain. Considering this is quite strong, it’s often what people who struggle to sleep try first.
  • Sweet ZZ – If you prefer cannabis that smells and tastes sweet, you’ll love this indica strain. The blend of Grapefruit and Grape Ape strains puts it in a league of its own. Along with feeling tired after smoking it, you’ll likely experience some creative thinking.
  • Sherbet Queen – This is another sweet strain of marijuana since it shares genetics with the Girl Scout cookies strain. It’s popular because of that. Plus, it helps people sleep.
  • Fat Banana – The name of this indica strain comes from its yellow-tinged buds that get quite large during the growing phase. Also, as the name implies, it has a familiar flavour of banana. So, if you like this fruit and want to enjoy a full night’s sleep, this is an ideal option.
  • OG Kush – This particular strain has a long history. People around the world smoke it because of its incredible flavour and potency. Unlike some of the other strains, this one has an intensity to it.
  • Purple Queen – As soon as you take a hit of this marijuana strain, you’ll recognize a slight lemon flavour that complements the Kush strain. If you have a hard time relaxing after a busy day, you’ll appreciate the smoothness and results of this product.

Remember, the examples of indica strains mentioned above are just a few of hundreds. Not only that, but they got top ranking in 2021. That means by next year, you’ll have an entirely new selection. As cultivators continue to experiment, they’ll come up with some fascinating products.



Sativa is another primary strain with many sub-strains. People use this weed to feel energized. Often, an individual will smoke, vape, consume edibles, or swallow capsules to stay awake during the day. This marijuana strain may also provide additional benefits. Not only do people with depression feel better when using it, but some users suggest it also enhances the mind’s creativity.

In this case, growers use the fibres from the marijuana plant. For that reason, it usually grows significantly taller than the plants used to produce other strains. Along with small buds, it has different leaves compared to the indica plant. For the sativa strain, the leaves are long, slender, and spaced a good distance apart.

Marijuana produced from this particular strain has subtle hints of light florals, tropical fruit, and citrus. Many people claim it tastes similar to fresh cherries.


The Hybrid strain is a combination of indica and sativa. For that reason, the weed produces a calming yet uplifting effect. The main benefit of this strain is that you can use it to relax but without physically or mentally dragging in the morning. So, if you need to nap for an hour or two, the hybrid strain is ideal.

As for the flavour, hybrid strains taste kind of fruity. However, that’s complemented with an earthy tone. A lot of people like this strain due to its versatility.

Going Beyond Smoking

Typically, people smoke marijuana as a way to relax. However, that’s not the only option. After all, not everyone likes to smoke. So, if you’re one of them, you can always try vaping. While this still involves inhaling, it’s quite different from a traditional joint.

If you want to vape an indica strain, make sure you buy a vaporizer designed specifically for cannabis from a reputable source. After all, this requires a slightly different vaporizer than what people use for tobacco. That way, you’ll enjoy a smooth flavour and get the outcome you want.

You can also make edibles or cook with indica strains. If losing sleep is a nightly occurrence, this might work for you. As far as edibles, you can either buy them or make them at home. For regular cooking, you can add cannabis to just about anything.

It’s important to note that while at times you can use crushed marijuana, most often, people use cannabis-infused butter or cooking oil. Again, you can make either one of these in your kitchen. However, always follow good instructions to ensure the edibles and food taste good and, more importantly, help you to fall asleep.

There’s yet another way to enjoy indica strains. If you’re a discreet type of person, you can buy or make capsules. This involves putting a crushed indica strain inside of an empty capsule and then swallowing it. As long as you’re in Canada or one of the 33 states where marijuana is legal, you can carry the capsules around and take them as needed.

The one thing you need to know when using an indica strain to sleep via edibles, cooking, or capsules is that it usually takes longer to feel the effects compared to smoking and vaping. So, you’ll need to adjust the schedule when you use marijuana to coordinate with the time of night you go to bed.

No More Restless Nights

No More Restless Nights

To get the sleep you need and feel fresh and energized when you get out of bed, you want to select one of the Indica strains. Most reputable head shops and dispensaries have multiple sub-strains. Use a superior quality product, and you won’t deal with any restless nights.

A lot of people don’t like taking prescription or over-the-counter medication to help them sleep. So, they feel that marijuana, which is a plant, is a much better option. All it contains are natural chemicals.

As long as you purchase cannabis from a reputable head shop or dispensary that gets its product from respected sources, you shouldn’t experience any problems. Instead, you’ll get the relief that you need, so you can sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

Of course, there’s also the fun side of using cannabis to sleep. As you can see from the examples of indica strains mentioned, you can choose from an abundance of flavours, tastes, and aromas. All of that combined makes this an exciting way to solve a problem.

Never hesitate to ask a shop or dispensary owner for recommendations. With years of experience and extensive knowledge, they can recommend one indica strain or possibly several.

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