Top 5 Citrus-flavoured Cannabis Strains

Top 5 Citrus flavoured Cannabis Strains

Foods, medicines, and other products with citrus flavours and smells offer mass appeal. Just the smell of citrus fruits can transport people to the beach, help people relax, and even help people feel more invigorated. 

Citrus-flavoured cannabis strains are also becoming increasingly popular. Although any quality marijuana strain can provide users with a great experience, citrus-flavoured products offer the additional benefit of good taste. 

What Are Citrus Flavours?

Many fruity flavours fall into the citrus category, including:

  • Oranges
  • Grapefruits
  • Lemons
  • Limes
  • Clementines

What Gives Citrus Marijuana Their Signature Scent?

Marijuana contains many compounds and elements. These not only determine the effects people will experience from that particular weed strain, but they also determine the smell, taste, and looks of the plant. 

Limonene is a terpene found in citrus fruits. This terpene is also found in citrus-flavoured cannabis strains. The presence of this compound and similar ones is what gives these marijuana strains their signature scent. 

When it comes to citrus cannabis strains, they may all have similar fragrances, but their differing terpene profiles get credit for their varying effects on users. 

5 Citrus-flavoured Cannabis Strains to Try

Ready to take a trip to the tropics with a citrus-flavoured marijuana strain? Consider starting with these:

1. Tangerine Haze

This sativa-dominant strain offers users a potent tangerine aroma and could deliver stress-relieving effects. This cannabis strain helps energize users, making it a good choice for daytime cannabis consumption. Tangerine Haze also has a pretty high THC content, coming in at around 20 percent. Because of this, new users should start with a low dose, as effects will likely be strong

Tangerine Haze

2. Lemon Kush Headband

Created from a three-way cross between Super Bud, Headband, and OG Original, Lemon Kush Headband leaves users feeling relaxed and happy.  As its name suggests, this cannabis strain offers a citrus aroma and a sour yet fruity taste. It, too, has a THC count of around 20 percent.

3. Golden Lemons

This extremely potent cannabis strain boasts a THC content that averages around 25 percent. Because of this, Golden Lemons can be overwhelming for those new to using marijuana. Offering a fresh lemon scent, users will end their experience feeling relaxed and sedated. 

4. Orange Sherbert

Created by crossing Orange Cream, Purple Urkle, and Cherry Pie, this cannabis strain is known for offering an orange, candy flavour and smell. This hybrid has a THC count of around 18 percent, leaving users energized, happy, and relaxed. 

5. Agent Orange

With a relatively low THC count (15 percent on average) Agent Orange offers a well-balanced experience and is a good option for new marijuana users. Created by combining Orange Velvet and Jack the Ripper, Agent Orange is a great mood enhancer and features a scent of fresh-cut citrus. Users will be left feeling happy, uplifted, and relaxed. 

Other Citrus-flavoured Cannabis Products

While smoking or vaping citrus-flavoured cannabis buds is one of the most popular ways to ingest cannabis, it isn’t the only option.

Some marijuana users may have health issues that make smoking difficult or impossible. Others may simply be looking for a way to consume marijuana a little more discreetly. Whatever the reason, there are other ways to consume citrus-flavoured cannabis products. 

Many marijuana edibles are available in fruity, citrusy flavours. Consider buying citrus-flavoured edibles such as:

  • Marijuana gummies
  • THC drink mixes 
  • Fruit-flavoured extracts

Flavours such as pineapple, berry mix, and even mixed fruits all offer users a citrus-flavoured experience, without the smoke. 

Other Citrus flavoured Cannabis Products

Storing Your Weed Correctly

You’ve ordered your citrus-themed cannabis plants. You got extra, so you don’t have to leave the house for a while. But, you can’t smoke it all in one sitting. 

Properly storing your cannabis is essential to protect it and prevent the flower from losing its potency. When it comes to storing your favourite citrus cannabis strain, be sure to:

  • Store your weed in an airtight, glass container. A mason jar often works well for storing cannabis. Airtight containers will protect your cannabis from damaging moisture and dry air, which can cause your cannabis to degrade and lose its effectiveness over time. 
  • Keep it in the right place. Cannabis does best when stored in a cool, dry place. Don’t leave the jar sitting out in a window where it can get warm and become damaged by UV rays. Instead, keep your cannabis in a desk drawer, the garage, or somewhere else dark. 
  • Label your jars. Though this does not really play a role in protecting the integrity of your cannabis, it can help protect you from experiencing unanticipated effects. When you move cannabis flowers into storage, be sure to label the jar with the name of the strain and the date you placed it in storage, so you know exactly what you are using when you go into your stores. 

Some users are buying cannabis in bulk due to the pandemic and winter weather. This may lead them to freeze their extra marijuana for use down the road. If you plan to freeze some of the marijuana you ordered, be sure to put it in an airtight container and double bag the cannabis to protect it from moisture and other elements. 

Before using weed that was previously frozen, be sure to let it thaw out completely. This will help protect the weed’s integrity. 

In Conclusion

There are many reasons marijuana users may be looking for citrus-flavoured cannabis strains. Citrus can bring to mind the memory of warm beaches, a place many people wish they could be right now as our winter months drag on. 

When it comes to finding a citrus-themed cannabis strain to try, you have many options. In addition to the strains listed above, their names often give you an idea of the flavour and aroma they offer. Look for strains with words like “lemon,” “tangerine,” and “tango.” 

If you are unsure of the aroma and taste a cannabis plant will offer, read strain reviews or reach out to the seller for help finding the perfect strain for you.

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