The Most Efficient Way to Smoke Cannabis

The Most Efficient Way to Smoke Cannabis

Ah, marijuana. This unique plant offers users many different benefits. It can help people relax after a long day, get some well-deserved shut-eye, and, of course, improve mood, among other effects.

As the cannabis market continues to grow, it’s no surprise that there are more and more ways to smoke weed. And more and more people are considering giving it a try.

So what way is best and most efficient? That really depends on three factors:

  1. The method you use to smoke your cannabis.
  2. Your experience level.
  3. The way you actually inhale the smoke.

The Best Method for Smoking Marijuana

There are many different ways weed users can smoke their favourite product. Each offers its own benefits, and some may require more equipment than others. Let’s dive into popular smoking methods and their effectiveness at getting you high.

  • Joints: The original marijuana-smoking method, joints remain popular for a reason. Joints are usually small and easy to transport. They contain only marijuana, which is appealing for many who aren’t ready to try other marijuana products. They are also easy for newbies to use. However, studies have shown that a significant amount of THC can be lost between burning your joint and inhaling it into your lungs.
  • Bongs: These devices can be large or small and made out of different materials such as glass, ceramic, or even plastic. They are known for helping cool smoke before it is inhaled, creating a smoother smoking experience. But they can be a little difficult for beginners to operate and can be costly to purchase initially.
  • Vape pens: Vaping is all the rage these days. Not only do vapes not put off the telltale marijuana smell, but vape pens also are easy for people to take on the go. Vapes typically burn at lower temperatures, which helps preserve your weed’s terpene profile and the integrity of its other ingredients. When smoking at higher temperatures (which is harder to control through other methods), you may end up inhaling other debris created by extreme heat.
  • Dabs: Dabbing is another up-and-coming method of using marijuana. It is also often seen as one of the most effective ways to ingest large amounts of THC. Dabs typically use cannabis concentrates, which are already high in THC content. Plus, one study showed that 75 percent of THC makes it from your dab to your body, while smoking delivers much lower amounts. But dabs require a lot of equipment and may not be the best option for newbies.

So which method is most effective when it comes to smoking weed? Dabs would likely be considered most effective at total THC inhalation, but vape pens and bongs provide cleaner smoke.

The Most Efficient Way to Smoke Based on Experience

The Most Efficient Way to Smoke Based on Experience

The efficiency of your marijuana experience also can depend on your experience of actually smoking weed. If you are new to cannabis, trying to operate a bong or dab, for example, may be difficult. This could result in you not inhaling as much vapour as you would if you were to just pick up a joint.

On that note, if you are an experienced cannabis user who is trying a new method, it may not be as efficient as your old method until you really get the hang of it.

So the most efficient way for you to smoke weed will partially depend on how well you use a particular method.

The Most Efficient Way to Smoke Weed

Actually, inhaling the cannabis smoke (or vapour) is another vital part of deciding the most efficient way to smoke. Many people will try to smoke weed like they would a cigarette or tobacco pipe. But weed should be smoked in a somewhat different way to help ensure you absorb as much of the THC (or other compounds) the product has to offer.

To properly smoke your weed, we recommend using this method:

  1. Slowly inhale about two-thirds of your hit.
  2. Take a deep breath, inhaling some fresh air.
  3. Hold the cannabis for no more than five seconds in your lungs.
  4. Exhale.

You’ll want to make sure you get the smoke or vapour into your lungs, not just in your mouth, as your lungs will be absorbing the THC. Taking the slow, deep breath followed by the gulp of air will help push this smoke into your lungs.

Some people also say that the longer you hold your smoke in your lungs, the better. But some research indicates there really is no need to hold it any longer than five seconds at a maximum.

Don’t feel bad if you have trouble smoking pot the correct way at first. It takes some time, and nearly everyone will have a coughing fit at some point. But by learning to inhale the product correctly, you can make your session more efficient, ensuring you are getting the maximum benefit your marijuana product has to offer.

Efficient Way to Smoke Weed

Final Thoughts on the Most Efficient Way to Smoke Weed

So what is the most efficient way to smoke cannabis? It depends on you. You’ll need to take your consumption method, your experience, and your smoking technique into consideration.

Though dabbing may be the most efficient way to ingest a large amount of THC, if you don’t have the right equipment or know-how on dabbing, it’s a bit of a waste and won’t be as efficient as simply picking up a familiar vape pen or joint.

As you continue to grow comfortable with your regular marijuana consumption method, you can try new, more potent methods to increase your marijuana consumption. As with learning anything new, it may take you some time to get the hang of it.

Finally, keep in mind that smoking correctly can play a significant role in how efficiently your body absorbs THC. Take a gulp of air to help push the smoke into your lungs, where the THC will actually be absorbed. Don’t be afraid to ask your fellow weed enthusiasts for pointers.

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