Strain Review: Apple Pie

Apple Pie Strain Review

Apple Pie. The word triggers warm memories for many. This particular dessert is often brought out for holidays, made for sharing with people you love. The spices used to create this delicious pie give it a distinct and pleasant aroma.

But, Apple Pie isn’t just a tasty and popular dessert option. It also is a type of cannabis strain. And it’s a popular one at that. Let’s see why.

The Makeup of Apple Pie Cannabis Strain

Apple Pie was created by crossing the infamous Acapulco Gold strain with Highland Nepalese. Acapulco Gold is a rare find and perhaps best known for its potency and beautiful gold leaves, while Highland Nepalese is known for offering a more mellow high. So, it’s no surprise that some of these traits are passed on to their child.

Apple Pie is a sativa-dominant hybrid, with a 70 percent to 30 percent breakdown between sativa and indica.

This hybrid is also known for being quite potent, just like its parent, Acapulco Gold. On average, Apple Pie can have THC content ranging from 20 percent up to 26 percent. Considering 20 percent is on the high end, which is the lowest end of Apple’s Pie average THC content, this strain may not be ideal for those who are new to using cannabis.

The Smell, Taste, and Look of Apple Pie

When you open your package of Apple Pie, your senses will be pleasantly delighted.

Wafts of vanilla and other spices will greet your nose. This strain’s smell combines the fruitiness and sweetness of traditional apple pie with herbal and earthy undertones that shine as the bud is burned. Some users say Apple Pie smells like their favourite dessert, one reason why it is so popular.

Apple Pie can also taste like its namesake. A strong taste of apple, sugar and other spices will greet your tongue. Some even compare its taste to a sour apple jolly rancher.

Now, for the appearance of your Apple Pie buds. Apple Pie buds have spade-shaped nugs that come in forest green. These buds are also covered with a smattering of orange hairs with a thicker coat of amber trichomes, giving Apple Pie an appealing look.

Look of Apple Pie

The Experience

Those who ingest Apple Pie are in for a relaxing yet motivating experience. As a hybrid, Apple Pie offers some of the benefits of each type of cannabis plant.

Users will first notice a head high, thanks to the plant’s sativa-dominant nature. Your mind will start to soar, and you’ll be more clear-headed than ever. Your motivation will also grow, giving you the boost you need to finish up your current task or finish out your workday.

Soon, the high will spread to your body. Your body will start to relax even as your mind remains sharp and clear. The body high isn’t usually so strong that users experience couch lock. But it will leave you feeling anchored as your head high continues.

Though Apple Pie’s effects are pleasant for most people, those who are inexperienced with cannabis may be unprepared for the potency of this plant. When too much is taken, some anxiety and slight paranoia may occur.

The first time you use Apple Pie, be sure to start with a low dose. You can always increase the amount the next time you use this strain.

Similar Strains to Try

If you have used Apple Pie and are looking for a similar experience, consider giving these strains a try:

  • Strawberry Cough. This berry-flavoured strain is sativa-dominant, like Apple Pie, it’s also a Cannabis Cup winner, bringing home the top prize in 2013. This strain is known for producing energizing, mood-boosting, and relaxing effects, making Strawberry Cough ideal for morning and daytime use.
  • Cookies and Cream. This cannabis strain offers a sweet taste as Apple Pie does. But it provides very different effects. This strain is ideal for those who enjoy Apple Pie’s taste but are looking for a more relaxing high. In addition to being relaxed, many users will also feel euphoric. If too much is taken, users may start to feel drowsy, so manage your dosage accordingly.
  • Magic Melon. Magic Melon shares many traits with Apple Pie: chiefly its fruity flavour and its effects. Magic Melon, like Apple Pie, will provide users with energizing effects and a euphoric mood before giving way to a more relaxing experience. This strain is a popular one for those who want to use it with friends.

Dosing When Trying Apple Pie

Dosing When Trying Apple Pie

As we’ve mentioned, Apple Pie can be a potent strain, thanks to its high THC content. As such, it is essential to watch your dosage the first time you take it.

Start with a low dose the first time you light up. Then, if you still haven’t reached the effects you desire after a while, you can up your dosage slightly. They use the phrase, “start low and go slow,” for a reason: it works.

A Summary of Apple Pie 

Apple Pie isn’t just the name of a popular type of pie. It is also the name of a popular cannabis strain created by crossing Acapulco Gold and Highland Nepalese.

With notes of sugar, spices, and of course, apples, Apple Pie offers a sweet yet earthy taste and aroma. Often compared to a sour apple jolly rancher, the bud releases earthy tones as it burns. It provides an excellent complement to its tart and fruity taste.

This sativa-dominant strain starts with a head high before slowly spreading throughout your entire body. You’ll feel energized, motivated, and focused while also being relaxed. This balanced effect, offering both sativa and indica effects, is one reason hybrid cannabis strains, in general, have become so popular.

Finally, if you find Apple Pie to be a new favourite but still want to branch out, there are similar strains you can try. You can give one of the strains we highlight above a try or ask your online dispensary or local budtender for recommendations.

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