10 Cheap Yet High-quality Marijuana Strains

10 Cheap Yet High quality Marijuana Strains

People assume that to maintain a habit, you must break the bank. When you take on marijuana, some people around you may start to expect your financial plunge. But you do not need too much money to buy marijuana. You must not limit yourself to marijuana of the lowest quality marijuana either. There is an unusual match in the cannabis world, where some good quality cannabis strains go for low prices. Opt for these. 

Factors Influencing Marijuana Prices

The price of marijuana depends on several factors. They are:

Taxation: Like alcohol, marijuana is taxed. Sellers tend to pass on the taxation costs to the customers. Taxation affects the prices of imported weed. So, when shopping for marijuana, conduct research to identify imported strains and possibly stay away from them. 

Quality: Economics dictates that high-quality marijuana be sold at the highest prices. Strains with high CBD or THC concentration are sold at high prices. The same happens for strains with a high concentration of terpenes. Aesthetically pleasing strains also demand a high price. 

Location: The location of the cannabis dispensary affects taxation and the supply or demand for cannabis. The demand for weed is higher in some parts of the country and low in others. The financial ability of consumers in a particular location also affects weed pricing. If there is only one store in a large city, the weed prices are high. If there are many dispensaries, the demand is low, and the prices are low. 

Other factors that determine the price of weed include politics and environmental factors like droughts and wildfires. 

Here are 10 marijuana strains that have are cheap but of good quality.

White Widow

1. White Widow

This is one of the popular marijuana strains, which makes it a wonder that its price is low. White Widow is a balanced marijuana hybrid. It was created from the crossing of a South Indian indica and a Brazilian sativa landrace. Its flower buds are white with a crystal resin, perhaps warning of the hit that is about to come. On average, White Widow has a 20 percent THC concentration. But some phenotypes may exceed this concentration. 

White Widow buds have chunky and somewhat tapered buds. The structure of its buds leans more towards sativa than indica. They have a fluffy and loose texture that you can break easily despite the thickness. White Widow flower leaves are spring green, and its pistils are few but visible. The flowers are also surrounded by long-stalked trichomes, giving White Widow its whitish-gray appearance. 

White Widow has a stinging ammonia scent with some earthy pine hints. When combusted, White Widow produces a pungent smell. If you plan on smoking White Widow, do it privately to avoid making others uncomfortable. Expect to feel a happy, euphoric, relaxed, creative, and uplifting mood. You also become stimulated to engage in conversation and creative activities.   

2. Critical Kush

Critical Kush is the outcome of breeding OG Kush and Critical Mass. Combining the two marijuana legends produced a next-level indica that hits so hard. Critical Kush has a very high THC level, ranging from 16 to 29 percent, and a modest 2 percent CBD. It is famous for its powerful and forceful high. Taken in the right quantities, Critical Kush produces a euphoric experience. But if you exceed the recommended dose, it causes a couch-lock. 

You will recognize Critical Kush by its pungent aroma. It’s one of the stinky buds, but you will love it. It produces a robust, rich fuel smell with earthy notes and an herbal undertone. Smoking Critical Kush leaves a distinctive citrusy and pine cocktail on your tongue. However, its flavour is not as strong as its smell. In appearance, Critical Kush has a bright mint green shade, and its pistils are deep orange. 

The advantage of using Critical Kush is that it does not lead to paranoia and anxiety despite its high THC content. But it may cause dizziness and cottonmouth.

3. G13

G13 is an indica dominant strain whose potency is legendary. There are also many urban legends behind its creation. Some accounts say that it was a creation of the U.S. government. The FBI, CIA, and other federal agencies brought together marijuana strains from the world’s best breeders. They developed many super hybrids at a secret location in the University of Mississippi. An unnamed technician snuck out a single cutting of the G13 plant and bred it for us. While there’s no telling if this legend is true, G13’s potency is peculiar. 

G13 induces a full-body high like that of indica strains that have high THC. Expectedly, when its full effects kick in, G13 will have you couch-locked. However, before you get to that point, you have a window that allows you to be creative and focused. You can take advantage of this window to do some work or come up with new ideas. 

Once the effect intensifies, you start to feel sluggish and lazy. It hits your head, too, making you euphoric, relaxed, and happy. It elevates your mood and clears intense thoughts from your mind. The only downside is that you may get paranoid, dizzy, and anxious. Your mouth may also feel dry.

Obama Kush

4. Obama Kush

An indica-dominant strain, Obama Kush got its name following President Obama’s message of ‘change.’ This strain is thought to change you through inspiration and invigoration. Obama Kush is the outcome of crossing OG Kush and Afghani. Like its parent OG Kush, it causes cerebral stimulation and a rush of euphoria. This strain boasts of a high THC content that averages at 19 percent. Only choose Obama Kush when looking for an intense cerebral high. Also, expect to feel euphoric, relaxed, happy, and uplifted. Courtesy of its Afghani roots, Obama Kush may also cause you to feel sleepy.

Fortunately, Obama Kush does not make you extremely tired, so you’re couch-locked. The tranquillity this strain brings is ideal for meditation and creativity. Users say that the peace that results from consuming Obama Kush makes them forget about pains such as that from a headache or an injury. The relaxation also gives them a break from the weariness and despair brought by stress and depression.

5. Bubba Kush

This pure indica strain is revered for its massive tranquillizing effects. Bubba Kush has a high THC content that can get up to 27 percent. With this concentration, know that consuming too much will render you immobile. Bubba Kush is the outcome of crossing OG Kush, Northern Lights, and Afghani. Its buds are small to medium, with a dense bud structure that is typical of indica strains. 

Smoking Bubba Kush introduces you to its sweet hashish flavours and notes of coffee and chocolate. The flavours linger on your tongue as you exhale, which is a delight to your palate. Bubba Kush makes your entire body ease with heavy relaxation. It also makes you euphoric, happy, and sleepy. The effects are moderate, and the relaxation feeling is pleasant. You can move around a little. Some people also become hungry, necessitating that you have a snack nearby before smoking. Bubba Kush’s effects last a minimum of two hours and often end with a deep sleep that lasts through the night. 

6. Northern Lights 

NL Marijuana, the Northern Lights strain, is one of the most popular strains in history. It is pure indica and is preferred for its resin-laded buds, growth resilience, and quick flowering. NL Marijuana is a descendant of the Thai and Afghani landrace. It is a parent to Super Silver Haze and Shiva Skunk. NL Marijuana has a high THC concentration of 21 percent. With such a high potency, you only need a few hits to feel its effects

Northern Lights buds are coated in trichomes. Purple hues make its buds quite appealing. It also has a spicy and pungent sweet aroma that makes it useful as a kickback drug. This strain has strong uplifting and sedating effects. You will feel its effects all over your body. 

Northern Lights soothes the mind into a dreamy euphoria and relaxes the body muscles. You start to feel comfortable laziness that allows you to fall asleep easily. You also become less conscious of the pain in your body. Some people say that the dreaminess keeps disturbing thoughts away, freeing them from depression and stress.

Northern Lights

7. Pennywise

Its name betrays it as one of the pocket-friendly strains. It is the result of crossing Jack the Ripper and Harlequin. Pennywise is ideal for when you want to get high and remain wise about your money. This indica dominant strain has a high CBD content and an equally high THC content. The ratio of CBD and THC is 1:1, which makes its psychoactive effects very mild. It is, however, quite relaxing. 

Pennywise buds take on the typical indica structure. They are compact, dense, and with an inflected structure. Its leaves are pale sea green with the orange and brown pistil. White trichomes provide a cloudy coat on these flowers, giving them a pale white sheen.

Pennywise is quite an impressive strain, with its CBD rising to 15 percent. It gives some pepper and coffee notes, with bubble-gum and lemon undertones. Users say Pennywise drives them into relaxation, euphoria, happiness, and sleepiness.

8. Blue Magoo

Blue Magoo is one of the excellent, quality strains. This weed is a hybrid, the result of crossing a Blueberry strain by DJ Short, Major League Bud, and Afgoo. The outcome of their efforts is an excellent weed with a THC content of 19 percent. Its CBD concentration is only 0.2 percent. The strain has incredible fruity berry fusion aromas and other floral notes that improve its taste significantly. Consumption of it leaves the user feeling euphoric, happy, uplifted, and creative. Blue Magoo is useful for handling the symptoms of mood disorders. It also causes the user to be hungry, so you should have some snacks within reach.

9. Death Star

While its name carries a spooky connotation, Death Star strain is a gentle giant. Indeed, it produces a powerful buzz accompanied by an intense fragrance, but its effects are kind on the user. Death Star is the result of crossing Sour Diesel and Sensi Star, which is why its fuel and sweet skunk aromas. An indica-dominant strain has a 19 percent THC concentration. 

The Death Star effects are slow initially, but this strain immobilizes you when its effects hit fully. You get an enormous sense of relaxation and euphoria that takes your mind off your many cares. Users say that they feel relaxed, happy, euphoric, and uplifted. The deep relaxation may also trigger sleep, which makes Death Star useful to people struggling with sleep. Use Death Star when you do not need to be active, ideally, in the evening. If you must use it during the day, limit your intake to the minimum. Only remember that it will be challenging to cover Death Star’s strong odour.

Death Star

10. Blue Diesel

Undeniably, Blue Diesel strain is not for everyone unless you would savour the taste of a mixture of blueberries and diesel. But, since it doesn’t bore your pockets, you may bear its taste. Blue Diesel is the outcome of the crossing of the Blueberry and NYC Diesel strains. With a 17 percent THC concentration, it produces a moderate, pleasant, and lasting body buzz. Courtesy of its Blueberry roots, this strain, on your tongue, has a light berry aroma. 

The Blueberry genetics are also responsible for the fast-acting and long-lasting properties of Blue Diesel. Stoners who have used Blue Diesel say that it made them feel relaxed, euphoric, happy, uplifted, and creative. Some say that it takes their minds off their bodies’ pains and aches, giving them some short-term relief. Another advantage of the Blue Diesel strain is that it does not fog the brain too much. You may remain active while under its influence. It does not cause fatigue either, but you will notice a spike in your appetite. 

In Closing

These days, it’s not hard to find good weed. You do not have to spend a fortune either to get it. Any of the above strains will do. You will get a good buzz without boring holes in your pocket. Togo Weed stocks many of these strains. Order them through our online marijuana dispensary.

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