Are Marijuana-infused Alcoholic Drinks a Good Idea?

Are Marijuana infused Alcoholic Drinks a Good Idea

Many people like to combine drinking alcohol and smoking weed. It gives them a new kind of high, a more intense feeling. But, as edibles increase in popularity, people are now adding marijuana into anything, even food. They add drops of cannabis oil into their hot food and get high as they eat. 

But, the nagging idea at the back of many people’s minds is what would come from adding cannabis to alcohol. People wonder what would happen if they took some marijuana wine, whisky, vodka, or beer. Some brewers have come up with an answer to this question and are producing cannabis-infused alcohol. The alcohol is ideal for people who like both alcohol and weed but don’t like to smoke or vape. 

Cannabis-infused Drinks

Marijuana-infused drinks are not popular. Not too many brewers produce these drinks, and most alcohol consumers do not like them. The demand for cannabis-infused drinks is also relatively low, accounting for only a tiny proportion of the total alcohol sales. But, some people are convinced that marijuana-infused alcohol is one of the genius inventions of our time. Many sellers remain optimistic that as cannabis gains popularity, sales of marijuana-infused alcohol could rise from 2 to 30 percent of the alcohol sales. Although the market is small, its growth has been steady. 

You can easily recognize the taste of marijuana-infused alcohol, especially if you have had marijuana experience. Marijuana has a unique flavour, and it adds a herbal undertone to anything you put it into. However, the intensity of the flavour depends on the cannabis strain you use. Also, cannabis mixes well with different alcohol types, which increases the versatility of the cannabis-infused alcohol flavourings. 

Cannabis infused Drinks

The Interaction of Cannabis and Alcohol in the Body

Cannabis and alcohol consumed at the same time produce an interesting effect. Unfortunately, the research on this interaction is scanty. The research done so far only looks into the experiences people have when they smoke marijuana while taking alcohol. There is not much information about what to expect when you take cannabis-infused alcohol. However, the existing research may still offer a clue on how alcohol and cannabis interact with each other. 

Researchers conducted a study to determine the effects of consuming alcohol and cannabis one after another. The first group received an alcoholic drink while the other took a placebo. Ten minutes in, the two groups inhaled vaporized cannabis. Some took a high dose, others a moderate dose, and the control group took a placebo. The research found that those who consumed cannabis after alcohol had a higher THC level in the bloodstream than those who didn’t. The effects were the same, regardless of the alcohol amount or concentration. The study found that whenever a person combines alcohol and cannabis, the THC levels in the blood increase significantly. 

By itself, cannabis has two primary cannabinoids: CBD and THC. CBD has no psychoactive effect, but THC is responsible for the high people get from weed. CBD and THC exist in different concentrations and ratios from various strains of cannabis. The intensity of the high will depend on the THC concentration of your weed. 

Both cannabis and alcohol produce the same effect. They make you feel high, but liquor hits you much faster than cannabis. Since cannabis is an edible, it takes longer to feel its effects than when smoking it. So, hypothetically, the alcohol would get you feeling high first, and as the feeling fades, the cannabis will take over. Consequently, you will be high for a long time until the weed effects begin to fade out. Your metabolism rate and the frequency of cannabis use also determine how soon the cannabis high hits. 

As expected, the high from the edible cannabis may stick longer and can be more intense than anticipated. You may end up remaining high for up to six hours. Some people report feeling high even on the next day. If you ingest high amounts of the mixture, you may experience grogginess and nausea. Paranoia and memory lapse are also common side effects. 

The Interaction of Cannabis and Alcohol in the Body

Take Precaution

The uncertainty surrounding taking cannabis-infused alcohol comes from the difficulty in determining the proper dosing. The first challenge is that there is no way to determine the amount of THC that gets into alcohol when infusing it. Alcohol is the solvent used when extracting THC and CBD from cannabis buds. Although the brewer throws in only a few buds, the alcohol may end up more potent than intended. Therefore, without a proper dosage, moderation is the only solution. Also, when you take a cannabis-infused drink, ensure that you are at home. Be comfortable, and start slow. 

If you choose to infuse cannabis yourself, use fewer cannabis buds than you usually would for a specific concentration. Low-THC would be best, and you can work your way up. The outcome tends to be stronger than you thought it would be. 

After the first drink, wait at least 30 minutes to an hour before reaching for another, but only if you must. Experts recommend playing safe with this drink and taking only one in a night. 

Overconsumption Tip

If you over-consume your canna-beer or wine, a simple trick may help reduce the effects. Use it also when you get a buzz that is difficult to bear. Get three or four peppercorns, chew on them, and down them with some fresh lemon juice. To be cautious, since there is no telling of your drink’s cannabis dosage, always have the two ingredients handy. 

After trying out many cannabis edibles and experiencing their sudden effects, you have earned your right to try cannabis-infused alcohol. The consensus is that marijuana-infused alcoholic drinks are a good idea, but only when taken in moderation. The product is fierce and expected to give you a high that lasts many hours. You may purchase an infused drink or infuse it yourself using cannabis buds. Only remember to exercise caution and moderation throughout the process. For high-quality weed buds, visit Togo Weed. 

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