How to Make a DIY Marijuana Pipe out of Fruits & Vegetables

How to Make a DIY Marijuana Pipe out of Fruits

We have all been there. You just scored some dank bud, and you get home to smoke it but remember that you do not have a pipe. Perhaps your favourite bubbler just broke, and you are saving up to replace it with that top-shelf glass at your local glass store. Maybe you usually smoke joints, but you are out of papers and want to smoke a little bit before heading to the gas station to re-up. Perhaps you want a cheap way to smoke weed, so you can spend your pot budget on some fire gas.

Whatever the reason is, people have had to get creative and innovate do-it-yourself marijuana pipes. One of the most inventive ways to create a marijuana pipe at home is out of fruits and vegetables. You are likely to have some veggies lying around your house. It is also incredibly cheap and easy. You do not have to use any water, either. Here is your go-to guide on how to make a pipe out of fruits and vegetables.

The Anatomy of a Marijuana Pipe

At its most basic, a weed pipe is a tube with two openings. If you think about it, you have probably smoked out of a device that was nothing more than this. You were at a concert. Somebody pulled out a wooden box, which they delightfully called a dugout, with a compartment for storing their Purple Lemon G. The dugout also carried a ceramic tube the size of a cigarette called a one-hitter. One-hitters are a tube with an opening on either side. Let’s call the tube part the stem. The two holes are called the mouthpiece and the bowl.

A carburetor is an optional feature that many glassblowers incorporate into their weed pipes. The carburetor, or carb, is named after the car component that lets air into the engine, mixing it with fuel for combustion. A pipe’s carb is also for introducing air while inhaling. It is the tiny hole found on the side of most glass bowls. You cover it while burning the weed and inhaling, which draws smoke into the pipe’s stem. Covering this hole creates a miniature vacuum inside your piece. The weed blocks the bowl’s opening, and your finger covers the carb. When you are ready to let smoke into your lungs, you uncover the carb and allow air to rush into the stem. Opening up the carb also causes the smoke to flow into your lungs.

Some marijuana pipes also use water to cool the weed smoke. While trying to incorporate water into your veggie pipe will add a dimension of challenge, it might be worthwhile if this piece becomes your primary way of smoking. The way that water pipes work is simple. The bowl has a stem leading from its opening into the larger tube of the entire piece. The glass tube leading from the bowl into the larger part of the marijuana pipe is called the downstem. Where the downstem ends, there is usually a chamber within the marijuana pipe’s stem that holds water. Any smoke pulled into the piece passes through the water, which cools it off before it reaches your lungs. Smokers love water pipes, also called bubblers and bongs, because they provide a smooth, painless hit.

This guide will cover all of the basics of working with fruits and vegetables to make a smoking device. The novelty of smoking out of an apple makes for a great party trick. This knowledge will also come in handy if you ever find yourself with weed and no way to smoke it. Whatever your reason for making pot pipes from produce, this guide will undoubtedly help you on that journey.

Making a Marijuana Pipe from Produce

Making a Marijuana Pipe from Produce

Making a marijuana pipe from produce is fun and thrifty. Your local grocer will thank you for the business and think you are enjoying a healthy snack. Little do they know that the banana they sold you will become a piece of hardware. Perhaps you are using a fruit you already bought and fully intended to eat but are now going to turn into a weed pipe.

The process of turning a piece of fruit into a pipe made for smoking is intuitive. You poke two holes into the fruit and make sure they connect in the center. One of these holes will hold your nugs, and one of these holes will be for sucking. Making sure the two holes connect in an opening in the center is key to making this work.

Let us use an apple as an example. An apple is the perfect starter fruit for making a marijuana bowl and might be the only thing you ever end up using for this type of project. Apples are useful because the top of the apple is shaped like a pipe bowl already.

First, pull the stem out of your apple. Then, grab a tool for creating a hole. A ballpoint pen that you do not mind dismantling is a useful tool for carving an apple into a weed pipe. Pop the end off and remove the ink cartridge, so you are left with a hollow plastic tube. Drive the open end of the plastic tube about two inches into the top of the apple. When you pull the pen out, it should bring the apple meat with it and leave a cylindrical opening.

The next step is to find a spot where you want to put the mouthpiece. Preferably, this spot forms a 90-degree or larger angle with the top of the apple and the bottom of the opening you just created. If you make the mouthpiece too close to the bowl, then your face will be close to flame when you smoke. Once you have found a spot for the mouthpiece, drive the back of the pen into it, so the opening will connect with the other cylindrical hole you have made. Pull the pen out. You should now have an apple pipe.

Adding a carb to the pipe is optional. The carb is a simple addition that adds enough to your piece to make it worthwhile. Adding a carb is the same as adding a mouthpiece. First, find a spot on the apple. You can put this carb anywhere, but you want it somewhere where you can simultaneously hold the apple to your mouth and cover the carb with your thumb in one hand. Once you have a spot in mind, drive the pen into it. Make sure the orifice you make also connects with at least one of the other openings. If you do this right, you have succeeded in making a marijuana pipe out of an apple.

Making Your Fruit or Veggie Pipe into a Water Pipe

Making Your Fruit or Veggie Pipe into a Water Pipe

The mechanics of making a pipe a bubbler are simple. As described earlier, the smoke needs to pass through water before reaching your mouth. The water cools the smoke, making that Blue Dream hit so easy. The logistics of making this happen are where things get complicated.

Let us use the apple pipe already described in this guide as an example. You want to put water at the point where the stem leading from the bowl meets the orifice leading from the mouth. If you did that with your pipe right now, there would not be too much water. Another necessary consideration is how close the water is to your mouth. You do not want to suck up ashy water by accident when taking rips from your apple pipe. It would be nasty.

To solve the issue of not having space for enough water comes down to carving more space into the apple. Find something skinny and hard and try to make a large chamber where the mouth hole meets the bowl hole. Make the chamber as large as possible without sacrificing the structural integrity of the apple. It is easier to make a water pipe out of larger fruit or veggies.

Picking the Right Fruit for the Job

Making a marijuana pipe out of a fruit or vegetable can be done with just about any fruit or vegetable. Blueberries would be tricky, but do not count the idea out as impossible. The reason apples are such a good starter fruit is they have a built-in divot for a bowl. Each type of produce has its advantages and disadvantages.

The main things to look for in a smoking device are durability and ease of airflow. A larger piece of produce is also great as it is easier to work with. Do not worry about whether your fruit has built-in functionality, like the apple’s top divot. It is easy enough to carve a bowl into any fruit, a process that requires a tool as simple as a spoon.

If you want a piece that says “character,” make your pipe out of a pineapple. This delicious fruit is large and generally shaped like a pipe already. To turn it into a pipe, follow the same directions as above for the apple. One key difference is you place the mouthpiece on top and the bowl about halfway up the fruit. You will need to cut the pointy leaves off of the top or try to work around them. You will also need to use your spoon to carve the bowl, and you might even want to peel some of the skin off.

Another durable choice of fruit is a gourd. A pumpkin is perfect for making a water pipe. Carve around the stem the same way you would for making a jack-o-lantern. This part can serve as an easy-to-pull-off carburetor. Then, punch a hole for your mouth and carve a tapered hole into the side to serve as a bowl. Make sure the bowl is angled downward. Place the mouth hole closer to the top and the bowl hole closer to the bottom. The pumpkin is already hollow, so to turn it into a water pipe, fill it up so that the bowl opens into water. The reason to angle the bowl downward is so water does not come out of it and soak your weed. Wet weed will not smoke.

Another fun choice for fruit-inspired smoking pipes is the banana. To do this one right, cut the end off that does not have the long stem. Cut it about 2 inches into the banana. Remove the banana from this end but save the peel, and poke a little hole into the brown part. You will use this end’s peel as the bowl later. Using a pen or skewer, poke a hole into the center of the fruit at the end you just cut off. This hole will be your mouthpiece and should go about 5 inches into the fruit. Then, poke a hole into the top of the banana that meets with the mouthpiece you just made. This top hole needs to be wide enough for placing the end you cut off earlier. Feel free to carve a carb into the side of the banana, as well.

Picking the Right Fruit for the Job

Some Parting Words

Creating a DIY marijuana pipe can be a fun project to do while high. It can also be a necessary project to do to get high. Either way, you are sure to find enjoyment out of smoking out of something you created with your hands. So, get your favourite marijuana strain and head to the grocery store to grab a piece of fruit.

Once you have made your fruit pipe, be sure to share your creation with friends. Be careful, though. Once you have smoked some dank Pink Kush, the munchies could settle in. Do not mix up your smoking fruit with your eating fruit.

Be sure to plan ahead and buy two apples or two bananas, so you do not accidentally eat your pipe. Apples also make for a delicious and healthy way to satisfy your weed-induced cravings. Hopefully, this DIY project helps you exercise creativity and makes you the envy of all of your smoking buddies.

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