Marijuana and Work Out: A Great Combo for Mindful Athletes

Marijuana and Work Out

The stereotype in the majority of society for marijuana is that it’s a lazy person’s drug. People say that when a person is under the influence of marijuana, all he wants is slump on the couch and do nothing all day. As such, the idea of there being a link between marijuana and working out is widely unpopular. But the reality is that if you choose the right strain and take the correct dose, you will feel charged to move around and expend some energy. When this feeling comes, take advantage and use it as fuel to fire up your workouts. 

Marijuana is not only helpful before a workout. You may use it after the training to induce relaxation. It brings down tension and initiates the process of recovery. It also has anti-inflammatory properties to bring down soreness after exercising. For reasons like these, marijuana is now an excellent drug for athletes. Here’s how consuming marijuana may enhance your pre- and post-workout times. 

Improves Your Motivation and Mood 

Marijuana works well for athletes by improving their motivation and boosting their moods. This is especially essential before the workout. Motivation is the feeling of having a desire or willingness to act. It is the willpower, the drive, or the determination to start and see yourself through a particular activity. 

The science behind motivation and marijuana is that marijuana stimulates the brain to produce dopamine. Dopamine is linked to CB-1 and CB-2 cannabinoid receptors in the brain. THC activates the CB-1 receptors in the brain, causing a rise in the dopamine levels. Unlike previously thought, dopamine produces a ‘runner’s high’ better than endorphins. 

The brain produces endorphins in anticipation of some pleasurable experience or reward. The outcome is a feeling of an incentive or the motivation to seek out a specific reward. As an athlete, your reward will be to achieve success in whatever goal you have set. 

Along with the desire to succeed comes an elevated mood. The joy of achieving your goal produces lots of happiness, called euphoria. As such, marijuana is both a source of motivation and a mood lifter. 

When buying marijuana for athletic purposes, be sure of the effects of the strain you are picking. Some strains increase your alertness and energy; others sedate you to produce relaxation. It all depends on the terpenes in a particular strain. So, read about the strains’ effects to be sure that you’re getting the right one. 

Increases Your Energy and Focus

Increases Your Energy and Focus

Athletes have to practice repeatedly to perfect their skills. But it is easy to lose focus and interest in doing one thing over and over. Many end up doing their craft on autopilot, and most often, the outcome is unfavourable. For this reason, many athletes like to take a cup of coffee to sharpen their focus and bring out their energy reserves. Unfortunately, not all people can have coffee. Some don’t like its taste, and others are sensitive to it. But weed is the better alternative for both drinkers and non-drinkers. 

Sativa strains are more likely to give you an energetic high. The indicas produce sedative effects. Sativas have more of the elevating and energizing terpenes and cannabinoids. Most people use sativa strains as ‘pick me ups’ in the morning. Therefore, take a puff or two in the morning before your workout and see your energy and focus improve. 

The Workout Becomes More Rewarding

Marijuana is primarily a recreational drug. It contains a psychoactive compound called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that produces bivalent rewards. THC also gets you into an aversive affective state through its interaction with the mesolimbic system. The aversive affective state is merely getting a reward or euphoric feeling. The feeling brings happiness and vigour. You are more likely to stick to your regime and achieve your workout goals in this mood. By itself, exercising also enhances the presence of dopamine in the brain. Hence, together with the rewarding effects of marijuana, you can have an incredible experience during and after your workout. 

Taking Marijuana

Taking Marijuana

The best way to enjoy marijuana as an athlete is to smoke a little before and some more after the workout. A small dose will elevate your mood and sharpen your focus to improve your concentration. Your senses will also heighten during the exercise, making you mindful of the experience. Mindfulness makes you appreciate the current moment better than you did before. For example, if you are going for a run in the park, you may notice the trees, the grass, and the people a lot differently. Being mindful transforms your workout into a sensational experience that you enjoy all the time. You may take marijuana for all kinds of sporting activities, including cycling, playing basketball, running, and any others. 

After the workout, smoke some cannabis. Get the kind that relaxes you. The relaxation kind may also bring down pain from some stretches or injuries you may have suffered. When relaxed, you also get ample sleep and rest in readiness for the next day’s exercise. Therefore, you may need two different weed types, the THC-dominant before the exercise and CBD-dominant strain after the workout.

When selecting weed strains to enhance your workouts, choose XJ-13, Harlequin, Durban Poison, Green Crack, Chocolope, and Jillybean. Others include Lemon Meringue, Chiesel, Mango Kush, Super Silver Haze, Panama Punch, and Colombian Gold. The marijuana strains to aid your relaxation after exercising include Legend OG, Pink Champagne, Katsu Bubba Kush, Critical Cure, Purple Punch, CBD Shark, Jack Herer, Sour Diesel, and Blue Knight.  

But all marijuana strains are mood boosters. They help your brain emit liveliness, positivity, and easy-going thoughts. They also generate a desire to be proactive, and when your energy levels soar, nothing will stop you. While smoking marijuana is the commonly used method, you’re not limited to smoking. You may use tinctures, CBD oil, and vaping. 

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