Strain Review: Tuna Kush

Tuna Kush review

When it comes to marijuana, the sky’s the limit. Today, you can find incredible choices, whether you’re looking for a sativa, indica, or hybrid strain. Since cannabis is now legal in many places throughout North America, growers keep introducing new options.

While some types of marijuana do just okay, others become almost everyone’s favourite. Included among the best is Kush. This genotype cannabis got its start in the Hindu Kush Mountain range that lies between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Thus, the name. Among the long list of qualities is the fact that it works great for both medicinal and recreational use.

Then in the 1990s, the Kush craze hit California. Although no one knows for sure how it got there, people don’t really care. As long as they can find this cannabis strain, they’re happy. The Kush strain grown on the West Coast of the US became known as “OG Kush.”

Fantastic Possibilities

The expanded Kush options make this already-loved type of marijuana even more popular. Today, dispensaries, head shops, and online stores sell more Kush than any other type of cannabis. For both novice and experienced cannabis users, Kush is synonymous with superior quality and premium strains.

Kush is also a perfect strain for cross-breeding. As a result, you can now find it in a broad range of potencies and flavours. Once it became available in California, new options quickly emerged. Some examples include West Coast Dog, Larry OG, Ghost OG, Diablo OG, and Bubba. All of these remain popular today.

Currently, you can find more than 100 unique strains of Kush cannabis. Cross-breeding produced most of these. Regardless, the strains in the sativa category are extremely potent. Some individuals claim after smoking or vaping, they go into a trance-like state.

The Top Kush Strains

As Kush’s popularity continued to rise, growers began to get more creative by experimenting with indica and hybrid strains. The following are examples of what you can find in all three categories.

Indica Kush

  •     Afghan
  •     Alien
  •     Bubba
  •     Critical
  •     Hindu
  •     Kosher
  •     Master
  •     Platinum
  •     Purple
  •     Sin City
  •     Super

Sativa Kush

  •     Heisenberg
  •     Mickey
  •     Quantum
  •     Silver

Hybrid Kush

Hybrid Kush

  •     Big
  •     Cali
  •     Holy Grail
  •     Lemon
  •     Mango
  •     OG
  •     Pineapple
  •     Pink
  •     Royal

A New Kid on the Block

As the list of Kush strains continues to grow, it’s not surprising to see some incredibly unique offerings. A perfect example is Tuna Kush. There are two primary takeaways about this strain. First, it produces a great effect. Second, while it doesn’t smell great, it has a nice taste.

Although this cannabis strain isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so to speak, you shouldn’t knock it until you try it. While many dispensaries and head shops in North America sell Tuna Kush, it’s a little more difficult to find compared to other Kush strains. 

Regardless of where you purchase Tuna Kush, here are a few facts you need to know about:

  • While this marijuana strain doesn’t smell that great (especially during the growing process), surprisingly, it has a nice flavour.
  • Although growing Tuna Kush doesn’t result in much yield, the high potency of both sativa and indica strains makes up for that. Typically, the strongest marijuana strains have a THC level of 25 percent. However, Tuna Kush has a potency level of 27 percent.
  • For the best experience, use this cannabis strain with a flower vaporizer.

Place of Origin

Unlike a lot of the Kush strains, Tuna Kush originated from British Columbia. While it’s been around for a while, a lot of people only discovered it in recent years.

Another unique aspect of Tuna Kush compared to other Kush strains is that with a roughly 70/30 split, it’s indica-dominant rather than sativa dominant. Regardless, you can smoke, vape, or consume Tuna Kush. However, for concentrates, this strain reigns supreme.

Tuna Kush Genetics

While no one knows who first bred the Tuna Kush strain, experts do know that it’s a backcross of the Hindu Kush strain that millions of people around the world enjoy. With the Hindu Kush strain as the only parent, you can count on this type of marijuana to provide you with an amazing experience. It produces both a buzz and euphoric effect.

Potency Level of Tuna Kush

As mentioned, Tuna Kush has a THC level of 27 percent, which is two points above strains considered the most powerful, at 25 percent. However, you can find other potency levels, depending on where you buy this strain. For example, some dispensaries and head shops sell Tuna Kush with a THC level of 12 to 18 percent.

If you opt for 27 percent Tuna Kush, don’t plan to go anywhere. More than likely, you’ll find a comfortable place on the sofa and won’t move until the effects wear off. When the time comes when you want to return to Earth, you can drink strong coffee or take a cold shower…seriously.

This is why marijuana experts suggest using only a small amount of Tuna Kush when trying it for the first time. Once you determine how it affects your mind and body, you can make the necessary adjustments.

The Flavour of Tuna Kush

The Flavour of Tuna Kush

Okay, you know this marijuana strain doesn’t have a great smell, and if you go by the name alone, you’d imagine it doesn’t taste good either. While its flavour is somewhat strange, which comes from its connection to the Hindu Kush, it really doesn’t taste bad at all.

As expected, Tuna Kush tastes like, well, tuna. However, by using a flower vaporizer and taking hits at a low temperature setting, you’ll discover it has a distinct and pleasant earthy flavour. Also, enjoying Tuna Kush this way will bring out the delicious trichomes, which heavily coat this marijuana strain. 

Various Options for Enjoy Tuna Kush

Again, this cannabis strain is excellent for making concentrates. However, when visiting a reputable dispensary or head shop, you can also find it in shatter, waxes, and even edibles. Speaking of edibles, if you’re using a flower vaporizer, don’t throw away any residual bud. Instead, you can repurpose it to make yummy edibles.

This works great since the already vaped bud is perfectly decarboxylated. Keep in mind that to make edibles, whether using Tuna Kush or some other cannabis strain, it has to go through the decarboxylation process. So, using already vaped residue from a flower vaporizer eliminates this step.

The Bottom Line

For one of the best marijuana experiences, try Tuna Kush. Yes, it’s unique, but in a good way.

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